BlackBerry Bold Touch poses for some photos in the wild

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: April 7, 2011

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930

Just a few days ago, we saw the BlackBerry Bold Touch featured in some leaked tutorial videos, and now the real thing has been photographed in the wild. After spending some hands-on time with the Bold Touch, BGR is reporting that the touchscreen is "very responsive" and the hardware is described as feeling "extremely solid." There's also a new battery powering the entire package. You can check out another shot of the touchscreen/physical QWERTY hybrid below.

The Bold Touch looks like a pretty nice high-end device for folks that have any interest in picking up a new BlackBerry this year, especially considering that it'll pack a 640x480 display and BlackBerry 6.1 when it arrives, which could happen sometime around June or July of this year. What say you, RIM faithful? Is the Bold Touch shaping up to be your next smartphone or do you have your eye on another handset?

BlackBerry Bold Touch 9930 rear