BlackBerry Bold Touch 9900 Dakota Montana

To say that there have been several BlackBerry leaks lately would be an understatement, with a handful of unannounced products posing for all kinds of photos and videos. Up until now, the expectation was that RIM would reveal all of these 'Berrys at their BlackBerry World event next month, but now it sounds like that may not be the case. According to two different sources speaking with BGR, RIM made the last minute decision to only unveil the BlackBerry Bold Touch, aka Dakota/Montana, at BlackBerry World, which takes place from May 3rd-5th.

Considering that most of the recently-leaked BlackBerrys are rumored to be launching sometime in the next six months or so, it's not really clear why RIM would make the decision to only show off one handset. Sure, the Bold Touch is arguably the most high-end, flagship-type smartphone that we've seen from RIM lately, but with so many 'Berry addicts in one place and so much attention focused on BlackBerry World, why wouldn't RIM pull out all the stops and show us everything it has to offer? That's tough to say unless you're a RIM employee, but what we do know is that, whatever happens at BlackBerry World next month, we'll be bringing you all of the news as it breaks. Stay tuned.


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"The BlackBerry Bold Touch could be coming at BlackBerry World. Are you excited?"

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Ryan Edward Johnson When I pick up a blackberry I get depressed, their just so boring. Sorry...
Roniel Madan a good battery on BB shall increase my liking towards this article
Matt Mcdonald Wats this fan boy shit? Hahaha so since u like bb so much then ur a bb fan boy right?? Lol who cares if someone likes android, bb, or apple soo stfu haha
Terrence Cartwright I am. It will make it Blackberry number 13 for me. :D
Rene G. Solis UMA, that's all I'm gonna say...
Rene G. Solis I can't wait I hope they bring them all to T-Mobile with AT&T compatability!
Travis Brown Is it running IOS or Android? No? I dont care
Louis Bernocco I had one blackberry and that was quite enough for me, thank you.
William Sellow Absolutely NOT!!!!!!!
Sheriesa Thomas Nope. My husband just switched out on his BB for an Evo Shift. Has was amazed at the amount of technology he had been missing out on lol. He says he will never go back!
Nick Kalman Sorry guys but I haven't seen any Android phones with good battery life. Battery life is terrible on Android(I had a few of them) blackberry's battery much better and that's a fact.
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi If it can triple boot with BB OS, IOS and Android thn I m all for it, and it wll be delicious topping on it, if it can also run WP7...... :-)
Luis Miguel Hidalgo Not a business man
Phuc Le The truth is, a lot of ppl are excited about the Bold Touch. The comments above only prove that Phonedog's facebook page is filled with android fan-boys/girls
Brendan Jordan Idk matt I have have an htc a samsung and everone says I sound li ke shit and my speakerphones sounded like ass, but I can leave my bb on the counter and cook a meal and hear ppl 100 and they hear me from 6 ft away....i talk on speakerphone over wifi and download ringtomes while I talk and barely burn an eighth of a bar....idk to each his own....if u use an iphone or android for business obviously isnt all for business......porn nd web suffering.....bb is quick and secure.....but I broke my bb and know using an android
Jeremy Stewart All cell phones have my interest, even the old ones that aren't even digital! I'll definitely have a new bold touch especially if they come to att
Matt Mcdonald Kind of funny that all of your statements are wrong lol. I see alot of business people now with either iphones or android phones. Every single android phone I've had has had indicator lights, battery life on blackberries are no better than the android phones (I've had 4 bb), and call quality is alright on blackberries but not the best.
J. Ann Beyer Not really... $25-30 a month for the privilege on top of my cell phone bill? No I am not
Walter Nunez What's a black berry? Lmao
Nada Solo Mio Nop it all about androids phones... like my htc Evo 4G....
Noe Zuniga I sell drugs so its good for my buisness bb all da way ,popin my collar ha ha!!!
Derrico Brown I'll rather "Touch" a bigger screen. Like my HTC Evo I have now
John-Michael Kobes If it has excellent Battery life...definitely! Nothing makes me LOL when I see a guy with a dark screen smart phone, with the devise plastered to his face. "Look, man, FB update, took an epic dump" -- dummmy!
Brendan Jordan Honestly mukti tasking is quicker and easier on bb, the battery last DAYS, bbm is the best texting program period, the speaker phone and call quality is second to none... And anyone notice like only four of like 50 android phones has a indicator light.....plus bes enterprise and being encrypted and hack free.......really why knock reliability and simplicity....i still have a blackberry bold , but I have a vibrant and g2 but berrys are still ahead in certain catergories...what business man wants to sit uncomfortably at his next meeting with a 4.3 inch block in his pocket, please and you ppl bitched berries were to big
Mladen Knezevic Htc all the way
Jan Michael Cruz I'm excited for BB fans out there, looks like an awesome device.
Courtney Smith The words Blackberry & excited shouldn't even be in the same sentence!
Nirav Insomniac bye bye BB and apple
Victor Rios No this should have came out a long time ago...it's all about Android now.
Kirsten Danielle Honestly,i went from bb to android in january and I really miss my blackberry. Android is fun, but there are certain things lacking...like a decent battery for one.
Darrell Staton Is the Motorola Razor coming out too! Lol
Barry M Clay Hell no
Tomas Drexx Not a single fuck has been given to this article....................
Pedro Rodriguez I am Not.
Jennifer DeAlmeida No! So over BB's. ;)
Tony Salazar Wish it would come to T Mobile
Nate Peters Not in the slightest.
John Cruz No android only

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