Apple testing iPhone 4 that's compatible with T-Mobile's 3G network?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: April 23, 2011

T-Mobile iPhone 4

It was Apple only recently that made the iPhone available on a carrier other than AT&T here in the U.S., but according to some photos that leaked earlier today, the Cupertino-based firm may be testing its handset for use on another of the big four U.S. carriers. The batch of images were sent over to BGR and show that Apple may be hard at work testing a prototype white iPhone that works with T-Mobile's 3G bands here in the U.S. The device is sporting the moniker "N94," which is higher than the AT&T's internal model numer (N90) and the Verizon version (N92), and features several Apple test apps like Radar and AppleConnect. However, this white iPhone's proximity sensor is different from the newer, retail models that have leaked recently which, combined with the fact that T-Mobile could very well be consumed by AT&T in the near future, suggests that Apple may just be testing some T-Mobile radios that may be used in a future device.

Although T-Mobile customers have long been able to unlock an AT&T-compatible iPhone for use on Magenta's network, that device would only be able to access T-Mo's EDGE network, which is a compromise that not everyone is willing to make to use Apple's handset on T-Mobile. While it's silly to say that Apple will never do something, like release an iPhone on T-Mo, it seems pretty unlikely that Magenta customers will get an AWS-enabled iPhone any time in the future. Of course, if ATT does end up acquiring T-Mo, its customers will have the option of picking up an iPhone for use on Ma Bell's network, so I suppose iPhone lovers on Magenta have something to look forward to if the merger is approved, right?

T-Mobile iPhone 4


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