New keyboard-less webOS handset, Verizon Pre 3 pose for the camera

Published: April 6, 2011

HP keyboard-less webOS smartphone

HP revealed both the Veer and Pre 3 back in February, but a new leak has revealed that they've got another handset under wraps that could capture the hearts and minds of webOS fans everywhere. The image up above was sent to our friends at PreCentral by a source that describes the device as "an EVO with webOS." Sadly, there's not much more information available about the mysterious handset except that it appears to be a tad larger than a Pre 3 and could very well be sporting a front-facing camera next to its earpiece. PreCentral speculates that the full-touch smartphone could be going by the codename "Stingray," a name that we saw leak way back in November of last year.

The webOS fun doesn't end there, though, as the very same source also handed PreCentral an image of a Pre 3 running on Verizon's network. We've known that the third Pre is a combo CDMA/GSM device for a while now, but HP has never mentioned exactly which carriers would be launching it. PreCentral's source didn't give up any other info about the Pre 3 or which carrier(s) will be offering it, but the good news is that we're inching closer to summer and the new Pre's launch.

Although HP showed off the Veer, Pre 3, and TouchPad earlier this year, things have been pretty quiet on the webOS front for some time now. The only new devices we've seen lately are the Verizon Pre 2 back in mid-February and then the GSM Pre 2 before that, so to say that all of these new smartphones are overdue would be a bit of an understatement. Now that we've got a new webOS-powered handset to look forward to, which of the three new devices (full-touch, Pre 3, Veer) are you most excited about?

Verizon Pre 3

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