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Yesterday was the day of the big Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on AT&T's proposed acquisition of T-Mobile, and one of the biggest things to take away from the whole session is that this deal won't simply slide through the regulatory process without encountering any kind of friction. Several Senators voiced their concerns about the merger, saying that if it's approved, a combined AT&T-Mobile has the potential to harm competition in the wireless industry. Senator Herb Kohl of Wisconsin said that the deal has "profound implications,'" including raising prices for consumers and turning the market into a duopoly. Sprint CEO Dan Hesse also appeared to testify against the acquisition, saying that allowing AT&T and T-Mobile to merge would make it very difficult for his company to compete and would ultimately put it in a position to be acquired.

Unsurprisingly, AT&T CEO Randall Stephenson and T-Mobile USA CEO Philipp Humm did their best to portray the deal in the best light possible. Stephenson said that, if the merger is approved, it will "benefit consumers in many ways," and both executives claimed that they need to come together in order to keep up with consumer demand for mobile data.

It's not surprising to see the AT&T-Mobile deal put under so much scrutiny considering how vocal its opposition has been, but I'm still glad to see that the deal isn't just getting approved and shoved out the door without being critiqued at all. Of course, we're still around a year or so away from actually learning whether or not the acquisition will be approved, so be prepared to hear more arguments both for and against it going forward. Now that the hearing is over and we've heard both sides begin to state their cases, have any of you changed your stance on AT&T's potential purchase of T-Mobile?

Via MobileBurn, Bloomberg (Image credit)

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"Now that the initial shock is subsiding, are you for or against the AT&T/T-Mobile deal?"

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Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown I'm for it. But I thought it already happened
Chris Payne
Chris Payne as long as I get better coverage and bills stay the same I am for it. I just changed to t-mobile and I have had more dropped calls in the last month then I had with US Cellular in 7 years. Starting to regret changing providers
Edd Yee
Edd Yee tmo prepaid has the best 1yr deal. hands down.
Dan Nielsen
Dan Nielsen I have been a t-mobile customer for a really long time. I have traveled with them, moved across the country with them. At&t's plans are more expensive, they consistently get low ratings in customer service, dropped calls. I am hoping against hope that the merger won't go through, but I am fairly sure that if it does, I will be going elsewhere. And with Sprint becoming a distant number three, it may have to be verizon, which I don't really want either. I just don't want to jump from one merger target to another.
KoDy Designed ByCrime
KoDy Designed ByCrime Why does T-mobile even exist lol
Isaac Dadda Manford
Isaac Dadda Manford T mobile is way better of without atnt.
Nick Kalman
Nick Kalman I don't get why people against it. T-Mobile has horrible service it doesn't ever work. Att has service everywhere. Go for it att.
Nick Kalman
Nick Kalman I don't get why people against it. T-Mobile has horrible service it doesn't work anywhere. Att works everywhere. Go for it att.
Douglas Prevo
Douglas Prevo Yes
Angel Ortiz
Angel Ortiz I still hate AT&T
Mike Fischer
Mike Fischer Decidedly against.
Shane Calhoun
Shane Calhoun against
Jay Alejos
Jay Alejos Fooooouuurrrrr
Adam Risher
Adam Risher Att is too greedy. They don't care about customers once they have you locked into a contract. Against and it will ruin T mobile and there customer base. I switched to Sprint and am very happy.... They like there customers!
Benjamin Gehlke
Benjamin Gehlke For
Hose Orscoe
Hose Orscoe Fuck yea love aT&T
Juan Antonio Villegas
Juan Antonio Villegas Its ok if they expand their 4g network and make it faster
Carlos Roldan
Carlos Roldan Yep im against that deal because they going to adopt the stupid policy of put a limit on data. The stupidest thing.
Steven Bonomolo Jr.
Steven Bonomolo Jr. 100000000000000000000000000000% AGAINST!
Lennes Shaw
Lennes Shaw Ok off topic, referring to the drawing this 2-397032 # has been drawn three times!!
Anh-Tuan Le
Anh-Tuan Le I hate AT&T wuth a passion.
Zach Ortstadt
Zach Ortstadt for it cuz i have at&t.
Facebook user
Facebook user AT&T is too cheap to upgrade all their networks to HSPA+. So they are just buying my boss.
Joel Garcia
Joel Garcia against. i dont need them contaminating my mobile
Facebook user
Facebook user Please. Don't sell me to AT&T. They will suck my battery dry.
John Cruz
John Cruz Verizon would win easy
Marco Campos
Marco Campos for it!! im on att but i just want it to go trough bcs my relatives are such tmobile fans, this will make my day when it goes trough
Frank Rivera
Frank Rivera FOR!!!!!!!!!!!
Kyle Sine
Kyle Sine For. T-mobile has been slipping and maybe it will make at&t get some cooler phones... besides,its their decision what they do with their business.
Vincent Fok
Vincent Fok I don't think AT&T realizes how many customers from tmobile are going to leave once and if they merge.... It's just going to be a waste of money to AT&T.. And if AT&T buys tmobile, then they're probably gunna buy sprint eventually.... Then what do we have left???? AGAINST IT!
Mohammad Tayyab Khalid
Mohammad Tayyab Khalid Against
Judith Kahn-Levine
Judith Kahn-Levine More than AGAINST - VERY, VERY MUCH AGAINST!!!!!
Joe Black
Joe Black Against...!!!!! No way ppl can stand it, its gonna be a monopoly on GSM tecnology (sim cards), due to Verizon and Sprint lack of them.
Gary Hardt
Gary Hardt I am against this and I have Verizon, my sister and one of my best friends has t-mobile and they like it
Ehsan Wedee
Ehsan Wedee AT&T Sucks!!!!! I'm leaving T-Mobile at the end of the year...all because of AT&T...:)
Dean Musarra
Dean Musarra AGAINST
Bobby Bull
Bobby Bull Matt you're an idiot
JJ Flynn
JJ Flynn Im against it for obviously duopoly reasons. Im also for it cause i was kinda forced to AT&T from Verizon, and i HATE AT&T so far. Im hoping the merger will make them better.
Zi Wang
Zi Wang Now we are in the most balanced the situation. If the deal does go through, it has the potential to raise prices for consumers and turning the market into a duopoly. Also, for Sprint, it would be put in a position to be acquired eventually.
Kory S. Deberry
Kory S. Deberry Against this nonsense
Carol Conway Fleisher
Carol Conway Fleisher I mean yes I'm against it
Carol Conway Fleisher
Carol Conway Fleisher Yes
Tnl Gemini
Tnl Gemini Against
Francisco Willmore
Francisco Willmore T mobile wasnt goin anywhere so the joint is appropriate for the situatuon being that they run the same network and all.
Matt Finzel
Matt Finzel This is a great thing, and I'll tell you why. What all of the T-Mobile customers are worried about, are not issues. You're blaming AT&T for service that's terrible, but with the merger, you'll still have your T-Mobile quality coverage. If AT&T doesn't fire all of T-Mobile's business managers, we might get a drop on all of our bills, and better customer service."Don't go around the world saying the world owes you a living, the world owes you nothing. It was here first." (Mark Twain)
Gavin Feist
Gavin Feist I support this. T mobile has terrible service anyways I've been with ATT and haven't had any problems with them. Great 3G service along with great customer service the only thing this will do is make a great service even better
Justin Wilson
Justin Wilson Ill leave if they switch over can't stand at&t at all I was hoping sprint brought them out
Andre Hibbert
Andre Hibbert Mos definitely against, come on... T-mobile is already a better quality company, and now their service is on point AT&T wanna buy em out instead of "being better". An image of a mobster car salesman comes to mind.
Thien Nguyen
Thien Nguyen ATT works so well than TMobile in my area. So Go ATT. I'm for it.
Don A. Lino See
Don A. Lino See After all bs talking from tmobile they finally got owned hahaha
Tim Miyashiro
Tim Miyashiro I hope it goes through, I have ATT and if they merge that means better coverage and much faster data.
Mike Jackson
Mike Jackson Against it and don't like the options that will be left. Were getting bent over!
Joel Sanchez
Joel Sanchez Against... AT&T sucks!!!
Benjamin Padilla
Benjamin Padilla Against. Once AT&T has a monopoly on GSM they will charge customers up the wazoo! That's just the way business works.
Terry Jr.
Terry Jr. Against
Brent Taft
Brent Taft Against. TMo FTW
Lourdes Perez
Lourdes Perez I'm against the At&t deal I like T-Mobile and can't stand wack a?? At&t service it sucks I don't get any service at my house or job. I hope T-Mobile stays
Corey Artis
Corey Artis i'm again' it. for what i use my phone for, not only does deathstar not offer a plan for it, but what they do offer that i do use, the overage charges are ridiculous. did i mention that when dubya was demanding the telecoms turn over private information, tmousa was the ONLY company to demand they get a warrant first before they turned anything over? tmo looks after its customers.
Brian M McCoy
Brian M McCoy Against all the way. If the FCC allows this to happen, then our federal government is even more worthless than it already is. AT&T is the ultimate devil! They only care about money, not their customers. Case in point, until Verizon got the iPhone, AT&T was able to take advantage of the Apple loving users who were willing to put up with the crappy service of AT&T just to have their precious iPhone. Only until recently have they been putting ads on tv saying they are investing millions into their crappy system.
Daryle Barden Jr
Daryle Barden Jr Against!
Ernesto Moreno
Ernesto Moreno against. Fuck AT&T
Clayton Rios
Clayton Rios Against, AT&T Sucks. Love T-Mobile!!
Maria Aguilar
Maria Aguilar they need to listen to customers. otherwise good bye to a lot of them
Karlton Sadang
Karlton Sadang i'm all for it!!! hehehehehe!!!!!!!!!
Stu Wells
Stu Wells I support T-mobile's right to sell to AT&T, but as a T-mobile customer who left At&T, I'm squarely against it happening. When it does, I'll leave - never again will I be a part of the Death Star.
Adam Schweiger
Adam Schweiger Against
Jordan Ali
Jordan Ali against
Louis Bevans
Louis Bevans against
???? ??
???? ?? definitely against
Alex Miller
Alex Miller Against. Fuck AT&T.
Shannon Ellis
Shannon Ellis Definitely for!
Kyle Muller
Kyle Muller FOR!!! theyre both the worst companies. Switch to Verizon
Maria Aguilar
Maria Aguilar AGAINST
Arnulfo Barajas
Arnulfo Barajas Ooo
Jonathan Baker
Jonathan Baker Fuck at&t
Enrique Pulido
Enrique Pulido I'm all for it
Mark E
Mark E Against! No doubt, screw the iPuss.
P Greenwood III
P Greenwood III Against. Rather see TMobile Sprint
Joseph Jones
Joseph Jones For it of course. Both at&t and tmobile customers benefit. Now the last few idiots I know that haven't switched from T-Fail can get a signal. Maybe.
Marisa Hubanks
Marisa Hubanks Against!!! Im with tmobile because they are cheap and reliable....ugh!!!
Jay Fourmont
Jay Fourmont Why do u guys talk now on it when there's a whole monster blog on it? I'm against it 100% it going to be another "eat and run" for att like it was Cingular, they bought them out and screwed the consumer with no better service, the same is going to happen with tmo we all know that. Jeez quit talking about it already lets just see what transpired.
Elliot Ratzman
Elliot Ratzman Israel, is all of Europe 3rd world? When all carries get to LTE it will all be the same, essentially an IP based Wireless network.
Manny Varela
Manny Varela I left T-Mobile and went Verizon.I'm just mad I didn't do it sooner.Verizon is way better.and its cheaper for me.I wasn't going wait
Kavan King
Kavan King At&t has a five or six good android / wp7 phones. This merge will be perfect time for me cuz i just got the inspire so when my contract expires ill be able to get a good tmobile android device :) btw im an at&t customer
Brandon Mims
Brandon Mims Against. And anybody that's for capitalism in its purest form is unamerican. How can there be competition when the "man" actually has a say which phones you can sell and how much you can get your phones for?
Zakk Quinones
Zakk Quinones I'm defiantly for this epic merger
Elliot Ratzman
Elliot Ratzman You don't bought when you fail, you go bankrupt. Businesses with customers and something of value get sold. TMO might be small and have some churn issues but they've been a huge part of DT's revenue for quite sometime
Michael Pasley
Michael Pasley Hate the idea ..
Brandon Mims
Brandon Mims Against. And anybody that's for capitalism in its purest form is unamerican. How can there be competition when the "man" actually has a say which phones you can sell and how much you can get them for.
Zak Taylor
Zak Taylor I for one am 100% for it.
Gary Broom
Gary Broom Against
Stephen M. Knipe II
Stephen M. Knipe II For, but only because with T mo for 3G/4G I have to stick near highways... where I live AT&T is faster
Mark Navarro
Mark Navarro Against!!
Matt Cain
Matt Cain I think it would be good for AT&T and their Android lineup. I'm not an Android user, but I have seen a few phones that T-Mobile has that I would get if I were a customer. I think if the G2x and Sidekick 4G came over to AT&T, it would help them out a lot.
Nikolas Storm
Nikolas Storm Against all the way.
Tim Fuhrmann
Tim Fuhrmann Against it!

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