First batch of Verizon Unleashed handsets leak out

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: April 23, 2011

LG Cosmos Verizon Unleashed

Earlier this month, we clued you in to a new Verizon pre-paid plan called "Unleashed" that offers unlimited talk, text, and mobile web for just $50 each month. Details outside of pricing, like what kind of handsets can be used with Unleashed, were still sparse then, but thankfully some kind leaksters have filled in some of the holes for us. Whenever Verizon's Unleashed plan does go live, interested parties can expect to choose from a least a few different phones to use with the pre-paid offering: the horizontal-sliding LG Cosmos for $39.99, the portrait QWERTY-packing Pantech Caper for $79.99, or the LG Accolade, a basic flip phone, for $79.99, as well.

If true, the pricing for the LG Cosmos seems pretty awesome, although it's kind of strange that that device is only $40 while the Accolade, which is about as basic a flip phone as one could find, reportedly sports an $80 price tag. Thankfully, if Unleashed devices are rolling into Best Buys already, we should be hearing the official word on pricing and plan availability from Verizon soon. Stay tuned.

Pantech Caper Verizon Unleashed

LG Accolade Verizon Unleashed

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