iPhone 5 to make its debut at Apple's September event?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 12, 2011

Steve Jobs iPhone

In the past, Apple has typically introduced a new iPhone at its Worldwide Developer Conference in the summer. It's looking increasingly likely that that won't be the case this year, though, so when will Apple unveil the next-gen handset this year? According to All Things D, Apple's September event, usually reserved for stuff like new iPods, could be where the company decides to reveal the newest iPhone.

If this year's WWDC will indeed be devoid of any new hardware, then the September event does seem like as good a time as any other to announce a new handset. As John Paczkowski points out, the more recent iPod revisions haven't exactly made for the most earth-shattering announcements ever, so it would make sense for Apple to use the event to show off the newest iPhone, which is a much more attention-worthy device as of late. Do you all think that Apple would use their September event to drop the new iPhone bomb or might they have other plans, like a dedicated iPhone event at some other point in the year? Share your opinion with us below!

Via MacRumors, All Things D (Image credit)