New HTC Sense to feature revised lock screen, faster camera

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: April 11, 2011


HTC's Sense UI is already one of the more popular manufacturer-created Android overlays, but a new batch of improvements reportedly coming to the skin could make its fan base grow even more rabid. According to a report from AllThingsD, HTC will soon tweak the Sense lock screen to allow users to get things done faster by giving users access to certain apps like email, messages, or camera directly from the lock screen. Additionally, a user can set their lock screen up to display photos or even the weather, eliminating the need to unlock your phone just to see if you need to grab that yellow raincoat before heading out.

The changes don't end there, though, as HTC is also reportedly planning to make some changes to how phones running Sense alert you to a call. For example, rather than fumbling with a silence switch or volume rocker when you don't want the handset's ringer to go off, you could simply flip the phone over. On the opposite end of the sound spectrum, Sense-enabled phones may ring more loudly when the light sensor senses that it's in a dark place like a pocket or purse and then return to a more normal level when grabbed. Finally, HTC is said to be working to reduce shutter lag on its cameras, allowing photos to be taken quicker. Expect to find this new Sense experience on the EVO 3D, with other phones to follow later this year.

This new version of Sense sounds like a pretty worthwhile upgrade, especially for folks that don't use lock screen replacements or can't for whatever reason. Plus, who doesn't love the idea of being able to snap a photo faster? In case you forgot, HTC's got a big shindig planned for tomorrow, and we'll be bringing you all of the news from the event, which very well could include more info on these Sense enhancements. Stay tuned!

Via PhoneScoop, AllThingsD