Before Android came along, nearly every aspect of a phone was designed and made by each individual manufacturer. Companies put a lot of time, effort, and money into the design of the phone, the components, and the software. With the introduction of an open source platform and the rise of more and more component manufacturers, companies like Motorola, HTC, and Samsung have been able to focus more time and attention on the important aspects that differentiate their product from the rest of the pack.

Not only have these larger, more widely-known companies grown and taken advantage of Android's Law, the smaller and upcoming groups like ZTE have, too. They now have a fighting chance in the mobile space; a prime example of this lies with LG.

Known primarily for their flip and feature phones, LG has held the number three spot in the top five cell phone manufacturers in the world for quite some time now – they're not exactly small or less known. But last May, LG broke into the smartphone world with their first Android handset, the Ally. Though it was only a mid-range device, it settled in nicely among Verizon's top dogs.

LG didn't enter the race walking though. They have since released nine more Android phones and have several others on the way, namely the Revolution, Optimus Black, and Optimus 3D. They have also brought the heat in the tablet world as well with the highly anticipated G-Slate (AKA Optimus Pad).

It hasn't been easy for LG though, and they aren't in the clear just yet. A lot of buyers are likely to be skeptical seeing that LG doesn't have the greatest track record for build quality or durability. But from what I've already seen from them, they have matured and are ready to prove that they are deserving of a little more respect.

Their current and upcoming lineups are sporting some of the hottest, most impressive phones to date. Not to mention, they were the first company in the world to release a dual-core phone and the first to preview a 3D phone and tablet. Impressive to say the least.

I'll admit, I've been very skeptical of LG thus far and pretty much every other upcoming smartphone manufacturer. But if the G2X is enough to make Aaron "Hairon" Baker say that it is the "best Android device on the market at the moment," it might not be a bad idea to give LG the benefit of a doubt.

LG isn't the only smartphone manufacturer on the rise. Sony Ericsson has some unique ideas, hot devices, and some serious promises to be held to. And even though we don't hear much stateside about the Chinese company ZTE, their success is largely due to Google's little green robot. After seeing what a huge success the platform has become, I imagine other companies will try to get in on the fun, too. Not all of them will survive, but it's good to know that the lesser known companies do have the opportunity to make a name for themselves as well.

What say you? Would you buy one of LG's phones or is there too big of a risk involved? What about the Vizio phone? Are you more prone to stick with what you know over giving newer companies a chance?

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"Do lesser-known manufacturers stand a chance in the smartphone realm?"

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Roniel Madan
Roniel Madan Android is a backbone to the less known manufacturers, gone are the days when hardware used to be a prime importance, less known manuf should go ahead and take on the best in the mkt via android
Everett C W Byrd
Everett C W Byrd Wrong....wrong....wrong.... they used windows mobile or symbian s60 instead.
Tony Abiama
Tony Abiama Not when the Evo 3D is due to hit shelves this year...
Michael Mahoney
Michael Mahoney Sure, they just need an exceptional product & android...
Kyle Ring
Kyle Ring No... if there not a well known brand I probably wouldn't want to be stuck with a phone that stinks for 2 years
Marie Koehler Chico
Marie Koehler Chico I Love my sexy white HTC Evo 4G soooooo much that I have no desire whatsoever for anything else!
Anthony Foulkes
Anthony Foulkes As long as they build one good phone instead of 5 crappy ones
J Litz Van
J Litz Van Sorry for the 2nd post, but as far as the camera goes. Once you get above 5MP it's pointless. A MP count is based on the size of the file/picture. You want to focus more on the lens rather then the MP. Plus, a 12MP camera on a phone is almost the same quality as a 5MP camera on a phone. It's almost always the same size lens & same quality. If you want a dope camera, go buy a camera. but a 12MP camera with a 8MP front camera is just ridiculous for a phone. You'll get the same quality if you go buy a moto Atrix.
J Litz Van
J Litz Van To answer the question, the ONLY company which I would consider smaller or less known is HP. But as far as LG, Moto, HTC, RIM, Samsung so on & so on...no. It's that simple, no. If it's Android, maybe. But even Nokia used to be a leading manufacturer in cell phones & they've fallen behind in the U.S. market.
Rojean De Castro
Rojean De Castro ahahah
Rojean De Castro
Rojean De Castro @Richard: well that is my dream phone...1 more thing i forgot to include this a HOLOGRAPHIC VIDEO CALL
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor Ok oopz 4 problemz lol
Richard Taylor
Richard Taylor @ jean soundz good....only 1 problem the best phone doesn't need 2 displays....try dual core 1.2 ghz processor 4 is over kill....8mp on front? Overkill do 3.2 just saying
Luis Montoya
Luis Montoya If your taking about lg....hell yez!!
Rojean De Castro
Rojean De Castro 4" Dual Super AMOLED Display, 4Ghz processor,4Gb RAM, 12Mp,8 Mp front camera,,a Battery That will last for 2 days.
Rojean De Castro
Rojean De Castro If I am the owner of the LG.... Im going to create a new stunning phone
TJ Hahn
TJ Hahn g2x is nice. LG and Pantech just strike me as messaging phone companies. Samsung never updates or by the time they do its irrelevant. Apple, HTC, Motorola will stay near the top in the smartphone category. they seem to update and back up there big named phones unlike a certain Sammy
Izzy Izz
Izzy Izz
Andre Daniel Valentin
Andre Daniel Valentin All android phones are great to an extent it depends on what you require out of your phone people even wanted the Voyager which was top dog once back in 2008 people loved and thrived for the samsung instinct which now a days would be a joke! I have had many android phones from the Htc Hero to the Samsung Moment even the Evo 4G to the thunderbolt and many more i now own an iphone4 and its not the fastest phone but its the smoothest and has great battery life so it depends on what these lesser known manufacturers do with tech and how its advertised. example Droid 1 not the best or smoothest but advertised like crazy and sold like crazy!!!!!
Rojean De Castro
Rojean De Castro I LOVE LG PHONES
Tony Dear III
Tony Dear III @Elis no wait for evo 3D !!!
Mauka Side
Mauka Side Only if they put forth some good product.
Elis Diaz
Elis Diaz @Michael I have the Evo and I am jonesing for the sensation too :)
Spencer Hayden
Spencer Hayden Idlk
Tony Dear III
Tony Dear III @Carlos if you know anything about phones you know that nobody really knew or wanted the g1 (first android phone) look at Google now it thrives. HTC is a perfect example nobody really knew about it but now it thrives. Go underdogs!!!!
Mark Gittens
Mark Gittens I think that they can. They just have to have a quality phone build and a sexy design.
Carlos Valenzuela
Carlos Valenzuela No
Michael Gonzalez
Michael Gonzalez Lol @ elis... I have the mytouch 4g and am drooling for the sensation...
Tony Dear III
Tony Dear III 3 months=1 year in phone time. Soo yea anything new is very interesting. How long will it be appealing is the question. There will alwasy be something new and better just gotta learn to to be content.
Zach Anderson
Zach Anderson No
Andre Daniel Valentin
Andre Daniel Valentin A chance yes but will they be great who knows.
Elis Diaz
Elis Diaz Yes. As we have seen smartphone addicts have a very short attention span, and anything that may even hint at an upgrade we just pathetically drool over it even when our current phone is just a few months old.
Josh Edward Criado
Josh Edward Criado Thanks to Android yes

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