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I've been working with Verizon's HTC DROID Incredible 2 for a couple of days now, and I have to say - insert "Anchorman" voice here - HTC makes 4-inches look good.  Originally announced as the HTC Incredible S at Mobile World Congress, the DROID Incredible 2 is the successor to last year's wildly popular DROID Incredible.  Packing a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, 8-megapixel camera, and Android 2.2, it's available now for $199.99 with a two-year agreement, and it packs some nifty new features like a larger 4-inch Super LCD, a new version of HTC's Sense UI, and global roaming capabilities.  I've been working with the unit for a couple of days, and here's what I've discovered thus far:

  • The 1 GHz Snapdragon processor isn't dual core, but it's still snappy.  Even with a custom overlay (more on that later), I was able to browse, pinch, and click without any lag.  Like other recent HTC devices, the Incredible 2 has the "fast boot" technology, which allows it to power on exceptionally fast (provided the battery hasn't been pulled).
  • The 4-inch display is a nice upgrade from the 3.7-inch display on the HTC DROID Incredible, and is the sweet spot between 3.7 and 4.3-inch displays.  It's a Super LCD, so colors are absolutely beautiful.  I'd put it behind Apple's Retina Display and Samsung's Super AMOLED Plus display, but it's certainly nice.

Incredible 2_2

  • The Incredible 2 ships with Android 2.2 with HTC Sense 2.1.  It offers all of the benefits of Sense 2.0, but sports a slightly redesigned menu structure.  Applications are grouped by "All apps," "Frequent," "Downloaded," and "Verizon Wireless."  Outside of the menu structure and minor icon changes, it's no different than Sense 2.0, which offers new personalization options like the ability to "skin" the dock.  The Incredible 2 has "moving" capacitive buttons; when you rotate the device from portrait to landscape mode, the buttons follow along.
  • Like the ThunderBolt, Verizon removed access to HTCSense.com and HTC Hub, two awesome (and free!) features that HTC offers on their high-end smartphones.  As a result, you're forced to choose between the preinstalled wallpapers, skins, and ringtones.  I see it as a ploy to push people to the carrier's VCAST services, but I think both can co-exist (plus, I like some of the additional skins that HTC offers for download).  On that note, the Incredible 2 is LOADED with Verizon bloatware like V CAST Apps, V CAST Media, and VZ Navigator.  What's worse, they can't be uninstalled.

Incredible 2_3

  • As expected, the 8-megapixel camera takes great pictures, and the camcorder does a nice job of capturing 720p video.  I'll be throwing up a sample of it today, so be on the lookout.  The Incredible 2 offers a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera for chatting via video, and while it's nothing spectacular (pretty grainy, in fact), it gets the job done.
  • The Incredible 2 is a 3G-only device, so you won't be getting those 4G LTE speeds that ThunderBolt users (and Charge users, depending on when you're reading this) have been enjoying.  Verizon's 3G network is old and slow, particularly so if you're used to a faster technology like LTE, HSPA+, or WiMAX.  In my limited testing, I've averaged download speeds of 1.35 Mbps, and upload speeds of 0.52 Mbps.
  • The Incredible 2 offers global roaming capabilities via a SIM card slot behind the battery.  Thanks to the fact that Verizon is embracing international roaming on some of their high-end Android handsets, jet-setters are no longer relegated to the carrier's BlackBerry lineup for their international wireless needs.

More to come!  While you're waiting, check out the unboxing below.

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"Even though it lacks 4G, are you interested in the DROID Incredible 2?"

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Sam Rick Nope,its lame.
Luis Montoya Unlesa it comes to tmobile, nevar!!!
KoDy Designed ByCrime No 4G, NO DICE!!!
Mark Makarov I got the first one, so "yess" I'm looking forward to the second coming!
Jacob Strom If I had the cash to purchase it I would totally upgrade from my dinc. That is of course, as long as I can still get root access fairly easily.
Tony Abiama I think its one helluva 3G device, you can't ask for much more if ur not looking for a 4G device
Bryan Mordt My first impressions are very positive. Coming from the original Incredible I can appreciate the refinements HTC has made. The unibody design is VERY solid and the 4" screen size is ideal for me. My only negative so far is a weak speaker phone.
Tim Gruber yes its a beast and its a lot better than my desire
Scott Bitters Yes I'm kinda interested in it.
David Piepho Hell no !
David Harness I like the Droid Incredible 2 quite a lot. HTC Sense UI, great sized 4" screen that is Super LCD, great specs, and better batter life. Better to have a slower phone that will last than a 4g LTE phone that will die quickly.
Derek C Jones Hell to the no!
Leeming Wong Cant stand verizon bloatware. There has to be away to remove all that useless stuff
Dave Trivino Not really. Waiting for the next dual core LTE phone with a thin form factor and decent enough battery. Needless to say I will be waiting awhile for my next phone.
Tony Salazar No not in the least interested
Jerimiah Reece Just played with this phone @ Verizon yesterday. I have 2 weeks until I can upgrade. But the HTC Incredible 2 is at the top of my list right now. Partly because the Bionic's future is still uncertain. With a "Summer" release I'm not sure if I can wait. Plus we aren't scheduled to get 4G until 2013 where I live.
Izgil Mardahayev I'd rather wait for Droid Incredible 3 to be released some time next April. For now, the original Incredible is serving me great, especially rooted and with SkyRaider 4.0 on it. No need to waste hundreds of dollars at this moment.
Izgil Mardahayev No. Droid Incredible isn't any worse.
Chris Luna Not everyone lives in places that will receive 4g coverage in the near future. Soooo if I had a upgrade now I would maybe get it but waiting to see what hits at the end of summer!
Carolina Elisa Perez Parra sounds awesome for non USA people, if the phone works on the 3G network of Chile I am definetely buying one, as here we haven't 4G so far, 3.5 is the highest =)
ManGuy DudeBro Id like to upgrade from incredible one to incredible 2, better speed, front facing camera, just all around core improvements to the phone I already love
Stephen Wagner I don't want 4g. I get it at home, but at school where I am most of the year I don't, so its pointless
Kevin Pham Too many droids... I think motorola should just make a few high end ones every year... the refresh cycle is like every 3 months now
Cory David Baxter Htc battery life sucks
Matthew Munson Its neutered. It has forced verizon bloatware that you can not uninstall. Why bother. Google should make a Nexus S type phone for Verizon.
Robert Newton I actually bought the incredible 2 yesterday on launch because I had an upgrade, and I must say, so far I am very pleased and glad I made the jump from the Fascinate
Emmanuel Castro No 4g, makes one wonder... what's the idea.
Sim Floyd Jr No. Not really. Not with phones coming out within a month that will totally eclipse it with speed and sheer power. Unless, I have no choice, I will pass on this one. It does, however, feel great in the hand. I love that soft touch backing. Baby got back. That's what's up.
Etienne Armond If I had not bought the thunderbolt I might consider. But even if your market does not have 4G yet, why be locked to a phone for two years with 3G when you could buy a 4G phone and just wait out the time? Sure there is a premium on LTE devices but it is definitely worth the extra cash in my opinion.
Ajeenah Kareemah Gayhardt Yes! I have the Droid Incredible (which I plan on selling), now I have the Droid X by way of my hubby upgrading to the Thunderbolt. Now I want the Droid incredible 2 !! It has a front facing camera and that's what I need...
Eddy Issa ummmm, its ok. im aussie and we dont even have the atrix yet :(
Eddie Velasquez Yes it faster then the charge well in processing

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