We need more POWER!

Battery power, that is!

Most days I carry at least two phones with me, sometimes more.  You would think that with juggling my tasks between these phones I would have more than enough juice to make it through a day but I often don’t.

Now, let me just drop a proviso in here; I’m quite manic about watching my battery level.  For whatever reason I get heart palpitations, sweaty palms and a dry mouth if my phone gets down to 50% and I’m not near a plug.  When my phone drops to 30% I’m ready to leave that meeting, dinner, family picnic or church service just to get the darn thing plugged in.  At a low battery warning I just straightaway faint.

Obviously this is not a new problem but it just seems that battery technology is lagging behind.  Processors are getting blazingly fast, screens are getting massive and more toys are being added to our gear all the time; but all this adds up to a voracious need for power.

I suppose you could argue that battery technology is keeping pace with these advances but then everyone in the room with an iPhone would glare at you with even more contempt that they glare at Android users (and vice versa).  It isn’t just about the processors but our daily use of mobile gear.  So much more of our lives is becoming digital, which means more time spent using our phones.  That continual growth in use can’t help but drain your battery at a fierce pace.

There are some phones that do better than others but this has nothing to do with the batteries but rather the gadget’s ability to sip power more efficiently.  We need that to continue to happen but please can we have fatter batteries (that aren’t actually fatter, you understand)?

It seems like we hear about an upcoming new battery technology every couple weeks but it never comes to pass!  Where are the great ideas like the fuel cell battery that you fill with water once a month?  It’s not like pouring water into your laptop is a bad idea, is it?  Personally, I think Energizer and Duracell are buying all these new technologies and retiring both the engineers and the research.  Feel free to mock my tin hat.

For now, I’ll have to just keep charging cords handy.  I’m also trying out some extended batteries from Mugen Power for both my Palm Pre 2 and my LG Quantum.  They are the same size as the original batteries and will give you an extra hour or two...nothing huge, but it can help.  Maybe I can put solar panels on my tin hat...

Until battery technology changes, not just in a lab but in our pockets, I’ll have to either stay near a plug or walk out of weddings and funerals as needed.  Hey, they wouldn’t want me to faint, would they?

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Early Wims My phone battery only last 10 hours you think that would be enough for me but it isn't
Shaun Lim yup gives me 3-4 days max.
Nela Schmagoogly I am very happy with the battery life after having undergone some modifications *cough* root *cough* rom *cough*
Alex Mathews :( NOOOOO I HATE MY BATTERY.......i keep a spare battery....coz i love my phone :P
Simon Kirshon I have a Samsung Focus and his battery life is great. I charge it once 3-4 days or so.
Elizabeth Kelley Huff G2X battery (when in use) lasts about 4 hours!
Darren Humphries Ahhhh...I miss my gw620. Great little phone.
Kevin Song hmm... my lg gw620 is pretty old and runs android 1.5... surprisingly, it still lasts at least 25 hours every day. If it had froyo, I can't even imagine how long the phone would last... probably 3 days or so. ;)
Skye Villanueva My evo last about 17 hours with pretty good use!
Nick Dushack My iPhone 4 lasts up to 3 days, based on use. With heavy use I get a day and a half.
Ron McKenna NO, HTC Inspire
Naj Khan shut it phone dog
Mark Orlowski thunderbolt battery was design by guys with suits and ties on crack worse is the extended battery has no hard or soft shell case It's all about profits
Steve Spanoudakis G2x = best phone ever... all other phones = gay
Darren Humphries Zoinks! That is a LOT of comments! Nice to know I'm not the only one that has an issue with batteries. To anyone that says they do fine with their battery you either don't use your own enough or you are magical. ;) Really hoping we see SOME kind of breakthrough with batteries.
Anthony Douglas Evo & Thunderbolt battery life sucks so bad!!!! Even at home or in a 3G area
Nathan Sherlock Need 2000 + batteries instead of this 1400-1500 crap
Nathan Sherlock Could be better for sure ..have to root all my phones yo get decent battery life.for all we spend on these phones you think we can get a phone that lasts all day with good use like there made for!!
Brian Richards My sons defy lasts him a couple days. Screen size seems to be the key.
Brian Richards Galaxy s 4g battery life SUCKS. Cannot make it through a whole day.
Eddie HA I have an iPhone and I like the system but the batter sucks!
Tomasz Dawidowicz Iphone 4 battery is good
Anique Nico Rehman Simple Answer. No.
Rojean De Castro 15mins. only
Derek Lombardi All smartphones consume massive amounts of battery.. It's just a fact of life.. However, by flashing a modified kernel onto an android device better battery life can be had.. My HTC Google Nexus One gets pretty decent battery life now.. Running CyanogenMod 7 Nightly roms and and a WildMonks kernel with SetCPU profiles set to underclock the device when not needed.. So, Yes.. Quite happy
Clemmie Hooper NO - just like most people. I'm eagerly awaiting the permanent nuclear energy cell, that'll keep it powered up all the time for a lifetime. And since we're already slow-frying our brains with cellphone radiation, a little more from a nuclear power source shouldn't be a real big issue.
JP Pullens I.have a g2x and the battery life is suprisely good for a duel core phone so yup I'm happy.
Rojean De Castro No,, not happy...i hpe i have phone battery that last 1yr.
Gibson Zaibatsu Battery on iPhone 3GS is bad, battery life on xperia x10 mini is atrocious!
Oscar Phillips No I hate the life of 1 battery on my evo. Yet I have 4 :)
Alan Alty I dont hate it but it only lasts a day on my legend :'(
Ted Needham Have the extended battery on Evo 4g seems to be very good in comparison to standard that came with it love my Evo though would carry 3 if I had to
Thibaut De Raes Quite happy with optimus 2x but galaxy spica is bad at battery life
Margaret Patricia Whelchel It's okay on my cliq 2 lasts all day with it's battery performance settings. It lasts twice as long as the original cliq. I get about seven hours with moderate use since I can set it to turn off data when it's asleep.
Inge Orderud Samsung Galaxy S no, iPhone 3GS yes
Sam Rick Battery life on the EVO is horrible.
Sam Rick Not at all.
Karen Acosta I have the T-mobile myTouch 4g, and the answer is no. My battery drains so easily.
Joshua Bokelman Latley my battery on my thunderbolt has been terrible im stuck using my Japanese sharp is03 Which has great battery life
Eun Park android < iPhone period.
Jacob Moore Samsung focus on wp7 lasts me all day. Sweet os too
Javier Segura I love my iPhone's battery life...had an EVO and thank heaven it was fast (my iPhone is faster though) cause I only had 15min to do all my surfing and needed a charger if I wanted to watch YouTube. Androids' battery lives suck and the OS is miles behind the iOS experience in short… iOS>Android any day, every day, twice on Sunday.
Peter Kis Nexus S - battery life is pretty sweet, but takes too long to charge.
Umer Syed hellllll nooooo on my iPhone, though its cuz I always play games on it. iPhone had a good batery life though in general. If 1.5 days is considered good in smartphone terms.
Eric Alvarez No. Lithium ion batteries are bad! We need an improvement. Like those experimental electro charged batteries
Ali Al-Hawaj Yes, its works just fine
Brad Freeman Samsung mythic 3 days with heavy use. iPod touch 4g about a day and a half so ya I guess :/
Emmanuel Castro Sammy 4g is okay, 10% left after 8-9 hours of use.
Tung Fishcovery I Think Samsung Made The Longest Life Time Battery! (with the bad Design Devices)
Jesus Montalvo Sometimes it lasts two days, sometimes it only lasts 7 hours... very inconsistent, G2. My wife's vibrant last about 2 days after the froyo update, big improvement from the 5 hours it used to get prior froyo. Both with moderate usage.
Leeming Wong Nope... might get the extended battery but there is no protective shell that will cover it
Yadav Thyagaraj No way... 1500mah.. Lasts for 10 to13 hrs. ... I5801 running Froyo
Micah Watkins My mytouch 3G only lasts about 5 hours.
Zach Cline I get decent battery life on my incredible.
Naram Moshe I get a full day on my Htc Hero running Cyanogenmod 7.0.2 because unlike most ppl I root my phone to make it better.
Myat Htun Not at all....samsung vibrant although of comes with 1500mh
Adam Folger Just got my G2X. Battery life is decent when in moderate use. Juice defender really helps too. Especially at work.
Micah Watkins Heavens no not on Android, it sucks the battery like it's on steroids.
Steve Tabaluyan G2 battery sucks big time. Gone after six hours of medium usage.
Tanya Randolph Today is day one with my android phone and the battery life is not good! It may be a learning and set up drain lets see what next week brings
Eric Shayna My old phone (Intensity II) couldn't last a day. My new phone (KIN ONEm) can last two. So yeah.
Becky Richardson See Not really, I have a Samsung Instinct HD
Jacob Piehl No!!! I can't use my phone for all it's designed to do without having to charge at least once a day.
Tung Fishcovery 3hours Go Hell
Adrienne McKenney Boylan Not too bad. .. . . Thunderbolt! I can go all day on one charge with quite a bit use. Was worried about all the negativity when I was considering it, but overall better than expected.
Eric Kroh Who is..but manufacturers are working on it!!...I believe iPhones have the better part of battery life IMHO
Shawn Meadows Heck no, i have to carry arround batteries with me for my rooted evo, but its all worth it really.
Janet Greig Boyer NO I'M NOT! After I disconnect it from the charger, it immediately goes down to 99%! Ok, it IS 2 years old but WTH??? :(
Mark Balcher My Epic 4G / Galaxy S is still using it's stock 1500 mAh batt. The super amoled display uses the most juice. I lower the brightness occasionally, to save, but prefer a bright screen. 10 hrs. with avg use. not too good. Prob shud invest in an extended life batt, like i did, when i was using my pre. I love the phone so much, i can't put it down. that's the problem.
Shane Joe Lazar Definitely no. I went from charging once every 4-5 days to charging multiple times a day.
Jake Mexin iPhone 4 FTW!!! My battery outlasts all my friends android phones...that could be because android sucks though so yeah
Maseo Pleasant Iphone, Second Place dream phone; HTC Thunderbolt, first in line. As far as HTC goes, let's just say the iPhone wins by a landslide
Bryce Carlson on my motorola cliq ( i know, old phone :(...) i literaly dont get two hours on it with brightness down and everything, it is so disapointing
Jorge Eslava Yes I have usually 20% after 16 hours of regular use like playing games, browsing, tweeting, facebook, watching videos. I have a nexus one with cm7 and juice defender.
Ryan Kuharich Rooted evo last all day, good enough for me!
Sherman Tank With conditioning and a reset, my g2x lasts around 26 hours. Its all about what u use ur phone for. But honestly, they need to work on improving battery capacity.
Ciroc Rufai Only 2 hours on 3g with my dell streak,i have to carry xtra battery with me when am goin out
Nick Kalman Yes. Samsung Focus
Terry Fay Maddren Thunderbolt = my battery dying in about 5 or so hours if I don't tweak it or force it into 3G. Am considering a Charge because of its better battery rating... Even though I'm not too hot about Samsung... =/ what to do... Stay with HTC or switch... I have no clue...
Chris Bushing Yes iPhone 4 battery kicks all the other smartphones a**es
Tyler Seybold My iPhone 4 has great battery life. All the htc phones I have had. Well they just suck lol
Lance Waller WTh?? All these people saying iPhone 4 battery is great?? I haven't had a smartphone yet that the battery was worth a darn.
James Adelan Cowie I sure am. Blackberry torch
Theresa Rese Williams Motorola devour.... No.
Allan Kuang My iPhone would last a day but that's about it. Half brightness push notifications on I guess that's why. But I'm always on edge network
Devin Chaney Samsung transform: sucky battery lol
Kamal Halder Nope, The Battery life of Android Device is really Poor... I have Used Samsung Galxy S which gave a 7 to 8 Hrs in moderate Use in 2G and with 3G it Never lasted mor than 5 Hrs...Same was with HTC Wildfire and Desire HD And Now Using Motoroly Defy but with out any differance , Not at all Happy with The Battery performance , is a big lover of Google operating System better than Apple and Symbian.
Nick Koval My galaxy is on charge all day sucks
Bryan Moreno Hate the battery life but luv my phone. Evo4g
Josh L Ritter I have a rumor touch and the battery suck it dose not last half the day
Sonya Williams i have a korean phone i bought unlocked online and it lasts me about 3-4 days before i need to charge it.

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