Application jealousy is something that everyone suffers from at some point or another. No matter which platform you find yourself on, there’s probably one application (or more) that your friends have on another platform, but you don’t. Or, perhaps one application has better functionality than the one you have. Whatever the case, one application in particular has been missing from Android for quite some time now, considering how long it’s been available on another. Netflix has been one app that many have been clamoring for, and after what seems like an excruciating wait, the movie and television show streaming app is finally here. But, there’s a bump in the road right out of the gate.

Netflix has already been available for Apple’s iOS platform for a little while now. And right after the launch of Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7, it was available there, too. But, despite the massive popularity of Android, the application was mysteriously absent from the mobile OS. Rumors about the app landing on the operating system had been coming for quite some time; all suggesting it was “coming soon.” Not soon enough for some people, but luckily the wait is finally over. That is, if you’ve got yourself a device that supports the app.

As it turns out, Netflix launched the application but it’s not supported by Android as a whole. Instead, it’s only compatible with a few devices right from the start. Five, to be exact: HTC Nexus One, HTC Droid Incredible, T-Mobile G2, the Nexus S, and the HTC EVO 4G. Technically it’s six, if you consider the Nexus S 4G to be a different device (not many would, I suspect). In any event, if you don’t have one of these handsets then you won’t be streaming any movies right now. Not from Netflix, anyway.

The company says that a few obstacles are keeping them from getting the app running on other devices, but that they’ll be overcome in the coming months. However, instead of saying that the app will work on all Android devices (on a compatible version of the OS), Netflix just says that the app will work “on a large majority of Android phones.” This probably means that the major handsets, like the HTC Sensation 4G and any number of high-end Android-based devices coming down the pipe, will get Android, but that there will probably be many devices out there that won’t catch the Netflix bus.

I’ve got to ask why tablets aren’t supported right now. How is it that a media device like a tablet, such as Motorola’s XOOM or any one of the other Android tablets out there, isn’t supported? It would seem to me that getting Netflix on those tablets would be a high priority, considering their market presence and larger screens. Even just slipping one tablet device in there would go a long way, in my opinion.

The fact that Netflix is available on Android now, after such a long wait, probably means that many people wouldn’t consider the launch a bust. However, the fact that so many devices aren’t supported, and that Netflix is saying it could still be a few more months before new devices are brought into the fold, I don’t think it would be too far off to say that it came with a whimper, rather than a bang. But what do you think of Netflix’s launch? Better late than never? Or should Netflix have waited to make sure more devices were supported before bringing it to the public? Let me know in the comments below.

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"Was the Netflix launch for Android a bust?"

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Lance Warnick Works great on my Incredible
Nicholas Ether Nope! Huge success!! I have been waiting for this! Even upgraded to the buggy leaked gingerbread for my epic because it was the only way to get Netflix to work!
Dennis Caunce Ring the bell, I'm on the bus (evo)
Berry Bryant Works perfect on my Nexus One
David Ray Haven't seen the full netflix app like for iphone. Just q manager
Flako Ramirez No thunserbolt love blah
Tony Abiama Working fine on my Evo running custom sense ROM
Robin Mather Works wonderful on my EVO!
Scott Threet Sr. thunderbolt nope when
Jim Mccoy I love it but my wife is pissed because she got the epic instead if the evo.
Gerardo Ortega I got Netflix on my EVO and is working great.
Jose F. Barbosa MAZIN the TROLL
Christopher Pena I don't understand how Android equals cheap people?
Jose F. Barbosa TROLL ALERT and it's name is Mazin - go sawk Jobs again ok
Mazin Nasir Every thing on android sucks. iOS is waaay better. Android I'd for cheap ppl
Lily Maua why is this even a question? it'll be awesome once it reaches more phones but for now it is what it is.
Daniel Ricany They need to make it compatible with the inspire 4g
Cindi Harrington Gosh no, in fact Im watching Ken Burns "War" on my EVO as I type this and do some art work. Ive been waiting for it.
Jon Jerico Calanio I am aware that even a Nexus One should be able to support this. Just edit the build.prop file on your device and it should work like gravy.
Francis San Pedro "older phone" as in released last month, so sucks for you, now upgrade.
Matt Bolton I awaiting a tablet version to be released. I my tablet has the same chip as the IPAD so I know they could code it for the android tablets using this chip. Archos 101T.
Mindy Gonzales Wish I could get it on my rooted galaxy s
Christopher Pena A bust? Not by a long shot, Netflix already addressed this, people have to be patient. Sorry if you got an older phone, sucks to be you, maybe it's time to upgrade and HTC phones all DAY ERRDAY
Jorge Hugo Galindo Works great on my EVO I get full 3g and 4G service in my area and it worked great.
Carol Conway Fleisher I have cm7 and Netflix is working great on mine
Josh Ward Yep ne thing android is a bust call me a damn apple fan boy fuck android
Carol Conway Fleisher Nope. I love having Netflix on my Evo :)
James Jamison Turn my account off due to this. Hulu is better anyways!
Patrick Bishop No netflix for mytouch 4g. Wtf netflix. I cant watch on my phone but I can on my dusty ipod touch 1st gen. This is bull $#/¥
Calvin Hilltop Need some polish to make it smoooth.
David Klein No amazing
Jamie Rivera I was going to get an iPad 2, but decided on the Asus Eee Transformer hoping that it would support Netflix, but it sucks having to wait and see if it will ever port over.
Zach Cline I didn't know it got released.
Douglas J Kmiotek Only if you have an iPhone, blackberry, or windows phone.
Tim Nix No issues o iPhone
Jesse James Castro I have a thunderbolt so I can't get the app yet but i have no problem waiting a little longer
Dominique D Barr Not at all I love my Evo even more
Jair Arango Im loving it working on my g2x!!
Steven Crisostomo not if you have an evo
Francis San Pedro Bust since it can only run on a select number of android devices.
Martin Estrada works fine on evo 4g
Larry Smith Jr. guess so. myself and a few other didn't hear about it.
Brian Watkins Well if you have a rooted g2 running gingerbread or some other custom firmware it wont work
Mike Jackson No mt4g so IMO bust
Anonymous Until it works on the mt4g or gx2 its thumbs down, hope out comes soon!
Brandon Ethington Love it. It isn't a bust just new
Mike Jackson Don't see it in the market. Will it work on mt4g?
Rebecca Raven I have an EVO 4G so the answer is no! I watched a great Nova episode in bed this morning while the DH slept...very nice!
Taylor Martin If you modify your build.prop file to list one of the supported devices, it should work.
Justin Medina I can't find it on the market its been released right???
Ricky Blazemasters Works fine on my evo
Scott Rager Needs thunderbolt support
Patrick Taylor LOVING IT!!!!
Lou Echevarria It's bs how do they not have it for the best Android phone the HTC thunderbolt
Jon Jerico Calanio Gingerbread? I'm running one on my Desire HD. Gotta love CyanogenMod. :)
Eddie Velasquez Android+netflix =happiness:)
Chris Hagood NOPE! Its working awesomely on my OG Droid!
Carlos Chee Not if you know how to change the build.prop. I'm using it on a G2x running Gingerbread. =)
Bobby Phang i had some sound issues with a movie or two, other than that it works great. but i thought they should waited a bit longer to get it on more phones.
Nicholas Sova Lesson learned... buy Google Nexus only
Steve Williams fail...it only works w gingerbread...what 4% of android phones have it?
Shawn Gallo Bust for those of us with an unsupported phone. Good stuff for those that can use it though. I'm hoping they add support for the T-mobile Vibrant. In the mean time I am happy for those that are able to use it.
Brian Richards It was stupid of them to piss me off by putting out an android app and leave out me 2 month old device. I had nothing but good feelings for netflix before this. Now I'm bitter.
Jon Jerico Calanio Netflix is bound to be ported into other devices.
Christopher Wesley No. It works just fine on my evo but over WiFi though.
Roman Vinsonhaler I've had it for a while on my iPhone 4. Can't believe Android just got it. Finally.
Jessica Reese Shook not a bust for me and my evo ;) even my 3 year old said, 'you mean i dont have to watch netflix on that bad ipod anymore?'
Aaron Couts It was a waste in my opinion unless they are just testing the waters. Which is still a joke 5 phones come on now!! There are many other phones capable of running netflix.
Fernando Herrera Took some time on my G2 because I was running a CM7 build that didn't make the app functional but after finding my old release candidates got it up and running and enjoying some good Roddy Piper action right now with "They Live"
Jerimiah Reece Still not available on the Honeycomb (Tablets), which is bunk if you ask me. I'd be much more likely to watch a Netflix movie on my Tablet than on a 3-4" phone.
Jeremy Lucy I literally just switched from the iPhone to the Android system and Netflix couldn't have come at a better time !
Mark Gittens I don't think so I have a G2 and downloaded it and it works just fine!
Nathan Parks not for me. but for netflix it is. i'll be canceling my netflix because of this
Everett C W Byrd Haters gonna hate.
Ryan DeClue Complete success on my Evo 4G... except for some pretty serious video quality issues.... I am sure Netflix will hammer those out soon enough though.
Christian Carlos Falu No, because I haz EVO 4G w unlimited data =P
Mike Grace @Chris Manning ummm CM7, netflix works like a charm on my EVO. i'll just go ahead and keep enjoying those extra features too ;)
Audrey O'Donnell They have one?!?
Johnny Torres Only works on phones that no one has ....
Mario Sauceda I'm running rooted nexus 1 with miui latest beta ..works fine over here
Chris Manning All the CM7 people are pissed. But those of us that are fine with our phones the way they are are enjoying Netflix on our Androids!
Aaron Blain nope its a success, I watched an entire movie on tmobile 3g with no buffering.
Scott Kurtz I hope the G2X is on the list.
John Carbone Not a bust for me, as I have an Evo 4G ... I would be fuming though if I had an unsupported device. Hoping it will be available to everyone soon!
Rudy Adams No, y would it b? It works.
Alex Jarvis Doesn't work on my G2 with CM7.
Kyle Cox Totally a bust. drm is the bane of my media expirience.
Dan Jones Depends. I have a stock G2 and Nexus One. Both have the app and work great. But I also have a galaxy tab and an EVO 4G. Not available on the Tab and thr EVO is horrible. So slow.
Adam Behrens Got the apk won't play on rooted mt4g
Joseph DiPierno They needs a quicker development phase so they can add more devices
Abram Wewillnevermeet Dennis But for some reason it still won't play youtube
French Twist oh I forgot about that. Watching movies on my phone .... hmmm... it's a little small but OK :)
Chris Kerney My incredible is now complete!
Abram Wewillnevermeet Dennis Watched child's play on my evo earlier.
Danny Sanchez :( Missing my Nexus One a little more now. Netflix wont work on my Vibrant with cm7
Tim Melo nope!!!
Michael Major Nope. I am loving this app.

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