Motorola DEFY served its own heaping helping of Froyo

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| April 21, 2011

Motorola DEFY

Motorola DEFY owners, today is your day. Less than a week after Moto pushed Android 2.2 to the Bravo on AT&T, it's now giving your ruggedized device its own heaping helping of Froyo. Motorola announced today that the DEFY's Android 2.2 update is now rolling out to devices in the wild and, much like the Bravo's upgrade, there are a number of enhancements and fixes inside the update. Besides the standard Froyo goodies like Flash and the ability to store apps on an SD card, you'll also find all of the other additions after installing the 34.4.9 update:

  • Profiles: Added profiles feature that provides three customizable sets of home screens to give you access to the apps, shortcuts, and widgets you want, when you need them.
  • Dialer search: Phone numbers and contacts can now be searched from the dialer screen by entering the first few letters of the contact's name or first few digits of the contact's number.
  • Task Manager: Added Task manager app to assist with managing apps.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn® social network accounts can now be added to integrate with contacts, social networking updates, and messaging.
  • Security: Added new security features, including Exchange-based encryption and password security.
  • Gallery: Updated the design of the user interface

It's worth noting that the update is pretty hefty, weighing in at around 112MB, so you'll probably want to wait until you're around some WiFi before you attempt to pull the new software down. As usual, it's kind of a bummer that this isn't Gingerbread, but there are enough new features in this update to keep DEFY owners busy for a while. If you haven't yet been notified of the available update, you should be able to manually pull it down by going to "Settings," followed by "About phone" and then "System updates." DEFY owners, we'd love for you to come back and let us know when you get Froyo loaded up on your handsets and tell us all about the update!

Via Android Police, Motorola

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