Samsung Epic 4G Android 2.3 Gingerbread

The Samsung Epic 4G only recently got a stable update to Android 2.2, but according to a new rumor that's emerged today, and update to Gingerbread could be coming in the next month and a half or so. The folks at Brief Mobile were handed the image you see above, with the source of the image claiming that Android 2.3.3 for the Epic 4G (build ED12) is currently in testing. When will the GBread goodness make its way to your Epic, you ask? If the source of the screenshot is to be believed, testing of the build could wrap up by May 15th, although the actual roll out may not begin until the HTC EVO 3D launches, which could be on June 5th. Taking all that into consideration, you're looking at a possible early to mid-July arrival of Android 2.3 for the Epic 4G.

As I'm sure most of you know, these "About phone" screens are pretty easily faked, so be sure to take this rumor with a few grains of salt. That said, I'm sure that Samsung is doing all it can to get Gingerbread for the Galaxy S phones out the door as quickly as possible after the whole Froyo update debacle, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the Epic's 2.3 update come along sooner rather than later. As usual, you can be sure that we'll keep you updated as we learn more.

UPDATE: As qbking77 has pointed out in the comments, the Epic 4G's ED12 build of Android 2.3 has leaked out. You can check out a video of it in action below, and if you'd like to give the software a go, you can find the download link and instructions right here. Just a note for those of you considering taking the plunge: the build is already rooted and deodexed, but there are a few issues with it that you should about before installing:

  • 4G non-functional
  • GPS non-functional
  • Wake lag present
  • Does not boot when plugged in and powered off, unplug to boot
  • Temperature sensor readings are incorrect. You may see interrupted charging due to bad battery temp readings.
  • Slide to unlock button sometimes 'sticks'
  • Has Carrier IQ

If that's all ok with you and you decide to install ED12, let us know how it works for you!

Via Android Central (1), (2), Brief Mobile

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"Is Samsung getting better with Android updates?"

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Nela Schmagoogly Not really, Samsung tends to be slow at updating their handsets and it doesn't help when they give our hopes up stating unofficial estimations as to when we ought to expect updates to roll out - only to find out that they kind of legitely lie to us
Tenshi Sama ~Guys, which phone do you recommend me that has equally the same features, proccesor(or better) and a qwerty keyboard like the Samsung Epic 4G., I don't want to get an expensive phone like galaxy S II would be.
Bo Le HAHAHA what a piece of junk
Evan Huynh I'm pre-ordering my Evo 3d
Taes Way Difinitely yes!!!!!!
Anthony Pina Aguilar Htc, doesn't have samsung's super amoled plus & fast smooth Hummingbird processor technology or gorilla glass, beat dat!
Anthony Pina Aguilar I love samsung all around! They complete me, lmao!
Anthony Pina Aguilar Nexus S 4G baby!
Bryan Moreno Not holdin my breath. HTC for life! LOL
Nicholas Ether Go with none of those. Lol
Shay Falcon Or none of those should i just go with apple????????
Shay Falcon please any tips pros or cons I wuld greatly appreciate it please thank u so much
Shay Falcon Hi everybody im thinking about upgrading to a lg optimus m by metro pcs or a samsung galaxy indulge by metro pcs and I dont know which one to go with
LaQuita Kita Yarbrough No complaints regarding the Samsung on this end.
Rohit Bhalekar ya great
Kong Yang Yes they are.
Charlie Durie Love my samsung vibrant. Hope it get 2.3
JJ Flynn i dont believe it.
Fredy Galban I love samsung phones always had samsung and my epic is raw I love it and fact samsung is better then all companies even iphone they have done it I love samsung (just saying)
Douglas Prevo I would like to say its samsung... But I feel like blaming carriers for delays...
Salomon Murillo It's cool and I plan to get an Epic 4G and I'll be happy that it get GBread soon.
Nicholas Ether By the way phonedog, I would be happy to write or be an editor. I have some connections and am great with Technology, especially phones. Let me know if you're hiring.
Nicholas Ether TO EVERYONE WHINING ABOUT FROYO BEING CRAP AND HOW IT TOOK SO LONG: Froyo was tailored to the Snapdragon Processor, so phones like the Evo were quickly able to update and ran smoothly on it. GINGERBREAD is supposed to be tailored for the HUMMINGBIRD PROCESSOR as well! I use CM7 with gingerbread on my Epic and it is amazing. So we should see a faster update and a better experience. I heard as early as May 8th, which would make sense, because the Nexus S is coming out that day, so the 2.3 software will already be on CDMA Samsung technology.
Sean McCollum Gingerbread just leaked on XDA Developers.
Gabe Davies who realy cares
Kermit Frosch benchmark even *
Kermit Frosch Yeah I don't understand why the Samsung's bunch mark so low even with the 2.2 update the Galaxy 4GS is like 900-1000. Where a Mytouch 4G is closer to 1800 to 2000. In quadrant numbers.
Brandon Mims Camera update works great. I'll let you know when they say the vibrant is suppose to get gingerbread
Parin Daulat Hope it comes soon
Alex Arana Too early to tell
Adam Lamar Yeah right.. gave up on Samsung updates after their p.o.s. Froyo update via TMobile. Gone Cyanogen CM7 and haven't looked back. Fine phone though.. they are without equal where h/w is concerned :)
Anthony Douglas If you like flimsy plastic devices then yes this is your cup of tea :)
Mitch Gill My continuum also says no
Fark Mukerberg no samsung fucking sucks with their updates and their phones. it takes them ages to update their shit. im on a galaxy s i9000 and htc is just so much better. shame really.
Kimberly Shrewsberry theres faults and flaws with sny brand or phone same as with service providers...but i think overall Samsung has nice stable phones. Ive had every brand and type there is and have had issues here and there with all but im 98% satisfied with my Captivate running Cyanogen Mod Gingerbread...very very happy
Sandra Cheree McDaniel David, I don't like samsung because every one of their phones I have ever had has been crap. Samsung brand has always froze when I am doing something on it, restarted itself when I am in the middle of talking on the phone or just flat out shut down and wouldn't start back up. That's Five different phones they have come out with that I owned. All of them did the same thing, and my friends with samsungs all complain about the same issues, all different phones. Some Lt's have those issues too.
Carlos Alberto Nava Piedra I think that what Ol' Sammy here needs to do is upgrade Touchwiz widgets to those seen in the Galaxy S II. An upgrade to Gingerbread is greatly welcomed in behalf of my part though as I could brag to any froyo or eclair owners.
Kimberly Shrewsberry I have Captivate running Cyanogen mod eith Gingerbread and I lovvveee my phone. I wouldnt have anything else on the market right now. I fall n love with my phone more everyday.
Joel Elizondo Simply NO.
David Brinegar So the people that don't like samsung, what is your reason for it, if you don't like touchwiz then use a different home launcher like go, you can fully customize it to your liking, as for updates, they aren't that big of a deal, only thing froyo gave us is flash and a couple of bells and whistles
Kendrick Taylor Yup my Epic a beast it have problems
Benjamin Padilla I have the Epic so I hope this is true. I need me some Gingerbread.
Juan Araya Awesome... cant wait for gingerbread and galaxy s II
Carlos Ruiz My Continuum also says no.
Sandra Cheree McDaniel Ick! I hate samsung. Always been a Motorola person.
Ele Garcia They might as well skip 2.2 froyo & move to gingerbread asap because it's really a shame when lower mid range phones like the optimus series already has it out of the box & is also due for 2.3 soon,but I heard that gingerbread is not a big leap from froyo it's only a slighty polished version of it.
Ryan Clark Nope. @samsung #neveragain
Dylan Daratt Samsungs are pieces of shit. Period
Mark Gittens Ummm still a bit on tha slow side
Josue Cifuentes samsung-touchwiz=better phone
Dave Yaeck FROYO was a Fail, but I'll believe it when I see it with GB
Edwin Lawrence Evo 3d on June 5 is that right? I hope not my upgrade is June 6
Jon Rasmussen My Continuum says no.
Victor Rios I hope 2.3 comes to the Vibrant, Captivate & Epic 4G
Shatia Lonesome i hope this is more than just a rumor, because my 2.2 update is actually crap..
Angelo Y. Zaldivia Yes. Samsung will be more better if they will have android updates. like HTC.
Joshuah Landazuri OMG 2.3 on my epic would be EPIC!!! I hope this is true.
Ryan DeClue Wait... did I read a June 5th release date on the Evo 3d right?
George Gomez no. That is all
Tim Gall Yessss 2.3 works for me. As long as I don't have to do a hard reset. My phone is set up perfect right now
Perro Rosello samsung IMO are great in updates.... carriers are to blame. Galaxy S i9000 owners are on easy street commpared to US variants
Simon Yu If they were faster at updates I'd probably pick up a Galaxy S III when that comes out.. haha, actually might be S IV >.<
Ryan Nusbaum No, samsung phones are complete crap overall.
Jennifer Lynn Rodriques That would be nice... cause me and samsungs have always bumped heads
Brandon Phillips Yeah you should do samsung giveaways
Tony Abiama Evo 3D FTW
Paris Coke Could be better but yes.

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