White iPhone 4

Despite the fact that the white iPhone 4 was officially announced in June of last year, we've managed to make it all the way to the middle of April 2011 without the device actually launching. That may finally change soon, though, as "three people familiar with the matter" have told Bloomberg Businessweek that Apple will begin selling the white iPhone 4 sometime "in the next few weeks," with one source going so far as to say that we can expect the phone before April is over. The report also claims that both AT&T and Verizon will be offering the frosty iPhone.

It's kind of crazy that it's taken 10 months for the white iPhone 4 to finally come to market, but I'll just be glad to finally see the thing launch. Many have wondered why Apple would even bother launching a white iPhone 4 anymore but, with the rumors that the iPhone 5 may not be unveiled until September, the albino handset may be enough to tide everyone over until later this year.

Via Bloomberg Businessweek

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"Will you be buying a white iPhone 4?"

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Don Barkowski I will buy white iphone 5 not a 4..
Edgar R Aguiar Not!!! HTC SENSE ....
Eric N Chelsea Carter Hell no....thunderbolt all the way
Sasuke DeathGod No I will wait for the iphone 5
Samir Dhissen Kader No android phone r way better n the new HTC amazing
David Caglia Fuck no. WWW.dcalandroid.com :-)
Nathaniel Hull EVO 3D WILL BE MY NEXT
Nathan Sherlock ANDROID! !!!
Jaime Andrade The white I phone 5 maybe
Sam Rick Hello no.what's the point??
Anzar Khan ill buy the black 1 ...it looks bettr
Jason Allen Lucas No android forever...
Bert Lindeboom Honeycomb for me
Tony Abiama Nope... forgot all about the iPhone altogether
Jordan McNamara Johnson No. Even though its been out for a while... Evo > iPhone 4. Sprint > AT&T. End of discussion.
Anthony Alecseenko THAT EXISTS?!?!?!?! Lmao
Darryl Mouzone I really think PhoneDog likes to ask questions like these so they can see the Android and IOS fanboys go back and forth with their high school insults, bad grammar, and their opinions based on their biased views. I hate questions like these.
Mundo Castaneda Hell no waiting for the HTC sensation (pyramid)
Jacob Lee i won't buy another one but if they can let me trade in my black and get the white one i'll be very happy
Jose Barrera G2x or Samsung galaxy s2
August White Nope! HTC EVO 3D FTW!!!
Daniel Scott Long live Android!!!!
Tavish Masih Yes I will! Hahaha
Colin Hart Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. Thats how I feel about the iphone
Jose Pablo Islas No just bought a g2
Chris Payne I don't buy any piece of junk with an Apple logo on it.
Mimoun Tu Rigoleras why a white iphone4 when you have a black galaxy s2, or brown optimus 2x this month :D
Marcus NinersEmpire Shyt I rather have and old skool cell fone dat look like a house fone bck den wit da antenna dat u had to pull out
Daniel Alvarez Nope feel like going to android..
Israel Leiva Why does Phonedog keep asking this? I swear there is a racial agenda here. Look! Behold, the WHITE iPhone!!! WTF? Who gives a f*** about a white iPhone?! It's all about the HTC EVO & HTC Thunderbolt. The iPhone needs a major revamp like Steve Jobs needs another surgery. Sheeesh!
Ryan DeClue Wow that thing looks cheaply made! Like they copied one of the iPhone clone knock offs. Not that the I4 looked any more well made in black though...
Jay Mac Blackberry torch ? Lol Smh
Brady Cox Only if it has the "BIGGER GEE BEES"!!!!!!
Jose Edgardo Palacios HTC inspire is so much better
Dawn Stiles Nope. Have no desire for an iAnything.
Anonymous Wow.... no
Atinder Shoker Hell No. Cuz the Blackberry torch is better
Mario Aguilar Nope, black looks WAY sleek-er
Alexander Rojas HTC sensation
John Zanatta Nope...
Douglas Prevo No.... Is white really that big an attraction in the iPhone market that they would buy a year old technology just for the color?
Haaziq Aqmar it's too late
Fonzy Paniagua Htc sensation !!! iPhones r so over rated ! Lets not forget out dated with their ancient OperatingSystem.
Wutthichai Rit-Uan No way. Only Android in th world ;)
Stiven Cabrera I'll never touch an iPhone again.
Anthony Renzi Android all the way.
Brandon Johnson People still actually want the white iPhone 4 at this point? Might as well wait for the white iPhone 4.2 or whatever the hell their gonna call it.
Ryan Cole Burrow So if my glass ever goes that's what I will be replacing with
Ryan Cole Burrow My friend cracked his glass on his iPhone 4 and got it replaced with white. Looks pretty cool too.
Will Ross Y would I not its still an I phone and its not like its pink or purple
Bryan Wood no. upgrading in a week to android
Benjamin Padilla Hell no. Apple sucks. Droid FTW!
Brad Freeman I like the iPhone 4 and will be getting an iPhone for my next upgrade but the white would be for someone like... My mom
John Cruz Iphone sucks android is better
Nick Sanchez Noooo. Htc sensation baby
Konner Shea Since I have a black one and all.
Marc Hill Waiting for the iPhone5
Konner Shea If they'd let us exchange them. :/
Haya Al Dossary Well I don't see the point when I already have the black one ._.
Izgil Mardahayev no way jose
Tristan Hammond Android Iphone Is poop
Miguel Gonzalez No. I'll wait for the new iPhone.
Joe McCann No....

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