Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Think Slate

In October of last year, we heard a Lenovo executive say that the company had no plans to enter the Android tablet game in the U.S. until Honeycomb was made available. Well, as I'm sure you all know, Honeycomb is here, and according to some leaked slides sent over to This is my next, a Lenovo-made slate will be landing later this year. Named either the ThinkPad Tablet or the Think Slate (both are used in the slides), the device will allegedly be powered by a Tegra 2 processor and feature a 10.1-inch 1280x800 IPS display, 16, 32, or 64GB of storage, front and rear cameras, an array of ports (USB 2.0, micro USB, mini-HDMI, SD card slot, a "keyboard booklet" that looks like a ThinkPad laptop but without the display, an optional "True Pen" add-on for takings notes, and WiFi and/or 3G and 4G connectivity. You'll also find Android 3.0 running the show, although Lenovo will be placing its "Lenovo Family UI" skin on top of the OS. So when can we expect Lenovo's slate to make its grand debut? There are mentions of both July and August in the docs as well as a $499 price point, which is likely for the base 16GB model.

Although Lenovo is prepping to enter an Android tablet market that seems to be growing larger by the day, their slate looks like it could be a pretty good option for folks interested in a business-ready tablet or anyone that swears by the company's ThinkPad line of laptops. We should be learning more about the Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet/Think Slate in the coming months, but in the mean time, don't be afraid to drop your opinions of the device in the comments below.

Lenovo ThinkPad Tablet Think Slate

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"Would you buy a Lenovo ThinkPad tablet?"

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Gary Mana
Gary Mana Evo View and Evo 3D. Work and play covered!
Kyle Kerley
Kyle Kerley Yes, but only if they make the dock available here in the states.
Brian Stringfellow
Brian Stringfellow No, too heavy. ipad 2 goes on Craigslist when galaxy tab 8.9 is available.
Jeremy Chang
Jeremy Chang If it was free then yes but I would get an ASUS eee pad transformer
Ikem Zeek Onyejekwe
Ikem Zeek Onyejekwe Fuck no ipad all the way
Alexander Balchev
Alexander Balchev Wait for the HTC Flyer - it can fill in your pocket, has a pen and it's an HTC =)
Cory Wood
Cory Wood No, why would i!
Jason Allen Lucas
Jason Allen Lucas No
Marcia Gagne Weiss
Marcia Gagne Weiss No way--I have a Lenovo netbook and it's the worst! I have a Xoom-Motorolla & love it.
Christina Elena Amaya
Christina Elena Amaya yes i have a lenovo laptop and love it
Benjamin Padilla
Benjamin Padilla Lenovo is a good company so maybe...
Damon Lee
Damon Lee no
Robin Hodgson
Robin Hodgson No
Jv Iar
Jv Iar keep Lenovo for laptops and Apple for tablets.
Dillon Blair
Dillon Blair No.. Touchpad is the only pad for me
Ryan DeClue
Ryan DeClue Would I buy one? No. Would I own one? Yes
Zach Cline
Zach Cline The blackberry playbook is a joke. No apps, No native email client, No native Gmail app, No native contacts app. Fail.
Anh-Tuan Le
Anh-Tuan Le No. But could be a different story with an IBM ThinkPad tablet...
Marcus Sutphin
Marcus Sutphin I like my iPad 2
Edgar Llama
Edgar Llama Hell no lenovo sucks and is made of cheap black plastic anything lenovo is ugly
Jordin Rausch
Jordin Rausch I am really drooling over a playbook at the moment and their le pad os is kind of off putting to me.
Zhang Yang
Zhang Yang Do you have the dome about it ?
John Zanatta
John Zanatta I would buy the Asus Transformer if Best Buy would get their act together and tell me they will have it in stock tomorrow as they're supposed to.
Alex Pierro
Alex Pierro I think not. I am investing in an iPad 2 unless PhoneDog can show me which one is better
Devlin Robear
Devlin Robear To Gabriel: HAHA, you are stuck with damn AT&T, the worst phone company out there.
Gabriel Artiles Sanchez
Gabriel Artiles Sanchez FUCK NO! I bought the T-Mobile LG 4g Gslate Tablet instead, Has a 10 inch screen AND its 3D :) Got it for like $550 or $600 but SO worth the price. No complaints about it, battery life is AWESOME, Doesnt die quick, I could use it for litteraly 5 hours straight without charging it!! HIGHLY RECOMEND IT!! Check it out!!
Talon Meyer
Talon Meyer i have a thinkpad laptop. it is definitly work-oriented, so maybe for work?
Kim Coon Rodriguez
Kim Coon Rodriguez No way.
Jessica D. Pippen
Jessica D. Pippen Heck naw
Jens Billing
Jens Billing Nope, I deeply hate Lenovo ThinkPads.
Aadi Moghal
Aadi Moghal yeah sure! Bt the question is ur father give me the money?
Ian Schumacher
Ian Schumacher in a heartbeat, i use a X41 tablet for college and it's the best computer i've ever owned...and it's 6 years old...
James Dymond
James Dymond Wouldn't mind one :)
Shrinivas Mittal
Shrinivas Mittal why not?? I adore thinkpad.....
Adam Anthony Crespin
Adam Anthony Crespin No, really dislike lenovo

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