Sprint mail-in rebate promotion end date

Back in March, Sprint made the decision to replace mail-in rebates with instant discounts for a limited time, although the carrier wouldn't comment on exactly how long the promotion would last. Well, if you're in the market for a new Sprint handset and think mail-in rebates are the work of some sort of evil entity, you'd better make your purchase soon; MIRs could be returning to Sprint as soon as May 7th. That's the word according to a leaked document sent over to the folks at Spantechular, which just so happens to have another leaked doc claiming that Sprint will be launching the WiFi-only version of the BlackBerry PlayBook on May 8th, which adds credence to the rumor that the MIRs will be ending on the 7th.

Although it's kind of a bummer that Sprint customers will once again have to deal with mail-in rebates next month, we also knew that this particular promotion would only be around for a limited time. There's no word on when we may see another promotion like this one pop up again, but here's to hoping Sprint likes the results it saw from the current one and decides to run a similar promotion soon or perhaps even eliminate mail-in rebates altogether. Hey, there's no harm in hoping, right?

Sprint BlackBerry PlayBook launch date

Via BGR, Spantechular (1), (2)

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"Will you still buy phones directly from Sprint (versus Best Buy, Walmart, etc.), even if they bring back mail-in rebates?"

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Zi Wang
Zi Wang I just don't have good feeling with Sprint somehow.
Ryan Mcglynn
Ryan Mcglynn I have my upgrade in 9 days and i was just wondering if i should go with the nexus s 4g for sprint or wait forever till they come out with an iphone...any suggestions?
Jabin George
Jabin George Nope. I like dealing with besrbuy. No mail in rebates.
Broderick Whitten
Broderick Whitten Or who ever has the best deal
Broderick Whitten
Broderick Whitten Yes I would
Seth Price
Seth Price Negative
Brain Roopull
Brain Roopull I'll be loyal to a corporation as soon as they're loyal to me. Hasn't happened yet. I'm buying from whoever has the best deal... long live capitalism!
Danetta Adams Doncer
Danetta Adams Doncer Best Buy FTW
Edwin Lawrence
Edwin Lawrence been with Sprint for 12yr last year I bought my Evo at Bestbuy I have to say it bestbuy insurance is better then sprint You may have to wait a month to get your phone back But I'm buying Evo 3D at bestbuy when it comes out and with the buy back plan it going to be free
Clemmie Hooper
Clemmie Hooper Thanks for the heads-up! With one of my Sprint phones eligible for upgrade, I'll take a look now instead of next month. Personally, I don't understand why ALL businesses don't permanently do away with mail-in Rebates in favor of on-the-spot credits. It would be cheaper to administer and more consumer-friendly.
Marc Scott
Marc Scott As much as I hate best buy I still go there because I hate mail in rebates more lol. I only use sprint to see the device in action and then I go to best buy to purchase.
Myles J. Patterson
Myles J. Patterson Best buy !
Mario Ridgley
Mario Ridgley Simple...who ever has the better deal,I'm not loyal to anybody. Just a deal.
Nathaniel Hull
Nathaniel Hull I go where its cheaper
Kory S. Deberry
Kory S. Deberry Radio shack is the best, I don't care who is the carrier
Matt Mcdonald
Matt Mcdonald Nope
Asheryl Gutierrez
Asheryl Gutierrez No....insurance plan is better at BB.
Jose Fonseca
Jose Fonseca YES I WILL but I also go to Radio Shack they have the best trade in program
Stephanie Wall
Stephanie Wall I never go to the Sprint store I go to radio shack they always have better deals I got my evo shift for 50 bucks because of their trade in program.
Merl Bonham
Merl Bonham Ummmmm......No
Emilie Damko
Emilie Damko I always use Best Buy. Plus their insurance plan is waaaaay better.
Dayan Inclán
Dayan Inclán Just say'n
Dayan Inclán
Dayan Inclán No, Sprint sux!
Davis Hanna
Davis Hanna who would even want sprint they might now get good phones it is a little late when every other carrier can use an iphone or an ipad i mean i have android but still there is always an open door for an iphone on those carriers
John Cruz
John Cruz Verizon is the best :)
Jennifer DeAlmeida
Jennifer DeAlmeida No, Best Buy FTW! :)
Oscar Mendoza
Oscar Mendoza Yes!

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