Red HTC Inspire 4G, purple EVO Shift 4G coming to RadioShack?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| May 17, 2011

Red HTC Inspire 4G

Getting tired of seeing the same old black slab smartphone lining your favorite carrier's shelves? Then you may want to keep an eye out at your local RadioShack, as the folks have Engadget are reporting that customers on AT&T and Sprint will soon have colorful new options when it comes to picking up a new handset. AT&T subscribers will have the chance to pick up a red HTC Inspire 4G, pictured above, while folks on Sprint will allegedly be able to grab a purple HTC EVO Shift 4G.

Smartphones that come in colors other than black or silver can often be pretty polarizing, especially when they're available in hues like red and purple, but it's always good to see more options available to the consumer, especially considering how personal cell phones can be. There's no word on when the eye-catching new Inspire and EVO Shift will launch or how much they'll cost when they do, but we'll keep you updated.

Via Engadget

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