LG Thrive and Phoenix upping AT&T's Android lineup on April 17th

Alex Wagner
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Published: April 12, 2011

LG Thrive

Less than a week after AT&T's Optimus One variant leaked out, Ma Bell has decided to make the new device nice and official. The LG Phoenix and Thrive will both launch on April 17th and will both feature a 3.2-inch 320x480 display, 600MHz processor, 3.2-megapixel camera, 160MB of storage, 2GB microSD card preinstalled, and Android 2.2. So what's the difference between the two? The Thrive is a silver-colored smartphone that'll be available as a pre-paid GoPhone for only $179.99 sans any kind of contract, while the Phoenix will be available in dark blue for $49.99 with a traditional post-paid, two-year contract. If you plan on picking up the pre-paid Thrive, you'll need to choose one of the following data plans to go along with it: $5 for 10MB/month, $15 for 100MB/month, or $25 for 500MB/month.

AT&T may be launching its version of the Optimus One a bit later than its competitors, but the good news here is that ATT customers will finally have access to their own flavor of the low-cost Android phone that's been winning over hearts and minds on just about every other carrier around. Anyone planning to snag either the Thrive or Phoenix later this month?

LG Phoenix

AT&T and LG Launch First Smartphone for GoPhone
LG Thrive™ and its post-paid version, LG Phoenix™ available on April 17 from LG Mobile Phones. Both Android 2.2 Devices Available In AT&T Stores Nationwide

Dallas, Texas, April 12, 2011
Key Facts

AT&T* will begin selling LG Thrive™ and LG Phoenix™ on April 17. 
LG Thrive™ is AT&T’s first prepaid smartphone. GoPhone customers can choose from new data packages with no long-term commitment required.

Both smartphones will be available for purchase nationwide at AT&T company-owned retail stores and in select national retail locations.
Both feature a 3.2 inch color full-touch display, Android™ 2.2 platform, Exchange email support, unlimited Wi-Fi usage on the entire national AT&T Wi-Fi Hot Spot network and a 3.2-megapixel camera.
Android Portfolio

AT&T is a pioneer in smartphones and devices, and expects to widen its portfolio in 2011. In January, AT&T committed to a robust Android portfolio, including more than 12 new Android devices this year. Delivering users on-the-go access to the growing Android Market™, LG Thrive™ will be the first Android smartphone available for GoPhone customers.

LG Thrive™ Data Packages and Voice Plans

In addition to providing access to applications and contacts, AT&T is introducing a new prepaid data package with the LG Thrive, offering 500 MB of data for $25.  Each of the following options are available to customers who choose the Smartphone $0.10/min Plan or Smartphone $2/day Unlimited Talk and Text Plan. Prepaid customers who choose a smartphone like the LG Thrive must choose a data package in order to use data services.

NEW: $25 FOR 500MB

$5 for 10MB (previously $4.99 for 1MB)

$15 for 100MB (previously $19.99)

The above data packages include unlimited Wi-Fi usage at thousands of AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots from your smartphone.

AT&T is also adding value to data pay-per-use pricing for non-smartphone customers with five times the data for the same price.  The new pricing is $0.01 per 5kb (previously $0.01 per kb).

 LG Thrive ™ and LG Phoenix™

LG Thrive™ boasts the latest Android features, including robust HTML browsing, integrated synching of Google ™ account features, Facebook® and Twitter apps for social networking, flexible personalization with up to seven customizable home screens, and unlimited Wi-Fi usage at thousands of AT&T Wi-Fi hotspots nationwide, included as part of the smartphone data plan required with either device.** LG Phoenix™ offers similar features to its prepaid counterpart as well as Mobile Hotspot and data tethering support which allows the sharing of the phone’s mobile broadband connection with other devices.***

Key Specifications 

Android 2.2 platform
HSDPA 7.2 3G data speeds
600MHz application processor
3.2”  320 x 480 262k color full-touch display
Wi-Fi/aGPS capable
160MB User Memory w/ microSD storage (up to 32GB)
2GB microSD card installed
3.2MP Auto-focus camera
Stereo Bluetooth
Quad-band GSM / Tri-band 3G (world capable)
1500 mAh long-life battery
Text/Picture and Video Messaging support
POP3/IMAP/Gmail/EAS email support
Price and Availability****

On April 17, AT&T will begin selling LG Thrive™, in silver for $179.99. To use data services on the Thrive™, a GoPhone smartphone plan and data package are required. 

The LG Phoenix™ will be available on the same day in dark blue for $49.99 and requires a two-year agreement.

Both devices will be sold in company-owned retail stores and in select national retail locations. 

Learn more about the LG Thrive™ and LG Phoenix™ at www.att.com/mobilephones-news.

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