Verizon iPhone 4 users experience fewer dropped calls than AT&T iPhone 4 users, survey reports

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 5, 2011

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The arrival of the Verizon iPhone 4 was big news for all of the folks that endured years of rumors and speculation, just for an iPhone that wasn't on AT&T's network. It's also been big for those of us that are stat nerds, because it's brought with it a number of reports and studies comparing the experience of using an iPhone on Verizon versus using one on AT&T. Research firm Changewave has supplied us with just that: a survey comparing the number of dropped calls experienced by iPhone 4 owners on Big Red and ATT. After speaking with 4,068 iPhone 4 owners, only 1.8 percent of Verizon customers reported experiencing a dropped call over the past 90 days, while 4.8 percent of AT&T users ran into a dropped call during the same period of time. Changewave also found that Verizon iPhone 4 owners are slightly more satisfied with their device compared to ATT iPhone 4 users, and that future iPhone 4 buyers are more likely to select the Verizon model over the AT&T version.

These results are sure to delight Verizon iPhone 4 owners and those folks that are trying to decide which carrier to buy an iPhone from, but there is one thing to note about the survey. Changewave admits that their survey, which was completed on March 28th, didn't begin until "several weeks" after the VeriPhone was launched, meaning that the results could be showing just around a month of use from Verizon customers compared to three months from AT&T's subscribers.

Via BGR, Changewave

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