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BlackBerry 7: it's the operating system that's supposed to combine the best aspects of BlackBerry 6 and the PlayBook's QNX-based OS and form the one OS that'll power all of RIM's smartphones and tablets. According to the folks at CrackBerry, we'll be seeing BB 7 as soon as BlackBerry World next month, but the version that will debut at the event is different than the one that we've been hearing about for months. The site has heard from "numerous sources" that BlackBerry 6.1, the OS that'll allegedly be powering devices like the Bold Touch and BlackBerry Touch, has been rebranded as BlackBerry 7. Don't expect any QNX goodness to be involved in the new BB 7, though, as the tipsters claim that there won't be any traces of it inside the seventh major iteration of RIM's OS. There's no word on why the change has taken place, but now it sounds like we may have to wait until BlackBerry 8 to see QNX make its way to smartphones.

It seems kind of strange that RIM would decide to jump straight from BB 6 to BB 7 but, as CrackBerry points out, there may be a couple of reasons for the decision. For example, perhaps RIM wanted its shiny new hardware to debut with an OS that sounded newer and more improved. Thankfully we don't have to wait long to find out whether or not this rumor is the real deal, as BlackBerry World kicks off next Tuesday. We'll be bringing you all of the news from the event and our own Aaron Baker will be there live, so if you're a 'Berry addict you'll definitely want to keep it locked to the site next week!

UPDATE: RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie just confirmed that, yes, BlackBerry 6.1 will henceforth be known as BlackBerry 7. Why the change? Balsillie says that it's because "It's such a big update from 6." So there you have it.

Via CrackBerry (1), (2)

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"Would you consider buying a BlackBerry if it had a better OS?"

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Arcadeon Knight
Arcadeon Knight Not even if they gave it to me for free and promised me a free upgraded handset every 6 months. My answer would be a thousand times NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Prabhath Jay
Prabhath Jay no
Wilberto Ortiz
Wilberto Ortiz try a larger screen
Sree Kanth
Sree Kanth Yes yes yes yes yes
Elis Diaz
Elis Diaz So you're asking if we would buy a Blackberry if it wasn't a Blackberry?
Tim Buttry
Tim Buttry You would have to be in crack to have a blackberry
Tim Buttry
Tim Buttry Nope had the blackberry flip phone it was a totally hunk of junk all 4 of them
Zak Taylor
Zak Taylor I for one love the OS, its the (almost minimum) $9.99USD apps that I hate. The apps are what is keeping me from using my BlackBerry permanently. iOS and Android have it down, but Blackberry needs to realize that the OS is nothing without apps.
Rob Blanton
Rob Blanton Yes
Ryan DeClue
Ryan DeClue Droidberry?
Michael Harris
Michael Harris Already considering it so yes.
Tim Fuhrmann
Tim Fuhrmann I started out with os4.5 then made the jump to android....once the hype of the apps wore off, I'm back on BBn and don't plan on leaving regardless of the os. I love os 6, and can't wait for the BB touch to release. So yes, I will continue to buy BB's. On a side note....os7 is the new name for os6.1, and won't have QNX, yet.....seen it on crackberry about an hour ago.
Guillermo De León
Guillermo De León Yes
Femi Sasona
Femi Sasona They started something good with making all of these acquisitions so now RIM needs to put them to use. I have no doubt they can do it.
Femi Sasona
Femi Sasona Seeing is how I have the torch and currently love it, both the hardware and the software need an overhaul for me to stay with the blackberry device. They have good things going for them (bbm, keyboard, acquisitions,etc). I have faith in blackberry in that they'll make a comeback. They have the technology and the tools to make great devices.
Marti Ruiz
Marti Ruiz My answers is not
Robert Best
Robert Best Yes. Then I will give my Vibrant to my ten year old. My three year old already has my Galaxy Tab.
Jeramie King
Jeramie King I would consider if the OS was fast, responsive, customizable, full touch screen with physical keypad, widescreen, and nothing like the piece of crap boring iphone. Iphone is only good for newbies that no nothing and just want a phone with a music player.
Shana McArthur Campbell
Shana McArthur Campbell Yup!
Jasé Phillip
Jasé Phillip iPhone suckers ..
Sebastien Lachapelle
Sebastien Lachapelle Nope. Never again. Boring phones!
Ryan Edward Johnson
Ryan Edward Johnson Whenever I pick up a blackberry I get depressed....berry.
Noel Lv
Noel Lv Blackberry needs to rap it up already ...I don't consider a so called "smartphone" that you have to bang out your battery, and is always freezing up. Blackberry is not phone worth going out buying ..I would never ho back to a damn blackberry ..not In till I know for sure they dont freeze up all the time and u don't have to bang out your battery every 30mins
Don Cooper
Don Cooper Blackberry stick to catering to your Professionals. Android all day baby!
Angelo Y. Zaldivia
Angelo Y. Zaldivia Absolutely yes. If only blackberry can run in android or windows7. The blackberry operating is too slow. But still ilovemy blackberry curve 8520.
Calvin Tran
Calvin Tran Believe it not not, bb is still the most reliable. If it has more customization then I would switch back in a heartbeat
Anonymous He'll yeah,. :)
Sofrie M Drei
Sofrie M Drei why not do what HTC is doing,run it on android, but keep the htc sense. So what they can do is, run blackberry on android and do an inter face similar to htc sense for their blackberry functions/apps.
Ziggy Torres
Ziggy Torres If it didnt have Blackberry OS it wouldnt be a Blackberry. Dum ass question.
Jinny Noel Roberts
Jinny Noel Roberts Yes!
Welky Pakpahan
Welky Pakpahan So far blackberry main selling point is only abt blackberry messenger and qwerty keyboard. Their appworld is going down and down... What is the big deal for it's operating system
David Johnson
David Johnson A thousand times NO!!!
Michael Moawad
Michael Moawad I have an iPod 3 and my sister bought an iPhone 4 a few months ago, when going on her phone it just seemed like the same sort of interface which kinda bored me but don't get me wrong! iPhone 4 is still an amazing phone, and when going on one of my friends' htc, the software interface was a bit different with the homepage and all, but it can still get boring... With BlackBerry, everyone of my friends say that they don't get bored of the device, even with os 5! And the huge improvement with blackberry 6 just makes things even better and up to date and it's still great on a candybar device like the bold! So if they updated their software to a new one (made improvements) the device would and may be one of the best devices out there !!!
Brad Crabtree
Brad Crabtree If the hardware would change and a great processor instead of this 600Mhz junk they're pushing
Jessie Taylor
Jessie Taylor nope
Simon Yu
Simon Yu Maybe if it was something like what TAT does, with the astounding battery life.. 50% of a smartphone is what it can do.. and in this case what smartphones can do now depend on apps.
Ricardo Aguila Cuenca
Ricardo Aguila Cuenca if the developers dont have interest then i have none for this
Jose Be Julme
Jose Be Julme No!
Robert Centennial
Robert Centennial Its not the OS its the crappy hardware
Ryan Montoya
Ryan Montoya Yes I would I got rid of an iphone and thunderbolt and went back to blackberry I got the torch and I have no complaints I use my phone for business and personal
Joseph Carlos
Joseph Carlos En Espanol.... ! No
Michael Mcdaniel
Michael Mcdaniel Loved BBM but my crack berry always froze up had to take the battery out and reboot all the time I had the curve and storm iPhone all the way
Tatiana Torres
Tatiana Torres Never!!
Jeremy Stewart
Jeremy Stewart Definitely! But I won't leave att and I would want the bold touch..... But will att get it?
Luis Montoya
Luis Montoya Yea
Zac Hooper
Zac Hooper What kind of question is that? Lmao, would you buy a ford if it had a better engine? No, you would go ahead and go with what's better.
Brionna Jones
Brionna Jones Yeah, maybe I would....depending on if it had more apps like android...blackberry has a limited amount of "fun" apps...that's probably why everyone depises those things...smh sucha disappointment. But I'll switch maybe....u should do a review on it.
Scott Schumacher
Scott Schumacher No because the one I have now is a piece of SHIT
Jason Teplitz
Jason Teplitz If it had webOS I would consider it (then again it's getting harder and harder to tell the difference between QNX and webOS)
Everett C W Byrd
Everett C W Byrd You're asking this to a group of individuals who are mostly students and/or entry level workers 35 or younger... why? Some people actually need 4-5 days of battery life. Some people do important things that need security that Android and iOS cannot offer.
David Harness
David Harness Yes. All it really needs is specs and a few OS impovements
Michael Nestor
Michael Nestor blackberry is dying slowly so i do not see any reason to get a new one....
Adam Khana Charsi
Adam Khana Charsi no.. bbm is falling slowly to liveprofile, android is dominating, and their hardware needs to get up to scratch
Stefan Chapman
Stefan Chapman All its good for at the moment is BBM.....
Anthony Douglas
Anthony Douglas When I had a BB it was always reliable but android allows me to customize
Anonymous Blackberry needs an os that feels more like a iPhone or android
Argelis Alicea Lorenzo
Argelis Alicea Lorenzo NO
George Millhouse
George Millhouse whats even sadder is calling 6.1..7 now ...lame
Enrique Pascual
Enrique Pascual No no
Ráshawn FreshBoii Technowiz
Ráshawn FreshBoii Technowiz If da os is good i will .. a bb is just a bb .. (getting mine sunday it has os 6)
Joseph Bennett
Joseph Bennett Not unless they put android on it..
Steven Quintal
Steven Quintal Yes I would switch back.
Alex Miller
Alex Miller it's more than just the OS.....
Chad Smith
Chad Smith Android is the better OS.
Pat Burns
Pat Burns Nope. Hate my blackberry.
Scott Bitters
Scott Bitters Yes
Markell Simms
Markell Simms nooohoohoooo ..... but seriously no
Kurt Rusheen Tacastacas
Kurt Rusheen Tacastacas if they had a better phone that could easily integrate to my computer, maybe... but I like the iPhone.
Krystal F.
Krystal F. better looking phone with a combined better os and I may consider it!
Ty Kratzer
Ty Kratzer maybe if it ran android
George Millhouse
George Millhouse nope its too late for them
Craig Murphy
Craig Murphy no
Carlos Graves
Carlos Graves I have a blackberry and I like its OS, so of course.
Taylor Foster
Taylor Foster Second comment
Caleb Yeager
Caleb Yeager Yes

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