T-Mobile G2x

The T-Mobile G2x certainly has a lot going for it, like a dual-core Tegra 2 processor, T-Mo 4G, a 4-inch display, and a mostly-stock build of Android. One thing  it's lacking, however, is the latest build of Android, version 2.3. Luckily for all you proud G2x owners out there, that won't be the case for much longer, as T-Mobile has confirmed via its Twitter account that the handset's Gingerbread update is coming "soon." Magenta didn't get any more specific than that when it comes to the actual release date, but it did promise that we "won't have to wait long."

Although most folks were pretty excited to see that G2x features a nearly vanilla build of Android, many thought it was strange that it was running Froyo instead of Gingerbread, especially since it's a flagship device for both LG and T-Mobile. Now that we know an update to 2.3 is coming "soon," though, the G2x may be even more enticing to potential buyers. Of course, we don't know exactly how long "soon" is to T-Mobile, but we'll be sure to let you know when we find out more.

Via @TMobile

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"Will you be buying the G2x when it gets Gingerbread?"

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Rudyboy Ledesma
Rudyboy Ledesma Is the Sensation going to be on T-mobile? if so I'll get that.
Rudyboy Ledesma
Rudyboy Ledesma Hell yes
Nick Jeffers
Nick Jeffers Shit, I love mine. It would kick ass with 1.5. Just can't slow it down!
Darrion Smith
Darrion Smith I First Had The HTC Mytouch 4G, HTC Sense Period Point Blank Is The Best. I Now Have The Samsung Galaxy S 4g, AND I WITH A PASSION HATE TOUCH WIZ, HTC Sense Is The Best UI. I Wudnt Take The SGS2 IF IT WAS FREE. Im Gone Get The Sensation Or The Next Big HTC Phone On Tmobile After That. (And Btw At&t Havent Bought Tmobile, They Trying To) Real Customers Dnt Jump Ship Just Cuz Things Get Shakey. Tmobile Have The Best And Most 4G Phones Out Compared To Any Other Carrier. IM TMOBILE TO THE END BRUH.
Nicholas Rivera
Nicholas Rivera FIRST !!
John Kwok
John Kwok No, waiting for Samsung galaxy s II
Joshua Andrus
Joshua Andrus Already bought it. Just waiting for CM7.
Richard Castro
Richard Castro Waiting for HTC Sensation or HTC DoubleShot
Jerami Salcido
Jerami Salcido Just bought mine and its a beast!!!
Alan Jae-Hun Yi
Alan Jae-Hun Yi if the samsung galaxy s II doesn't come to t-mobile, then yes i will buy this
Kent Masias
Kent Masias No. 3GS works fine.
Lorenz Angelo Barcelona
Lorenz Angelo Barcelona HTC= GAY. Look how crappy the battery is on the thunderbolt, its going to be worse on the sensation. I don't get why they use tiny batteries. Samsung galaxy s 2= epic win. Best upcoming phone and the new standard.
Wojtek Dawidowski
Wojtek Dawidowski No
Michael Alfonso Ho
Michael Alfonso Ho Still happy with the HD2. Runs both Android AND Wp7 :D
James Chambers
James Chambers The sensation is the only thing I'm interested in.
Matic Krmec
Matic Krmec I'm laughing my ass off to comments about HTC Sensation, that phone fails on so many levels. Display, RAM, Storage space!!, SoC,...
Brian Edwards
Brian Edwards Not untill there's one with a working 850 umts baseband.
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz ,waitin galaxy s 2
Latoya Martin
Latoya Martin Thinking bout getting mine friday
Wayne Parkes Drevitson
Wayne Parkes Drevitson I like the smell of it!!!!!
Lily Maua
Lily Maua perfectly happy with my white D2G :)
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi I thnk I wll wait for galaxy S2.....or if moto announces Milestone 3 with 1.2ghz dual core processor, 960x540qhd resolution,1 gb ram and keyboard of milestone 2; then I thnk I wud rather wait for milestone 3.......
Sachin Gurung
Sachin Gurung Galaxy s2................
Jose Pablo Islas
Jose Pablo Islas Already did!
Zach Cline
Zach Cline nick quit being cheap. You get more with a contract and pre paid is actually more expensive.
Joshuah Landazuri
Joshuah Landazuri You know what scratch that first comment im getting the HTC evo 3D with HTC sense 3.0
Carlos Quinones
Carlos Quinones Plus i love Super-Amoled, and would like to see its next evolution.
Nick Miller
Nick Miller No phone is worth signing 2 years of your life away for.
Carlos Quinones
Carlos Quinones I would've got it. But I decided I'm going to stick to my Vibrant 4G. G2X has a worst screen and smaller battery so that trade-off, to me, isn't worth it. I survived this past weekend from thursday to saturday night without a charger(I left it home when i went to boston). If it would've had an higher resolution hd display and maybe a 1930 maH battery(which i think is necessary for dual core phones), then maybe it would be more enticing. For now tho, i think its better to just wait. Perhaps for Galaxy S 2, Sensation, Droid Bionic, or EVO 3D. I'm leaning towards the Galaxy S 2, simply because no phone i've tried touches the video playback capabilities of the Galaxy S lineup. Even its video recording is excellent as well, without that annoying lag HTC phones get when ur not in a well-lit area.
Joshuah Landazuri
Joshuah Landazuri Probably, i would get the thunderbolt but i don't like the fact that you cat access the HTC hub on it.
Steve Tabaluyan
Steve Tabaluyan HTC Sensation FTW
Nick Miller
Nick Miller Nope, not unless it comes to prepaid at least. I'll stick to my Optimus V until then.
Ken Lulue
Ken Lulue Got the G2x and loving it. After my Vibrant, I'm not getting another Samsung phone, I don't care what they put in it. This G2x is fast. Co-worker has the Evo and he had really impressed with the responsiveness. Time will tell, but I am betting this phone gets updates faster than the others.
Juan Camacho
Juan Camacho Sensation looks better !
KJ Allen
KJ Allen Awaiting Dogfight for HTC Sensation vs Samsung Galaxy S II
Gainaako Munyal
Gainaako Munyal I'm happy enough with my samsung galaxy s variant running on froyo. It's an awesome phone.
RodrigoyClaudia Salazar
RodrigoyClaudia Salazar F[%© no because my gingerbread HD2 is the best
DK Brothers
DK Brothers Already own it.
Eskias McDaniels
Eskias McDaniels galaxy 2 for me paired with open home launcher
Jeff Sheidow
Jeff Sheidow I would have bought it, but T-Mo has to much dropping coverage in Charleston, SC.
Brennen Myles
Brennen Myles nope waiting on HTC Sensation :D
Ryan Lampkin
Ryan Lampkin Waiting for Galaxy s2. That's the only phone worth replacing my DX.
David Farrell
David Farrell No.
Matic Krmec
Matic Krmec To people waiting for sensation... lol To people waiting for Galaxy S2... WIN!
Jose Be Julme
Jose Be Julme No.
Nick Koval
Nick Koval Going to verizon to get htc thunderbold:)
Carlos Javier Tirado
Carlos Javier Tirado Im between choosing the samsung galaxy s 2, the htc sensation 4g or this one (lg g2x) please help with a wise choice! :@
Patrick Scot
Patrick Scot Aldeady got nothing beast abdual core with vanilla android. Sensation will always have yo wait longer for upgrades. But I will also be picking up the sensation so I will have the best of both worlds
Jackson Gainey
Jackson Gainey I'm thinking about getting it. But I'm not sure.
Bryan Jeniel
Bryan Jeniel No im buying atrix 4g!
Jordan DeBarth
Jordan DeBarth Only bad thing about the Sensation is that its the same old processor just with a different core. The Galaxy S 2 is probably going to be the best since it gets 3,050 on Quadrant and the Sensation only gets around 1,700.
Mathieu Omoregie
Mathieu Omoregie Who is all on the #htcsensation team....I think patience will pay itself off
Frank Mora
Frank Mora Nothing like HTC, I'll buy brick labeled "HTC" if they offered it. Sensation.....I await you. Played with G2x, not impressed, video graphics yes but that's it.
Steven Sanchez
Steven Sanchez Got mine. Using it now and I love it.
Dwight L. Burton
Dwight L. Burton Yep.
Justin Ouellette
Justin Ouellette I want it now I would just end up putting cyanogen mod 7 on it anyways......I have it on my HTC HD2, theres nothing quite like it out there.
David McClellan
David McClellan Not unless the radio issue is resolved in regards to att 3g bands...
Luis Reich
Luis Reich Nope... just another 4 inch phone on tmo...
Latoya Martin
Latoya Martin Heck yeah
Fan OfDreaming
Fan OfDreaming Nope
Hector Truromeo
Hector Truromeo Is*
Hector Truromeo
Hector Truromeo Htc sensati0n has m0st 0f us interested,but htc ia launchin new f0nes 4 all carriers diz summer
Hector L. Moctezuma
Hector L. Moctezuma nooo my htc G2 is a best
Ronny Sh
Ronny Sh hell f Nooooo...Waiting on htc sensation
Armando Marcial
Armando Marcial no
Tim Moore
Tim Moore Is it really having the random restart issue I heard? The way some of these highend phones are having issues with that I'm not sure what I'm doing next.
Jamille Browne
Jamille Browne Yes definitely my Nexus S is fun but I think an upgrade is in order.
Jose F. Barbosa
Jose F. Barbosa nah, my NexusOne still rocks - it's a classic!
Noe Zuniga
Noe Zuniga Sensation!!!
Darrion Smith
Darrion Smith Waiting For The Sensation Or A Later Phone HTC Phone On Tmobile, That Supports Something Over The 21Mbps.
Ayo Q Sipho
Ayo Q Sipho Nope...waiting on the sensation homie
Stu Wells
Stu Wells Nope, since AT&T Deathstar is going to consume Tmobile I won't be buying any new phones from them.
David Vaughan
David Vaughan T-mobile wont let me upgrade so it looks like I'll be waiting til the quad cores come out next year
Adam Khana Charsi
Adam Khana Charsi Nope. SGS2 has set a new standard in the smartphone world
Tafheem Nayeem
Tafheem Nayeem no, waiting for the Sensation
Adrian Jordan
Adrian Jordan No, I'm going to buy myself another iPhone.
Jordan Christopher
Jordan Christopher Nope, by that time Ice Cream will be out.

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