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While most would consider BlackBerry World to be quieter than other trade shows (think CES, CTIA, etc.), the event wasn't without surprises.  Amongst the PlayBook news, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 series was announced, and for the BlackBerry aficionado, it's quite the device, with a 1.2 GHz processor, 2.8-inch touchscreen, full QWERTY keyboard, 5-megapixel camera with 720p HD video recording, and BlackBerry 7.  While carrier partnerships and pricing haven't been announced yet, the 9900/9930 will be available "starting in the summer."

I was a bit skeptical of it at first - after all, it looks just like a rehashed Bold 9000 - but after testing it for 20 minutes, there's a lot to like about it.  The keyboard, similar in size to the original Bold's QWERTY, appears to be more tactile.  The body is thinner, and the metal frame gives the phone a premium feel.  The display is absolutely beautiful, and the fast processor means lag and browser checkerboarding is virtually nonexistent.

It's the best BlackBerry to date, but it'll be launching amongst some awesome devices like the LG Revolution, DROID Bionic/Targa, and HP Palm Pre 3.  Will you be buying one, or are you waiting for something else?  Cast your vote below, and defend it in the comments section!

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"Poll: Will you consider buying the BlackBerry Bold 9900?"

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Soumava Maitra I'll be rather going for the Nokia E6 than buying a BB with a huge price tag....& less practical features
Antony Guan No!!!!I hate blackberry because I like android (not racest)
Robert Bachalo How about the functionality of BB, ease of use like android, and the sexiness of Apple....hurry up HP !!
Stephen E. Ribble hell no....
Sandra Dusek Furtado Been there done that. Android all the way!
Rojean De Castro No, android is the BEST
Simon Kirshon BB's time is over. Good phone but it is not advanced enough.
Mike Chiou hell NO~
Javier Segura Hell yes, Android sucks gorilla nuts and this seems like it might strike a good balance between business and play
Jonathan Zurcher I have an ipad 2 and a evolution I can use on widow for games and for reading books and such and surfing web but I now want a smaller phone that can communicate well and message and this bold touch will be the best in size and can work world wide and will be perfect with a ipad or say HTC FLYER? :) I look for the best in all categories.
Ryan Hunter Evo 3d ftw.
Anthony V Cannata No I like the Android OS much better..... but I did hear that bb tab will be using Android apps if there phones start using them and they get bigger screens there is a possibility I may switch back. Only time will tell.
Xingchi Ding Will do if it is available lol
Hector L Torregrosa-Ramos No, I don't use physical keyboards.
Carlos Quinones Probably not. It is very nice tho. I had a bold 9700 and occasionally used to touch the screen as if that was going to do something cuz I'm si used to all touch screens. On the upside, now ull be able to do that. There are certainly cool things about blackberries. I love them for texting, emails, and the battery life is amazing. But overall, I've sided with android. Can't wait for the Galaxy S 2, or possibly the Droid Bionic(which seems to have disappeared lately)
Alvaro J Donaire DOA! I'll pass!
Zach Cline Android is not the best.
Selim Orsan BoringBerry Bold
Allan Kuang No offense but I've never liked blackberries they're software sucks
Edd Yee NO unless it supports flash, which bb will never do it.
Edd Yee I saw this 9900 b4 it came out. My friend had one, GSM. I don't know how he got it.
Brian Blaauwbroek Absolutely not. Yet another WHY BOTHER device from RIM.
Sunny Patel No I would not, I'd rather stay with my beloved android
Wutthichai Rit-Uan Androids are the best...
Maurice Hall Yes, Yes I would
Trever Pitts I get the new blackberry what ios don't have a keyboard that's why I don't like it so much easier to mess up when texting. Bb has the best email. On a phone. N has been around longer then android n ios even windows mobile is good for work all ios device look at same just the screen bigger on ipad then iphone
Malcom Buckhannon Nope I can't stand crackberry
Matthew Sean Hardiman Picking up the NS4G on Mothers Day.
Howie Eastin Yes very much so....this is the BB design I have been waiting for since the BB storm
Jeff Alamillo Maybe if it comes to At&t
Jeremy Stewart Man I can't wait for it to come out! Yes I'm definitely all over it!
Trever Pitts Do you all no coming from iphone to new blackberry u have 95% les apps n blackberry are most meant for email n business use not music n video n video games .n video chat.
Shane Currier If it was coming to At&T yes I would....
Zach Cline Nope. Blackberry sucks. This would be cool if it were 1998.
Susie Tracey Not a chance.... if I need a qwerty I've got my old E71. I'll stick to my iPhone.
Stela Zummo Yes cant wait to sell my iphone4 n get this <3 hit me over the head so i wake up when its out already ughhh
Flako Ramirez Actually looks pretty good and altho i have a the htc thunderbolt...
Nick Koval No way it has buttons and its a blackcherry
Krishna Adettiwar Blackberry? NO
Rio Iz Awsoome All blackberry has is bbm that's it os is garbage
Eugene Borodin No. But it's one nice looking BB.
Scott Gregory Vanderburg I have had android phones I've had iOS phones but I always come back to blackberry hooah!
Ahmed Jamal Ibraihimi Nope, until RIM gives me one very good reason (except security) why I should buy it...... :-)
Muhammad Yousuf Yes. Maybe...
Carlos Q-Tip Jimenez Hell No BB's Are Played Out
David DiPilla Ya I don't get why people would want this phone they would want it if it looked Like a smart phone
Alex After Buffalo Blackberry..been there done that.All android now.
Zach Cline Lol ,Boost mobile.
Henry Lavender It probably wont tempt people away from people who like their Android and iOS fans, but for people who need a QWERTY keyboard for quick texting or Facebooking or a solid Business device, It'll do quite well
Lee Hasalem Maybe,
Ryan DeClue I have never understood the appeal of blackberry
Barbara Lobland-Vencer Yes!! I like Android. But bb rocks email, text. No delay... freezing... and withholding bb new touch screen... internet will be easier. I need functionality... not big, cute and customized.:)
Benjamin Padilla Absolutely NOT!
David Harness Yes. It's a really great phone. I just would like to see more from RIM, not that this isn't good. Better than most.
Nick Sanchez Not a chance :) htc sensation all the way
Darryl Mouzone Hahahahahahaha!!!! That was a funny joke! Oh wait you were serious?!
Steve Cramer Absolutely buying!
Gabriel Fernandez Hell yes I will.
Nitin Rai HTC sensation and EVO 3d are the best Fuck the rest
Robert Wernikoff HELL NO!!! I already preordered my HTC EVO 3D! ANDROID 4 LIFE!!
David Morgan Nope..... Too many limitations coming from the android os that would cause frustration.
Kyle Murzin I want it.........................................
Terrance A Bratton Yes probably get it, the Pre 3 and Evo 3d and keep the best 2
Tim Fuhrmann The unmatched security offered by RIM is a reason within itself to consider this device.
Dallas Johnson I hope it comes too boost mobile!
Jeffrey Wainscott Nope, BlackBerry OS is garbage!
Frank Porter Ha ha you gotta be joking right? I haven't the slightest bit of interest in any Blackberry model of phone.
Marti Ruiz No way
Noel Lv Sure I can't wait to get mine!
Allan Anaya Nooooo blackberry should die already
David DiPilla No way lol
Shawn Meadows If it didn't cost like 40$ to activate a phone i would buy it and alternate with my evo
Josh Stanley no maybe if bb gets flash like android
Robert Olsen Nope. Already preordered my EVO 3D today!
Terence Horsman No. I love my Nexus S
Conor Corcoran No. I'd take an iPhone or android over it any day
Oscar de la Rosa I really hate bb
Christopher Wesley Yes. After having Android for so long I've yet to see anything that's special about them. It's the same stuff.
Frankie Paz I've had all three BB, Android and now IPhone. They're all ok. BB really needs to step it up. A lot. iPhone is just boring the hell out of me and it's notifications are frustrating as hell! Going Android, baby!
Johnny Wheeler Not ever in my life. Android please and thank you.
Andrés Villalpando I'm seriously done and been done with BB since Dec 2009, I'm off to better things now!
Emmanuel Castro Would but am waiting for my i9100.
Collin Hayes lol good luck for the person waiting for the nexus 3.. XD this bb looks good tbh
Chris James Nope. Been there, done that. Went back to Android

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