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AT&T has never said exactly when it'll be flipping the switch on its 4G LTE network, only giving a vague "mid-2011" launch window. If a new rumor holds true, though, we could be just a hair over a month away from it all going down. A "trusted source" speaking with IntoMobile is claiming that AT&T's LTE network will be going live in New York City on Thursday, June 30th, with a Los Angeles launch to follow nearly a month later on July 24th.

Despite the fact that we'll probably only see LTE USB modems and similar devices launch alongside AT&T's LTE network, it'll still be exciting to see another carrier roll out an LTE network. This is especially true since it'll be AT&T that's rolling it out, a carrier that's been catching a lot of flak lately for, as my buddy Evan put it, "ruining 4G." We'll be keeping a close eye on this situation in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

Via IntoMobile

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"Will AT&T's LTE be better than Verizon's?"

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Chris Montana AT&T Is Not A Company That Brings Competition!
Gerardo Ortega http://www.goingwimax.com/sprint-wimax-alive-and-well-12892/
Gerardo Ortega http://www.goingwimax.com/sprint-wimax-alive-and-well-12892/
Gerardo Ortega Wimax 2 is going to better than both of them put together. Just Google Wimax 2.
Prabhath Jay don't know.. im not is US.. but both of these are better than the shitty services here..
Pete Simon In other words no. Probably cost more too.
Pete Simon ATT is crooked as a barrel of snakes. T-Mobile customers better grab ur ankles cause it won't be long.
Eric Kroh No way!..there are good reasons why Verizon's network is pricier..though it's sales tax that makes em pricier..november 2011 my contract I done..can't wait..late July 4G in los angeles..but I'm not going to a 4G device for 2 more yrs..tmo buyout will be raising our rates..not good.
Malcom Buckhannon Dude wtf cricket is no way in hell better then any REAL phone company .. cricket is a joke
Jabin George Not sure. The need to step up their games really to compete with each carriers. Every one has different promises.
Michael Milkiewicz Happy with my Tmo internet
Cyr Parlapiano thought they had 4g .. guess that 4g added to new phone names is bs.. lte is the way to go. sprint and cox communication wireless getting lte. better? maybe. but 4g isnt here yet 20mbps should be min
Armando Sanchez hope its not as spotty
Brandon Joyce I hope so
Ben Bartholomew I love how all of you eat up this marketing hype. True 4g does not exist yet
Jeremy Stewart I guarantee AT&T will be better! You can't just say Verizon is better just because you have them..... If some folks knew at&t's operation they would speak differently gsm really is an awesome thing
Yasir Sohail There is no real 4G yet.
Jacob Brown 4g LTE is OVERRATED!!!
Anonymous Hell no!! Verizon FTW!!!!! :D
Rocky P. W. Watts You can put lipstick on a pig.......
Michael Fuentes I would say Verizon cause ATT is still improving their spotty coverage. Verizon is expensive but like all cell phone companies you get what you pay for
Edd Yee is metropcs lte 4g any good?
David Caglia No but both will be capped!
Justin Charles Reback Only time will tell. AT&T need to deliver on their "97% of the country" being covered by their LTE network line for me to make judgment. They also need to give people unlimited use of it in some way. Ball is in their court.
Luis Nuno No Verizon has better coverage!!
Mustafa Sidiqee I highly doubt it
Joe Jones Lol no. They are months if not years behind already. Again.
Lorenz Angelo Barcelona Um i dont understand why everyone is hating on hspa+? It may not be as good as lte but on T-Mobile in Nashville, i get 10mbps download speeds constantly.
Diogenes Jimenez No one knows for sure. They haven't released any details on their future LTE network, so it's up in the air. With that said, while AT&T "had" the fastest 3g network, it was also spotty and unreliable.
Tim Fuhrmann I hope to god its worse than wimax
Audrey O'Donnell Hahahahahahahahaaa... oh wait. Was this a real question?
John Cruz Verizon is the best
GladisnFidel Jose Yes it will. Especially if the T Mobile deal goes thru and they get all that spectrum.
Danu Carrión Perales Lol AT&T's LTE will be just like their HSPA+, A RIP OFF!!
Tommy Klein I hope
Marti Ruiz both suck
Toan Tran Probally with speed but not reliability.
Israel Leiva Yes. But not when you are in a building or under a tree. GSM is crap. LOL
Julius Mawoussi Yes its AT&T.
Andrew Veale AT&T sucks at everything else, so if that is a pretense for the future then no.
Jesse James Castro Eh probably similar
Sunny Patel Don't like either of them, I want to stick with tmobile
Anonymous Yeah my friends iPhone 3G on AT&T loads faster than my iPhone 4 and HTC thunderbolt on Verizon. Why? Lol
Edgar Llama poop :D
Rico Woods All this talk bout 4g but if u just expand 3g coverage more better why wud need 4g on the go 3g wrks very well most people. Anyways has wifi at home 4g iz nice to bring though vut ur battery iz goin to die all networks need master 3g first...4g onlu makes prices go up???!!
Neel Basra The HSPA+ is trash though.
Neel Basra Hell yeah it will.
Zakari Ghachi Hell no at&t sucks
Kevin Pizana Well att will still leave their rural customers out since they are just like sprint thinking people live in cities and don't build their networks out as far out as we live and with vzw we have 3g...and rural lte by the time my next contract is up...so no, verizon lte is better and will always be better...
Naj Khan both r crap
Matt Weber There 3G is. so there lte will probably be too
Tony Abiama Of course it will.
Jesus Macias Yep!!!!!!
Tim Gruber I'll just stick with us cellular. they're rolling out lte in 24 markets by christmas and I like them as a company
Eric Mitchell Same speed?
Gabriel Fernandez @Michael: Lmao @ more reliable. Yeah.. definitely.. cause they didn't just have a major nationwide 4G blackout awhile back.. and they're not still trying to recover from that..
Sochit Jovovich People are sooo stupid, they always insult At&t, almost all my family has At&t, and they are greattt. Amazing Customer service and great connection, my 3g smart phone is really fast
Javier Trejo Well sum how metropcs has LTE but ATT don't so.. They have to get LTE! Or else they just suck
Karlton Sadang no.verizon is doing fine right where they are. big reds signal strength is strong...if the deal for at&t goes through,blue will get more towers and get better signal strength but will not b as strong as red.
Miguel Gonzalez If the merger goes through then it might be.
Jen Gonzalez Nope! Verizon Rules The Air! So what's 4G to AT&T then when they say they have 4G already but they're switching to LTE. Someone explain :)
Michael Mcdaniel AT&T may have a faster data speed but Verizon is way more reliable I will take a little slower speeds and awesome reliability than have faster speeds
Simon Yu @Zeeshawn.. fail, they have WiMax.. and At&t's probably will be better since LTE is meant to be built on top of a GSM network not CDMA so I imagine the handoff to be much better.. but being that this is At&t they'll probably charge the hell out of you.
Gabriel Fernandez I would say "I don't know" because AT&T has yet to deploy LTE for anyone to say "yes or no".
Brad Freeman Lte will be better in the long run but hspa+ is better now. And supposedly att will have lte near the end of the year so yes it will be better but as for now neither really exist on any network
Gabriel Fernandez Sprint doesn't use LTE, dip shit.
Zeeshawn Abid Sprints is best
Brandon Mims Hahaha forgetAt&t's LTE has anyone used their HSPA+ yet?
OG Gang Ugh then Ill need to sell my ATRIX (4G)
Jared JD Scott thank you Mitch cause there hspa+ network is trash too
Ernesto Moreno I highly doubt it.
Victor Rios Cricket is better than Verizon LMAO
Junii Abtz Lol nope.!!
Kenneth Torres Yes because ATT will have LTE and HSPA+, things are better in time.
Michael Perez Att is ok
Francisco Willmore Not anytime soon i dont think
Mitch Dague Att is and always will be horrible
David Mendez Fuck no
James Thomas Bowman Probably. Verizon sucks.. But im stuck with them haha

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