After a few issues with UPS, I picked up the Motorola DROID X2 late Friday evening.  While it's not a major revision from the original (and wildly popular) device, the DROID X2 adds some necessary improvements like an NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor and a revamped version of Motorola's MOTOBLUR user interface.  Available online now, it launches in retail locations on Thursday for $199.99 with a two-year agreement.

I've spent the weekend with the DROID X2, and have a few first impressions:

  • Cosmetically, it's identical to the original phone, save for the exclusion of the camera button and red "DROID X2" branding on the battery cover.  You'll see the HDMI and microUSB ports on the left side, the volume rocker on the right side, and the 3.5mm headphone jack and power button on the top.  Included with the device is an AC adapter module, USB cable, 8 GB microSD card, and instruction manuals.

  • The DROID X2 substitutes the single-core TI OMAP CPU for a 1 GHz NVIDIA Tegra 2 dual-core processor, and as you would imagine, there's a noticeable speed difference.  Whether it's browsing through the app drawer, switching back and forth between applications, or watching movies, the phone handles everything with ease.
  • While DROID X2 retains the 4.3-inch screen, there's a noticeable difference between the DROID X's display and the X2's qHD display.  Colors are richer and images pop, though I see quite a bit of pixelation.

  • DROID X2 ships with Android 2.2, though it's listed as "upgradeable to Android 2.3."  It's also rocking a new version of MOTOBLUR, and so far, I like it.  It's no comparison to competing - and in my opinion, more sussed out - user interfaces like HTC Sense and Samsung's TouchWiz 4.0, but it provides some nifty new features that I'm sure some customers will like.  The blue color scheme makes it look better, and the ability to group apps in folders within the app drawer is a nice touch.  The app drawer area consists of a dock with four icons, three of which can be replaced (the "menu" button being the only one that can't).
  • Battery life has been decent, though I've noticed that my battery life indicators don't keep up with the system's battery reading.  I would attribute it to Motorola's method of dropping the battery in increments of 10 percentage points, but I never had the issue with the DROID X.

  • Signal strength, on the other hand, has been absolutely phenomenal.  I'm still gathering data, but so far, the DROID X2 performs better than other Verizon devices I've worked with in recent memory.  Motorola has always performed well in the RF department so I wasn't particularly surprised, but it's impressive nonetheless.
  • DROID X2 is a 3G-only device, so you won't be surfing on the carrier's super fast 4G LTE network.  Still, network speeds were surprisingly fast given my past experiences with Verizon's 3G network.  Download speeds have been between 1.1 Mbps and 1.5 Mbps, and upload speeds have hovered between 0.5 Mbps and 0.8 Mbps.  Those numbers pale in comparison to the wild results that have characterized Verizon 4G as of late, but data connectivity so far has been better than other 3G devices in Verizon's lineup.

More to come.  In the meantime, check out the unboxing below!

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"Is the Motorola DROID X2 the best 3G Android phone on the market?"

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Joseph Shaia Droid Incredible 2
Wendy Lindop Wish we could get it in the UK. Looks like a really good device.
Eric Kroh its 3G..ugh..why is vzw going 3g-4g completely in 2013??..says the CEO
Cody Sulouff Why in the hell is it 3G?
David Harness Maybe. It does have the best specs of any 3G smartphone because all the carriers make the dual-core Tegra 2 phones 4G but on the other hand phones like the Droid Incredible 2 and Samsung Fascinate are very good for being a single-core device.
Mike Chiou Not even close....
Evan Pilkington The OG HTC Incredible is still the best phone out there.
David Castaneda it they made it 4g and put a front camera, then maybe.... Don't know why they didn't do it in the first place...
David Hilgendorf If ppl could learn to read it states is the dx2 the best 3g android device available. Not the thunderbolt cause that's 4g and not iphone cause that's not apple. So with that being said yes it is the best 3g phone available. I love my X but the x2 is MUCH better with that duel core and screen resolution
DK Brothers No, not by a long shot!
David Arellano And the Charge is nothing compared to SGS2. No other phone is so far. That's not fanboy-ism. That is fact
Oscar Zavala Heck yea it is!!
Jeffrey Hobbs Tyler: the droid charge is 4g
Jorge Hugo Galindo Droid x is a trash phone MOTO plain out sucks. For android its either Samsung or HTC nuff said.
Tyler Hassett Droid Charge is best in my opinion.
Travis Jupitar Lame fuck 3g we are passed that
Fonzy Paniagua People need to stop naming 4g phones it clearly says 3g not 4g!!! G2x is 4g and so is thunderbolt
Malcom Buckhannon Yea droid x 1 hands down is! Just waiting for gingerbread.
Mick de Raad Let's just wait for a quad core phone.
Shawn Capehart I haven't felt like any 3g phone is worth upgrading from my N1. As far as 4g, I'm looking long and hard at my wife's g2x, it's pretty bad ass, froyo notwithstanding.
Fonzy Paniagua It's the only 3g phone with a dual core that i know of so yes it is the best 3g phone on the market
Radit Nopcharoenwong @O.g.- I didnt either!
James Gustavo Hidalgo G2x enough said...iphone4? ..that's a toy phone next to the g2x
Darryl Mouzone It all depends on what the person likes. I have said this before and I'll say this again: buy whatever phone you want. Fuck all the fanboys with their biased comments. Android and Apple fanboys. Fuck 'em. To get all worked up over a phone like that shows you don't have much going on in your life. I'm done.
Thomas Tenkely Is the deuce I dropped after $0.39 taco night the best evaaaar?!?!?
French Twist Could be, but I'm still happy with my original EVO so I don't know. Just because they keep cranking them out every 2 months doesn't mean the devices we already own are no good.
Stephen Wagner Nothing Motorola can ever be the best.
Devlin Robear No, my original Droid X is....
Tony Garris No way
Michael F. Ainabe I didn't know that the iPhone 4 was running Android...
Jan Michael Cruz i love trolls
Pavan Aripakula Lol @ Lau.. agree xD
Lau Nielsen Seeing all of these random "iphone 4!11!!1" jerks makes me wanna puke
Scott Schumacher iPhone 4 the best
Cesar Macareno dual core.. it gotta be.. :)
Steve Hartsock "that's all 'I' care about...." That's what's wrong with you people today. Selfishness.
Timothy Deshay Im Not giving in arm and a leg for 4 g phone because the price on the thunderbolt is ridiculous. But I could get over the droid x 2. Not being 4g IF IT DIDN'T LOOK THE SAME I MEAN COME ON TAKE THE FREAKING CAMERA HUMP OFF! nobody wants that.
Jan Michael Cruz @steve as long as 4G works for me, thats all i care bout. handle the truth steve
Taylor Jones iPhone 4;)
Hansel Starley That's the same as the Milestone X?
George Deleija Naah the thunderbolt has it beat
Nick Kalman Wp7 all the way!!!
Patrick Fjaestad Fast i love my o2x and for me is it the best phone ever!
Matt Bourdette Who cares about 3G anymore? Lol
Zach Cline @ryan Agreed.
Steve Hartsock 4G is a non-issue. Not enough 4G in the U.S. to justify a 4G device. Get over yourself Jan.
Niall Beagan clearly not
Jan Michael Cruz once you go 4G, you never go back to 3G. pathetic

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