BlackBerry Torch 2

Over the past week or so, we've seen images of both the BlackBerry Touch and Bold Touch leak out, and today the BlackBerry Torch 2 has starred in a photo shoot of its own. The new Torch looks similar to the old Torch on the outside, but that's where the similarities end. As you may remember from a leak earlier this year, the Torch 2 is packing a 1.2GHz core which, when paired with BlackBerry 6.1, is said to be extremely speedy. The new 640x480 display is a welcome addition, too, and is described as looking "absolutely great." The current expectation is that we'll see the Torch 2 launch on AT&T sometime this July.

So far, the Torch 2 sounds like the device that many expected the original Torch to be, which is pretty exciting for all of the BlackBerry fans out there. If all of the device's other rumored specs, like a 5-megapixel camera and 512MB of RAM, hold true, the new Torch could be one of the must-have BlackBerrys of 2011. How do you all think that the Torch 2 stacks up to other upcoming handsets like the Bold Touch and BlackBerry Touch? How does it compare to competing Android and iOS devices?

BlackBerry Torch 2


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"Yes, it has a faster processor, but would you buy the BlackBerry Torch 2?"

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Jiburn Back RIM is in trouble. Very very much
Rachel Scott Maybe as an extra phone but not as my main line. I heart Android!
Carlos Roldan Blackberry are cool but, androids are way more cooler.
Rodger Samiie Myers only reason I would go back to a BB would be ONCE they decide to go to 4G networking and a bigger more vibrant and responsive screen. I have tons of friends who use BBM but...it doesnt kill me...theres android and apple are cutting down that exclusivity
Dustin Smith I've had several blackberry's and will never look back after having iPhones and Android devices (which I'm totally iPhone now since I have the iPhone 4)
Rudy Hartono BB suck big time, Android FTW
Naj Khan blackberry joke hhaaahh shi t phones
Tanya Buttons I will wait for the RIM 9350 Dakota/ magnum if the rumors are true: Snapdragon processor. I have the Torch 9800 right now, its okay.
Sam Crabbe Yessss that's te phone I'll get
Eric Dockter It's 2011, why would I buy a Blackberry?
Tim Fuhrmann Not if its on AT&T, which it will be, so nope, won't be buying.
JesusNveronica Flores Hell no never only if they have a joint OS with android but if not android are my preferred phones
Zac Hooper If it's not android it's not worth the time or money.
August White Nope I'm getting the HTC EVO 3D!!!
Sony Vilbrun Hell no.
Sybil Robinson Too little to late and I was loyal to rim for years
George Craig RIM=Palm
Mark Gittens I'm fine with my G2 but if I was with sucky att id prob get it depending on how much they improve the bb os cause android is tha best!
Mike Dereske If it was available on T-mobile, with a slightly better screen resolution I'd be all over it. Immediately
Clint Gamache Blackberry blows.
Marcus NinersEmpire Blackberry need to join da Android fam. Dats all I'm saying
Tyrell Hubbard Yeah,If this was 2006
Robert Best No, I am waiting to dump my Android for the BlackBerry Monaco.
Jennifer DeAlmeida It will be the best Blackberry they have but no. ANDROID FTW! ;)
Gainaako Munyal What Brian said
Brian Fuller blackberry is dead or dying. Android or iOS or even WP7 at this point are the only real options
Allan Kuang No offense to blackberry lovers, but black berries would be the last phone that I get. Considering that iPhone and android are out.
JFella James Stringfellow Maybe I love the bold form factor and the keyboard but maybe RIM needs to step they game up cause its Android all day.
Mike Chiou No eff way!
Gabriel Sotomayor Blackberry what?
Jeremy Stewart Sorry I didn't answer the question my answer is yes if I can watch video without having to download and save them and if it has maps like my iphone
Jeremy Stewart Can u watch videos on blackberry torch without having to save them or download them?
Zazu Pieuss why are people still buying blackberries? If you need one because your work uses it... maybe but Android and Iphone are crushing them in everything but BBM.. BFD!
Steve Tabaluyan Not for me. My wife owned one and I played around with it. It's not a device for browsing, e-reading, gaming, or media. Often things got slowed down significantly. The era of texting is changing...BB needs to adopt if they don't want to be left behind. The only reason BB is still selling is because in developing countries where 3G is rarity, data plan and free texting via BBM is embraced.
Thomas Scully Matthews Nope. Here is where blackberry loses me- apps, camera, and old looking os. Personally, I prefer iOS because of it's simplicity, reliability, apps, camera, the screen, and the beautiful ecosystem that apple has created for me to live in.
Nick Liddle I would I love my torch
Dawn Stiles I have NO desire to purchase ANY crackberry!
Mila Ardja Definitely. NOT! :D
Frankie Paz BB really needs to step up! Better screen, battery, processor and WAY better Apps! Otherwise, what's the point?
Rizal Man Definitely not. Android is the 1st choice
Derrico Brown They need to get a 3.5-4 inch touch screen line, powered by their QNX system, add a ffc, a cool name, and put it on all carriers. These current blackberries are good for teens, 1st time smartphone owners, & business (which they're starting to lose market there, too). You don't hear people waiting in line, or jumping ship for the next Blackberry
Blake Alexander Urbaniak Android > iPhone > the phonograph > Windows Phone 7 > two cans and a string > Blackberry.
Larry Ayonn LOL @ Jad, the x10 just got FroYo didn't it? Well that is, for unrooted phones.
Kevin Regitz never gonna buy a BB
Craig Murphy Can't wait to get rid of my BB 8900 curve. Looking forward to a droid!
Ryan Barrera When I first got my Blackberry Bold 9000 I loved it. But I think I might get an Android phone or an iPhone. Not sure yet!
Ryan Montoya I would consider a blackberry again if they upgraded their screen res, made an all touch phone no slide keyboard and started upgrading their apps - but i doubt that will happen - love my htc thunderbolt
Jaideep Singh Dadial No! Im contented with my x10 and with gingerbread on the horizon. Its gna b killr!
George Gabriel give for free i also don't want.
Faryal Mallick Y does any1 ever buy blackberry?
Richard Haynes No, Android all the way
Peter M McDaniel nope still low res screen
Adan James Salinas I love blackberry, but they're too late to the show, especially since were on the periphery of 4g and dual core.
Sharon George Blackberry is struggling to stay on the market...but it will always have the distiction of a powerful biz smartphone..I wish there was a Storm 3 or smetin...a touch only blackberry
Jerimiah Reece As much as I have enjoyed my BlackBerry Tour, I'm jumping ship and buying an Android this next time around.
Adam Schulte Oh hell yeah
Henry Prz No blackberry for me...
Matt Cain Possibly. I might have bought the torch had it been around at the time I was deciding on a phone to get.
Miguel Rodriguez nope. android all day. get at me. blackberry are for scrubs and bbm-aficionados
Deepak Bhakoo I don't buy blackberry anymore
Jamel Taylor maybe since I already have an android!
Akmal Yusri nope.and for me the blackberry would end up like nokia .

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