HTC DROID Incredible 2 marketing materials

Ready for another HTC DROID Incredible 2 leak? Of course you are. Just days after the DInc 2 made its way into Verizon's systems, marketing materials for the device have begun appearing in at least one of Big Red's brick and mortar stores. Besides indicating that the Incredible 2's launch can't be too far off, the documents also confirm once again that HTC's newest edition to the DROID family will be a global smartphone.

We're still sitting on the edge of our seat, waiting for Verizon to announce the DROID Incredible 2's launch date, but the rumor mill claims that it'll all go down on April 21st. It's tough to say right now whether that date is the real deal or not, but things certainly seem to be coming together like it is.

HTC DROID Incredible 2 marketing materials

Via Android Central, AC Forums

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Marekus Fluellen Ill take the old one
Nehemiah George Waiting for the Evo 3D....
Gerardo Ortega Verizon is 79.99+29.99 to used the 4G and the unlimited data is for a limited time. Sprint is only 79.99 unlimited everything,including2 navigations+TV AND MORE
Gerardo Ortega It's funny when your friends work for different cell phone companies and they all got the Sprint EVO and waiting to upgrade for the EVO 3D.
Robert Wernikoff What droid?? N ur right that is just my opinion. I never said it wasn't.
Zach Cline Robert i'm a droid owner and it's not the best . That's you're opinion.
Eddie Velasquez Evo 3SOME
Benjamin Padilla Something else called the EVO 3D!!
Fonzy Paniagua Was gunna switch to sprint from T-Mobile to get the evo 3D but the HTC sensation didn't let me XD
Tony Abiama I hope developers start taking advantage of the front facing camera, it would be great if I can do group video calls or something with the E3D, or some game apps. I'm willing to buy it full retail since I have no upgrade available anytime soon. But the Evo 3D will be the device to beat this summer... and I don't see a device out or will he out that will do it.
Robert Wernikoff @elis u will probably be waiting till next year.
Robert Wernikoff N zach I never said that the icrap was all bad even I have to admit there r good things about it. N I stated them already so plz make sure u look up all of what u say b4 u say it. Lol but android does have its problems but they r also pretty new to the game compared to others. N all of these bugs u talk of have been getting fixed lil by lil with every OTA update.
Elis Diaz I am going to wait until the next Evo comes out without the 3D nonsense and takes pictures that are as good or better than the iPhone, which is my only gripe with android phones. The picture quality comes in second.
Robert Wernikoff N zach I never said that the icrap was all bad even I have to admit there r good things about it. N I stated them already so plz make sure u look up all of what u say b4 u say it. Lol but android does have its problems but they r also pretty new to the game compared to others. N all of these bugs u talk of have been getting fixed lil by lil with every OTA update.
Robert Wernikoff Can someone plz tell zach y android is the best/is dominating.
Zach Cline And devices like the thunderbolt anf bionic don't need rooted.
Robert Wernikoff That's y android is dominating the market. Lol
Zach Cline Actually robert my argument is fact. And apple is still doing relatively well despite the fandroids hating on the company. Android gets boring after a few months,And all of the freezing , Lagging and force closing gets old quick.
Robert Wernikoff Agreed @joe. Hell sprint is def stepping up their game on every level. N they seem to be following thru with their 70% android inventory.
Joseph Jones I agree with the unlimited thing. I like their new ad campaign referencing that feature. I think that's a good thing for them to focus on. Focusing on value just doesn't work when pricing is only a tad lower. Especially considering sprint's strong prepaid brands. Even people that don't use much data like the sound of unlimited. Just makes one feel safer.
Robert Wernikoff Hell if any of u want I do have a twitter n u guys could follow me on there. My twitter username is ctrob1221.
Robert Wernikoff @ryan yes I am but the overall specs n the cases they r going to have ready I believe make up for it. I'm not big on the 3d aspect of it but ti do like the brand new htc sense ui ,n the fact that its running gingerbread , n the fact that its got a 1.2Ghz dual core processor that beats all the competitions specs def makes up for the looks. I will miss the kick stand but then again they r gonna have a kick stand case for it. So yeah it doesn't look the best but it def is the best phone that will be coming out period. Hell even the htc sensation won't have the 4gb of onboard storage. So I'm still going with the htc evo 3d because of the specs n overall user appreciation capabilities over the look of it.
Gabriel Fernandez I'm not with Verizon but if I were I would not wait for this phone. I would much rather get the Droid Bionic or wait till the iPhone 5 comes out.
Robert Wernikoff Ok this is funny at&t just sent me a letter asking me to jump over to them. Now y on earth would I go to a carrier that 1. Is rated the WORST in customer care 2. Caps data more then anyone n 3.Just plain sucks? Lmao umm at&t as vince mcmahon's wwe entrance music states you've got no chance. Lmao
Ryan DeClue Rob W, you have opinions that mirror my own... so I ask you, are you also a bit disappointed with the evo 3d in terms of looks?
Richard Taylor android-dont like your keyboard change it dont like your homee screen change it dont lyke the messaging interface change it dont like the camera app change it......iphone- dont like wallpaper change it tired of the home screen keyboad message interface too damn bad deal with it.....this people is why android rules
Robert Wernikoff Umm aj how do figure??????
Aj Green Iphone 5 will be better than the evo 3D hands down.
Robert Wernikoff It did have a nice keyboard the only bad thing about that for me is I don't like physical keyboards.
Robert Wernikoff Hell everytime I go to the Sprint repair store I help them n the customers. N I've gotten customers to buy the EVO 4G n the EVO Shift 4G like 4 or 5 times. Its crazy. Like give me $ for this. Lol or better yet give me a job. Lmao
Richard Taylor @robert yea the env was a really great device one of the best keyboards ive used
Anthony Douglas LOL Yea I had to show the Verizon tech a thing or two about my current device, then as I was waiting I was helping customers in the store...shoulda got paid for it haha
Robert Wernikoff Hell anthony I've gotten ppl to switch to sprint. N yes jerry u can if u have the right plan choice. Lol I'm upgrading as soon as I can preorder the HTC EVO 3D and I'm able to upgrade as of right now.
Robert Wernikoff I find this funny. Sprint ppl ask me what's coming out n how to best show their devices n I don't even work for them. Damn can I get a job there. Lol I show more carrier ppl how to use their carrier phones then I do my friends. Isn't that something?
Gerardo Ortega You could upgrade every year on Sprint.
Anthony Douglas I worked in the tech center so thankfully didnt have to sell anything...Hell I cant give a house to a homeless person lol
Robert Wernikoff Lol yes u can dream richard but that's all it is sadly. :( but hey u never know.
Robert Wernikoff Umm to answer ur question jerry yes they r cuz they want to have more control over what they feel the users should do/should be able to do on their devices. Wow I don't even work for phonedog n I'm answering ur questions. Lol gotta give phonedog its props though they r reliable n Great at what they do. Hell I wish I could work for them. But I have no computer or digital camera/camcorder to upload videos. :(:(:(
Richard Taylor im waiting on a lg env 4g with a dual core processor running android 2.3 n a super high res display 1gig of ram 2 gigs of rom n of course lte....will never happen buh ooooo cant i dream
Anthony Douglas Wish Unrevoked would come out with something for the Thunderbolt
Robert Wernikoff True joe but at the same time sprint doesn't cap ur data like vzw will be doing. Lol n hell I wanna work for Sprint but "I have no sales exp" lol but hey ill get there but if I had to pick 1 place to work it would be best buy cuz of their options n variety.
Gerardo Ortega Verizon already lock some stuff out on the HTC Sense on the thunderbolt. Are they going to do this on every phone.
Robert Wernikoff Lol anthony. N noel how much? N to zach how can u say the icrap is better when by the time the icrap 5 comes out it will be outdated? N the only 2 real pros to the icrap over android is the screen resolution n the security/quality of apps. But apps for android r getting better by the day. N the screen resolution is great on the icrap but at the same time they haven't changed their screen size at all.
Anthony Douglas Im not bashing Sprint btw I liked the service, the plans are awesome & it was a good place to work...may return soon too :)
Joseph Jones Sprint is 10 bucks cheaper per month than Verizon...big freaking deal.
Anthony Douglas I know I worked for them for 6+ years...before employees could get the Evo I paid $700 for one on ebay...I know sounds crazy but I love the Evo...I just look at the Thunderbolt as my Evo lol
Gerardo Ortega EVO 3D. As soon as more people use the LTE on Verizon it will slow down. There are already having problems on only one phone.
Noel Lv Hey guys I'm selling my evo4g if anybody wants it, trying to save up for the evo 3d lol &iPod touch 4th gen
Robert Wernikoff I'm sorry to hear that anthony. But also Sprint is the only carrier to do what Sprint does n is the most affordable carrier out there.
Robert Wernikoff Agreed Noel. N Zach the dual core solves a lot of the battery problems by using 2 processor chips so it doesn't take as much of a toll on the battery. N icrap is not better. U can't customize even 1/10 as much as u can on android. Android is for ppl who want to control what's on their phones n how it looks n runs. Android is the answer to everything that ppl want. Yes it is buggy but with every new os update on android it solves more n more problems that need to be fixed. So ur argument isn't really fact so make sure u check ur facts b4 putting something up.
Anthony Douglas My Thunderbolt gets 38mbps d/l speed which is waaaay faster than my cable...no Sprint 4G here in OKC so had to leave my Evo :/
Keith Howells Thunderbolt is it for now
Lewis Smith Jr. naw stickin with my thunderbolt...gotta show love to verizon's FIRST 4g LTE device...
Noel Lv @Robert : there's so many things Android phones do better then iPhone its crazy ..its to much to write down, who ever thinks iPhone is better then android. Go to YouTube search evo 4g vs iPhone 4 and see who wins .. the only thing iphone has against evo is its screen ..but that doesn't mean HTC's screens are bad ..and anyways evo 3d is gonna have a qhd screen
Flako Ramirez Happy with my thunderbolt
Nada Solo Mio Waiting for the Evo 3D ;)
Arnold Riley Something Else..My Evo is still a Head-Turner...
Marc Hill Galaxy s II
Zach Cline And sprint sucks.
Zach Cline Robert the iphone is not crap by any means. And android is buggy as hell with pathetic battery life. Thats crap in my book. And the people that are worried about dual core processors and more ram, What do you think your battery life is going to be like? Total shit. You think the thunderbolt's battery life is bad, You haven't seen anything yet.
Anthony Douglas Thought Sprint was looking to jump on the LTE bandwagon & ditch Wimax? Wish the EVO 3D looked better :'(
Davis Hanna No I can't stand my incredible one
Robert Wernikoff Hell Sprint is already getting the Xoom n the Nesus S 4G, n the EVO 3D, n the EVO View 4G, n supposedly they r also getting the Atrix 4G. So Sprint is getting in the android game in a BIG way. Hell they seem to be getting Every powerhouse android device out there.
Jason Folarin Harvey Gonna say good bye to my vibrant for sensation
John Cruz Waiting for th droid 3
Danny Téllez Sensation my good sir!
Robert Wernikoff N @eugene I'm just upgrading once a year. That's y I'm getting the best device. The HTC EVO 3D is even better then the HTC Sensation. The EVO 3D has more onboard storage n is just better.
Robert Wernikoff I understand that eugene. N to the ppl who r with android can u plz explain to the icrap ppl y we love our android. Cuz they need to catch up with the times. Lmao
Emmanuel Castro Sammy GSII
Gerard Talamo I think iphone4 is better
Robert Wernikoff Ugh y do u ppl want the damn icrap? Its getting to the point that its gonna be outdated. Lol
Noel Lv Incredible is one very sexy phone ..but im waiting for the one and only evo 3d!!
Dante Bennett Iphone 5
Justin Rodriguez I would definitely, if i was on verizon
Robert Wernikoff Umm eugene the HTC EVO 3D n HTC Sensation r both 1.2Ghz dual core. No other phone out has that all other dual core phones r 1Ghz dual core.
Ryan DeClue Evo 3d, incredible 2, those are my upcoming purchases
Joseph Jones Cant wait for the Bionic! 4G goodness.
Tim Gruber I would get the evo 3d or the sensation 4g but I'm perfectly happy with my desire for now
Jorge Eslava Waiting for quad cores later in the year.
Alex Barnhart Sticking with my original inc. Not much of a reason to upgrade
Christian Perez I have the Droid inc. Unless theres 4G fully in new jersey and the device is 3d capable along with a dual core (or quad)processor; its not worth the upgrade. It's called an upgrade for a reason not a painful extension lol
Robert Wernikoff EVO 3D. Hell its the best phone out there. N its better then the Sensation cuz more ram n also just better. So I'm def just waiting to when I can preorder n how much it is gonna be
Rc Cavin I'm tired of Android.
Eric Patterson Waiting on the iPhone 5 no matter how long it takes lol then decide if I wanna stay apple or go android for the first time
Angel G Febles Waiting for the Evo 3D!!! LMFAO
Leonardo Gutierrez I'm good with the atrix =)
French Connect I'm waiting on the HTC Sensation coming to T-Mobile!
Tony Abiama Will not... its a very respectable 3G device tho. Gotta get that Evo 3D
Jordan Christopher Waiting until next year. Not enough of an upgrade over the original Inc. Custom ROMS will keep me entertained until I'm up for an upgrade.
Tony Valadez Waiting on the bionic

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