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4G is all the rage.  Part marketing term, part new technology, it's available in some form at all four of the nationwide carriers.  But despite the heavy advertising, there are still some great 3G smartphones out there. 

The HTC Trophy is Verizon's first Windows Phone device, and another smartphone in their lineup that has global roaming capabilities.  At $149.99 with a two-year agreement, it's priced well given its feature set, and should be included in the mix for anyone trying to choose between one of Verizon's high-end 3G smartphones.

After a weekend of using it on the road, a few first impressions:

  • The HTC Trophy looks good.  The black plastic, combined with the red color tones behind the camera grille and chrome around the display, give it a premium feel.  The overall design closely resembles AT&T's HTC Surround, just without the external speaker.
  • Trophy has a 3.8-inch display, giving it substance without making it feel too big.  At 4.94 ounces, it fits into a pocket with ease, and the dimensions place it on par with Apple's iPhone 4.
  • It comes with the latest version of Windows Phone 7 that enables copy and paste, but beyond that, it's the same Windows Phone experience, with the usual apps like Microsoft Office, XBOX LIVE, HTC Hub, and Netflix.

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  • The 5-megapixel camera works really well, and as I've said in the past, I love how easy the app is to operate.  Images look nice, and having a physical camera button is a huge plus as well.  For those that love to shoot video, Trophy has 720p HD recording capabilities, and overall, I've been impressed with how the videos have turned out.
  • Signal strength has been relatively good, though I've noticed that it doesn't perform as well as competing devices like the Motorola DROID X2.  When testing it in an area with poor Verizon service, the DROID X2 had one bar of service and was clear while the HTC Trophy struggled to maintain the call.  Earpiece volume is exceptionally loud, though - it's one of the few devices that I can keep at a volume lower than the maximum.
  • The Trophy is an EVDO Rev. A (3G) device, so as you would expect, data speeds are considerably slower when comparing to WiMAX, HSPA+, and LTE.  It's noticeable when browsing the web or downloading apps.

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  • Powered by a 1,300 mAh battery, the Trophy struggles to make it through a full day with moderate use including calling, text messaging, and browsing the web.  I'll never understand why HTC places anything less than a 1,500 mAh battery in their smartphones, but here's to hoping that extended battery options will be available soon.

All in all, the HTC Trophy is a great addition to Verizon's smartphone lineup, and at $149.99, should be considered along with other 3G options like the HTC DROID Incredible 2 and Motorola DROID X2.  Stay tuned for more coverage on Verizon's first Windows Phone, and have a look at the unboxing video below!

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Landon Empey i cant stand any phone that is not an iphone
Adam Anthony Crespin It looks as if there wasn't much effort into it. Maybe the Mango Update will change my mind about the software, but the phone is ugly.
Xingchi Ding Hard to believe that this months old phone finally arrive usa
Talon Meyer yeah but the nokia one is going to be better!
JP Pullens Nope they need to stick to what they know android devices.
Dan Daniel RAMON ever try to move your SD from a WM7 to another phone? YOU CANT. If your phone even has expandable memory
Duane Gibbons When Apollo hits lookout....
Duane Gibbons Android burn out, everybody uses android, metro PC's, boost,...who else subject to viruses because of flash, wp7 started late but will gain credits...I have a focus, captivate, and ipad which I love....apple has it right so does Microsoft and Google....each brings diversity to the table, so pick and choose b happy.
Yan Zhenghao Wp7 fyw
Kermit Frosch I'm sure it's a nice phone since it's HTC but, Windoze is soooo boring I mean come on not even MP3 ringtones?
Flako Ramirez Watz windows??? Lmfao
KoDy Designed ByCrime Thank you Dre that's all I'm saying
Dre Ill The G2x has no lag either! For the record, mango is already outdated considering Android already does all it will offer. Competition is always a good thing though.
KoDy Designed ByCrime @Ramon good luck with that lol the rest of us will stay on the winning team wp7 is a joke! How you don't see that is beyond me but if your happy with that lackluster SUCKFEST then to each its own... loving my Droid Charge patiently waiting on the GSII to hit the states by the way that phone has no lag! So your argument is now defunct lol
Brandon Thompson I don't think I'll ever go to windows mobile phones...I'll stick with android/iOS for now
Israel Leiva Windows is CRAP!!!
Ramon Quintero I've seen ppl with wp7. How is windows an epic fail? Its a better os over Android. No lag issues or force closing apps. Smooth as butter. I love ny HTC hd7. I was going to get a HTC sensation but mango looks way to good and promises many new things
George Millhouse um since when is it their first windows phone? first windows 7 phone but not their first windows phone
Sunny Patel Not really, compares to other phones it has pretty low. Specs
KoDy Designed ByCrime Windows is an EPIC FAIL!!! on any network just get an android phone and enjoy Google's world....I've never even seen anyone in real life with a windows phone all I see are iPhones Androids and a few black Berry's what a shame Microsoft just can't get it right oh well
Matt Wheeler I have an 8 lb 12 inch Windows 95 laptop and I use a tracfone to tether the dial up on it.
Steven Quintal HTC Droid incredible ftw!!!
Nathan Parks I wouldn't mind getting one. Probably has less issues than my thunderbolt
Gordon Christie i saw one of these at the recent htc tour it was a really nice phone worked well and looked amazing but i am in love with the sensation phone if it wasnt for that id buy one
Stephanie Hitchcock Looking to sell an htc bolt and moto x. Clean numbers, good-excellent condition. Msg if interested
Darryl Mouzone It looks okay I guess. I wouldn't get it though. But more power to the person who does.
Noah OBrien Yea it is amazing
Lester Dedrick Happy with my HTC hd2 running 2.3.3
Hansel Starley I wish it was the Omnia or Optimus 7.
Brian Edson I like the option of having a windows phone available. I have a droid and love it. And honestly, I would rather get this over an iphone for 2 reasons- I love htc and I'm not gonna sell my soul to apple haha
Tim Gruber it's ok
Robert Salender Either way, you're using LINUX.
Leon Digidude Lionheart Nope...Jailbroken iOS FTW!
Flako Ramirez Nope...Android FTW

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