Ever since iOS was first introduced, it has been considered the most smooth and polished mobile platform of them all. While that is certainly hard to contest, iOS does have its rough spots. What was once believed to be the most functional phone on the market is aging quickly as the ever-popular Android continually boasts its magnificent home screen features.

Rumors of what the iOS 5 update will hold have been circulating for months now. The word on the street is that Apple will be overhauling their notification system, changing the way multitasking is done, and adding home screen features like widgets in the pending update.

Naturally, people have taken stabs at how they believe these changes will look. The notification hacks have been available for months in Cydia and to put it bluntly, anything is better than Apple's current method. There are also some alternate methods of multitasking available, if you've been so brave as to jailbreak. And while some of these alternate methods are cool to show off, they seem to be a little laggy, battery killers, or no better than the current method.

More recently, however, people have tried their hand at putting a face to the most current rumor. Widgets are nothing new to the mobile realm, but to iOS users, they are something many have only dreamed of having mixed in with their hundreds of app icons and neatly organized folders.

Before a flame war begins in the comments section below, I will note that Android was not the first to create widgets, they were simply the first to utilize them on a mobile platform. Mac OS X has had widgets for quite a some time now. So for once, let's try not to play "who had it first" or say anyone is "copying" someone else, and let us embrace the thought that iOS may be getting a facelift soon.

The first approach comes from Jan-Michael Cart (click the link for videos), a graphic designer with a unique but not too far-fetched idea. Well, two ideas, actually. Cart's first method is a Lion-styled dashboard that leaves the application and folder pages alone and separately manages widgets on "dashboard" pages. The spotlight page is replaced by widget pages, which can be added by tapping a button beside the search bar. The second method is probably more logical as widgets, applications and folders are all managed together. To add a widget, you simply scroll to the spotlight page and place the widget on the desired home screen. Quick and simple.

The second concept comes from Federico Bianco, who thinks the iOS widgets will take after their OS X brethren. Nothing is said about how the widgets will be added, but he believes they will be used alongside applications and folders, much like Cart's concept. What's truly different about Bianco's idea is that he also believes changes will be brought to the lock screen and photo application, making them much more functional.

Both concepts look ultra smooth and I could definitely see Apple's implementation favoring one – or both. In all honesty, I don't know how they could do it any different. That said, these concepts don't deviate too far from the path and didn't require a whole lot of thinking outside the box. I wouldn't underestimate Apple here; they're long past due for a major update – one that fixes the more torn and ragged aspects of the platform. So I'm almost positive they will come out with guns a-blazin'.

What say you? Will Apple default to the obvious widget implementation, or will they blindside us with an off the wall method? Do you think other aspects (aside from notifications, multitasking and widgets) need overhauling?

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"How will Apple implement widgets in iOS 5?"

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Dae Hwan Kim @AJ apple should jus stick with improving their app jukebox style products. thats been the signature style of apple products.of recent they've trying to implement into their OS everything android already had. great example, iOS' pathetic attempt to implement "multitasking" apples playing catchup right now
Rajinder Brownbear Mahay apple goes android!!! guess Steve jobs was right about it being the "year of the copycats!"
Dwight L. Burton Bahaha! Fucking apple.
Ben Broyles IPhone blows! Who wants their app drawer open and on your screen all the time? That would piss me of something terrible. Haveing all your icons across your screen all the time who actually likes that?
Darryl Mouzone I hate it when PhoneDog asks questions like this because it brings out all the people blinded by their phones and they say their immature comments. Get a life and stop bashing Android or iOS for that matter. Seriously.
Justin Dwyer They been copying off of Android since Android was first released on the G1!!! Pathetic!!!
James Matthews Windows Phone 7 is the most smooth and polished mobile platform.
Dan Rodriguez haha if you cant beat em, steal from em
Jose Hernandez Why does phonedog even bother asking these types of questions? This is just stupid NO they will not start to use widgets we know, they know end of fucken story.
Fonzy Paniagua Apple needs to stick with what they know best and that's simplicity if people want customization get an android if they want simplicity get an iPhone.
Luciano Ace Escobedo Somebody got a nerve pinched cough! Anh tuan le cough! Lmao wat a apple fag boy Droid doez bitches
Gainaako Munyal Apple will still never get Adobe flash.
Anh-Tuan Le How dare you, Phonedog? Apple doesn't need to implement some archaic technology that other low level companies are doing. They're not "widgets"; they're "iDynamicScreenNotifiers". Get it straight, yo.
Breathless Tao No idea how they'll implement it, but I certainly and honestly hope they'll get their asses sued off by some competitors. Especially if they claim they shat widgets as well, which I think is very likely gonna happen.
Mark Navarro I hope they get sued.
Enrique BigPapi Martinez U sue samsung for copying your style yet your ios looks like htc sense listen apple and all u fanboys its called being hypocritical
Mario Sauceda Ios should just stay the way it is ...boring ..like boring people who only like one position in sex missionary position :p
Christian Carlos Falu Android > Apple
Alex After Buffalo The reason this is shitty is apple attacks everybody for "stealing" their ideas... And now look what they're doing... Pricks.
Jonathan Garcia Haha...apples OS should just stay as it is. It's meant for people that don't like things customized to their own liking. That's y their OS sucks. If they try and add widgets, then they'll just b trying to make their OS more like android since they finally realized that that is what people want, to have their phone set up the way they want, not like how Steve jobs wants everyone's phone to b.
Israel Leiva IOS is a dead horse. It needed to get revamped. Plug n Play is out. Customizing your desktop is in. Android always one upped Apple in that area.
Jose Sanchez ,apple can suk on ma ball sack
Gordon Christie You can change the way the widget looks on android too doesn't have to be the stock one
Hansel Starley Great not both will look even more of the same.
Orosz Dániel @Deahwan Kim: hahh. :D
Aj Green Like android never copied ios.
Dae Hwan Kim now i know they're jus copying off of android
Maximiliano Alessandri jaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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