The HTC EVO 4G may be getting an official update to Android 2.3 before the end of June, but if you absolutely, positively cannot wait, an official version of Gingerbread for the EVO has just leaked out. After downloading and installing the ROM, you'll find Android 2.3.3 loaded up and ready to go, and best of all is that this build has already been rooted and deodexed for your pleasure. So far the build seems to be working well for most, so if you feel like giving the ROM a go and feel comfortable with loading this leaked build up on your precious EVO, you can find everything you need right here.

Unfortunately, there's been no word on when we can expect Sprint and HTC to push the EVO's official Gingerbread update out except that it'll be during Q2, but I'd be willing to bet that we'll see it sooner rather than later. If any of you brave souls out there decide to install this leaked version of 2.3 up on your handset, be sure to let us know how it's working out for you!

Via Android Police, XDA Developers, 911HTC

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"Will you be rooting your EVO 4G for Gingerbread?"

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Ricky James Solorio Just waiting for my dad to upgrade to the evo 3d and buy his first gen evo and then flashing cm7 the plan ;)
Anthony Kareem Murray Cm7 ppl, its stable gingerbread and it's the ish
Jaevz Chavez I got a g2 overclocked to 1.5 waiting for gingerbread
Ryan DeClue I see no mention of of the updated Sense UI in this download. I'll beating for the official release... at least that way I know it won't brick my phone.
Leo Baxter Rooted my d1 for it :)
Edgar Navarro So do you have to be rooted for this?
Jesus Montalvo @ Cyndi Rose: Did you activate you zoom with verizon for at least a month? I remember they say that the wife wasn't gonna work unless you activated it for at least a month.
Mike Tilton I'm already rooted and just installed this leaked gingerbread Rom and I must say I'm pretty disapointed...its not much different than the stock froyo Rom that's already on the EVO..hopefully they make it better before the final release
Pirarre Miller Yup...I already flashed it and everything is fine!
Rickyo ODaniell Unrevoked 3 - google it and watch the youtube vids.
Evan Pilkington CyanogenMod 7 is the best!
Brian Edwards Already running desire HD gbread rom on my inspire... Would do same if I had an EVO.
Steven Perez Lol its been rooted for 1 year
Shawn Landrum Already did running leaked gingerbread sense
Charles Anthony nope need a stable Rom and hopefully they bring out gingerbread soon
Chezky Holtzberg If I knew how maybe
Jorge El Maleante Morales What are the risks of rooting ur EVO. I've had one for awhile but was always nervous of fucking up my phone.
Nathaniel Sasser No because its not complete.
Tony Abiama I will eventually... doesn't look like a huge jump coming from froyo
Noel Lv Or maybe we should all just wait for the evo 3d?
Joshua Castro i would like to, but don't know how to maybe i'll wait for the regular update.
Noel Lv Sure! can anybody explain to me how please?
Christopher E. Truty Already rooted my phone and running salvage mod 1.2 and Savaged Zen kernel on my evo. Running a gingerbread ROM
Joernie Berrios When will the T-Mobile Samsung Vibrant come out with another Update..
Brandon Ethington only if I can find a step by step video to show me how, but if I do what happens when the official version comes out. my EVO is already rooted so I have that going for me, but it kind of creeps me out to do anything else to it
Miguel Rodriguez already doing so , rather already did
Benjamin Padilla If I had the EVO. Can't wait for Gingerbread on my Epic. A stable version that is.
Cyndi Rose Phone dog, can you help me? I bought a Motorola Xoom, thinking the features are better than IPad 2. Well, my mac, my IPod Touch and my other pc all work with my Virgin Mobil MiFi. So, I wanted the xoom for mobility. I cannot get it to connect with MiFi. (Virgin Mobile pre-paid) Any ideas why?
Chris Turpin Evervolv ftw.
Ken Bringenberg Jr mines been on gingerbread since january.
James Brian Carrera Already did salvage mod is beast

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