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It seems like so much has changed since my last Top 5 list and yet there are still several new phones right around the corner. Nevertheless, with all these new Android releases, I couldn't help but debut a new Top 5 Android list.

The Nexus S got bumped up to 4G, the much-hyped G2x was released as well as HTC's follow-up to the Incredible, and AT&T got its own version of the Thunderbolt, the Inspire 4G. It has been a busy month and that means that there are plenty of new choices if you're shopping for a new Android phone. Which one is the best? Well, this is my list. Not everyone will agree with me, but after examining spec sheet after spec sheet, here are my top 5 Android smartphones for the month of May.


1. T-Mobile G2X (T-Mobile)

The G2X is being hailed by bloggers as the best Android phone currently available and it's easy to see why. With its dual-core Tegra 2 processor, 8-megapixel camera that's capable of capturing full 1080p HD video, and super-fast HSPA+ speeds, the G2X is a no-brainer. The stock build of Android 2.2 is sure to please the Android purists and it adds to the phone's overall speed. If you're on T-Mobile, the G2X is THE phone to get. Heck, even if you're not on T-Mobile, you may want to consider getting it and switching carriers.


2. HTC Thunderbolt / Inspire 4G (Verizon/AT&T)

HTC has a reputation for making some of the best smartphones on the market and the Thunderbolt is their current creme de la creme. Its lightning-fast (get it, lighting, Thunderbolt?) next-generation Snapdragon CPU and Adreno GPU give this phone some serious power. Not only that, but it ships with Sense 2.0, a newer version of the most popular UI around, on top of Android 2.2 and, of course, supports 4G LTE speeds. (Never mind the fact that the 4G capabilities means this phone has terrible battery life.) The phone is fast, the network is fast, and HTC seems to shell out OS updates pretty fast so the Thunderbolt is definitely a hot phone right now.

For those on AT&T, check the Thunderbolt's sibling, the Inspire.


3. Motorola Atrix 4G (AT&T)

I give the Atrix a hard time because I generally don't like Motorola-built phones and I can't stand the UI that Moto has created; however, that being said, the Atrix is a beast of a phone and not everyone will be repulsed by MOTOBLUR. The Atrix's 4-inch qHD display, 1 GHz Nvidia Tegra 2 dual-core processor, and 4G speeds are features to envy if you have any other phone (besides the two phone above this one, of course). It also ships with Android 2.2 and has a front-facing camera, a feature that seems to be standard these days.


4. Samsung Nexus S 4G (Sprint)

When the Nexus S first came out, one of the few qualms I had with it was the lack of 4G. Well, Google seems to have heard my cries and released an updated version of its flagship phone with 4G connectivity. This version is currently only available on Sprint so you GSM folks won't be able to enjoy the 4G goodness. I still wish it had a better camera, but it packs the powerful punch of Samsung's Hummingbird processor and it features that beautiful 4-inch Super AMOLED display. Oh yeah, and it's also one of the few phones to have Android 2.3.

Hopefully Google will release a GSM version of this 4G variant, but for now it's CDMA and WiMAX only.


5. T-Mobile myTouch 4G

The fact that the myTouch 4G is still on this list is a testament to how great it is. True, as newer phones come out, the myTouch will slowly be shuffled further and further down the list, but that doesn't mean it has lost its charm. The next-generation Snapdragon processor is still faster than ever and the custom version of Sense over Android 2.2 never gets old. Sure, the UI isn't for everyone, but it's one that I personally enjoy. On top of that, the myTouch 4G ships with a 5-megapixel camera that captures HD video and was one of the first phones to have a front-facing camera. This phone is still amazing and, in my book, still earns a spot on a top 5 list.

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Dylan Vella Finally Number 1-HTC SENSATION
Dylan Vella Number 2-HTC iNCREDIBLE S
Dylan Vella Number 4-HTC DESIRE
Dylan Vella Number 5-HTC WILDFIRE
Jacob Gorensteyn That is the list from a couple of months ago. Now it should be: 1 Samsung Galaxy S2 (out in Europe) 2 HTC sensation / Evo 3D 3 G2x 4 Charge / Infuse 5 SE Arc
Khaled Shunnar the best android phone is the iPhone..
Randy Wardle G2x....best phone I've seen in years...can't wait to get mine...
J Litz Van I agree with it. I also believe, if your battery lasts you 3 hours. Then you need to get a life & get off your phone. I took my inspire off the charger at 11am today & I went to work, talked & texted on lunch & I still have half a battery left. That's right, almost 13 hours later & still half a battery. That's a user problem, not a phone problem.
Alberto Alicea Nope Samsung epic 4g still one of the best android smart phones.
Joernie Berrios The Samsung Vibrant its pretty good...bad part is 3g..:-(
Gainaako Munyal No I don't agree with her list
Heath Maddox HTC Thunderbolt HAS 2 one gig processors... how do you think we are able to.do voice and data on 3g, not just 4g. One for (rev a) voice and one for data
Jaime Andrade Don't know what they are
Darren Tyrrell My list (phones available now) G2x, Atrix, Nexus S, Evo, Nexus One.
Lamont Johnson I'm second on list!!
Vrishank Jaiswal @Greg really? The EVO??? That POS is one of the worst Android phones I have ever used.
Rickyo ODaniell She got 2 out of 5...
Lau Nielsen Since I dont have the cash to get all of the phones out there, cant really argue. But I do like my HTC Desire HD.
Ed Covert As much as I would like to see my trusted G2 on that list I really can't argue against it at all.
Jesse James Castro Will further drain the battery
Mike Mota I love how alot of people think this is a definitive list. This is simply her views. If you don't agree that's fun, but don't be rude. You guys sound like pricks
Jesse James Castro See a cars main purpose is to get you from point a to point b so by your logic all the top cars would be fuel sipping econoboxes and lambos and ferraris are crap but I get u like your phones to last a day or more but any phone brand that puts out a 4.3 inch screen and LTE running will need a big battery which will bulk up the phone...not to mention adding a dualcore
Robert Centennial Have I mentioned that the thunderbolts battery life sucks
Robert Centennial im ok with the list except for the tiny thunderbolt battery
Justin Rodriguez Wheres the lg optimus s!?
Darryl Mouzone The list is okay but everybody is going to have a different opinion on which phone should be placed where on this list.
Robert Centennial Its the worst smartphone on the market. I would take that dual screen kyocera junk before I used a thunderbolt
Robert Centennial Thunderbolt has one processor and a tiny battery
Mohamed Ahmed There is a link, just click "Read Full Article"
Heath Maddox Thunderbolt and inspire 4G are not even close to being the same. They should bump attrix off the list. Tb has 2- 1 gig processors not a dual core 1.2
Angel Miguel Peguero Samsung charge infuse evo are not on the list but it doesn't matter too many great smartphones
Tony Abiama Lol @ HTC Evo 4G should be #1. Hell I agree... I love my Evo!
Heath Maddox G2x has over 50 percent return rate. And dual core means nothing without a Google platform that supports it.
Brian Nelson @devlin I have the droid x and I love it, but it doesn't have 4g connectivity and its single core so I don't think it should be up there
Heath Maddox Droid Incredible 2.... By far the best 3g Android device to date. I get 2days on a full charge too and the best looking device on the market
Jesse James Castro Dude they sell extended batts for other phones as well I get a good 12 hours outta my thunderbolt and that's with high moderate use.
Robert Centennial 1. SGS2, Infuse, Arc, atrix, then G2X
Devlin Robear No. Droid X should be on the list.....
Robert Centennial If the thunderbolt had good battery life they wouldn't offer the hunchback battery
Prafull Arora HTC evo 3D/4G should be in the list ..
Jeremy Stewart Yeah I would say Sydney is pretty much spot on
Matt Phillippi Does anybody who is dogging (see what I did there?) on the Tunderbolt even own one? I get a full day every day. Only one time did I have to charge it mid-day and that was only after a 2hour skype with video call.
Jacob William Conner SAMSUNG INFUSE 4G!!!!!
Robert Centennial I say again any phone with a 3 hour battery life defeats the purpose of a wireless phone. Any phone no matter what carrier or brand period.
Josh Wood nope htc evo should be number 1
Greg Ofive Nichols Hek no... They really didn't put the samsung epic 4g or the evo
Oscar Zeon Dominguez Yes good job sister !
Jarrett Hahn @carmen any 4g android device has had issues with battery. from the evo to the upcoming charge and the new g2x. list is alright. not anything shocking
Nate Peters Lol so true what does anyone at phone dog really know anyways?
Robert Centennial She's wrong with the thunderbolt. A 3 hour battery should get you punted from any list.
Zohaib Iqbal Wtf does Sydney know? She reviews feature phones..
Curt Popejoy a link would be nice. kthanxbye
Kri Orbito Where? Can't see it

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