Revolution 1

I've spent the weekend toying with the LG Revolution, and sadly, I've been very disappointed.  After hitting it out of the park with the T-Mobile G2x, I expected quite a bit from LG's newest superphone.  It's not as bad as the company's most troublesome smartphone - the LG Ally - but it's a step down from the G2x, and more importantly, the other 4G LTE devices in Verizon's lineup.  It retails for $249.99 with a two-year agreement, which led me to wonder why anyone would consider this device over the HTC ThunderBolt.

Here's what I've discovered in my time with it:

  • Revolution is bulky, but looks good.  The silver strip around the camera accentuates the back, and the chrome sides go nicely with the black housing. 
  • LG and Verizon have packaged the Revolution with a 16 GB microSD card.  Combined with the 16 GB of internal storage, it makes for a good media device.  On that note, it's the first Android device to come with Netflix pre-installed.  With the HDMI port, you can connect it to your television and stream Netflix movies.  Quite the nifty feature and nice that it works out of the box, though there are other Android devices that can do the same thing.
  • The 4.3-inch screen isn't bad by any means, but it's nothing exceptional.  Colors seem slightly washed out, and the difference in quality is noticeable when held up against the ThunderBolt and DROID Charge.  The screen is also unresponsive at times; on several occasions, I had to tap numbers, applications, or the "end" key twice before the phone would respond.

Revolution 2

  • Revolution ships with Android 2.2 and a custom LG user interface.  When you get into the various Android user interfaces, there's a certain level of subjectivity from any reviewer, so I highly suggest testing the Revolution's user interface in-store to determine if you like it.  That said, I don't care for the way it's implemented; it feels like it was hastily put together, and exudes a cheap, toy-like feel.  Inside, you'll find a custom LG keyboard and Swype, and while the LG QWERTY pales in comparison to industry favorites like HTC's Sense and Motorola's multi-touch keyboards, it gets the job done.  
  • It's the first LTE device (and one of the few high-end Android phones) to ship with Bing instead of Google.  I don't mind Bing - in fact, I find that it works quite well - but Android/Google fans will be frustrated with it.  Since it's not a "with Google" device, you'll need to download Google Maps from the Android Market.
  • Powered by a 1 GHz Snapdragon processor, Quadrant Standard scores would lead you to believe that the Revolution is the fastest device in Verizon's 4G crop.  My unit consistently scored at around 1,800, though day-to-day use tells a different story.  It suffers from lag when performing basic tasks like scrolling through homescreens, and is unpredictable.  One moment, the lag will be there; the next moment, the lag will be gone.  While the lag is a problem, the real irritation is the inconsistency of it.

Revolution 3

  • Signal strength has been decent so far.  Callers have reported favorable results, and I've been able to hear them well.  The earpiece volume is nice and loud, and it had no problem connecting to my Bluetooth headset.  Data speeds have been on par with Verizon's estimated 4G download and upload speeds.  In testing, my download speeds were between 10 and 12 Mbps, while upload speeds were between 3 and 7 Mbps.
  • 4G connectivity and a 1,500 mAh battery never translates into a good battery life experience, but I was shocked at how quickly the Revolution drained.  I pulled it off of the charger on Saturday morning at 9:00 AM, and with light use including a few text messages, browsing the web twice, and downloading three apps, the phone was at 52 percent at 12:00 PM.  Adding to the battery woes, it takes an unusual amount of time to charge, so those that live by 10 minute charges between meetings will want to look elsewhere.

So far, the Revolution…well…hasn't been very revolutionary (had to do it, sorry).  LG missed a prime opportunity to knock it out of the park with an awesome superphone on the nation's largest wireless carrier.  Revolution is watered down with a somewhat confusing UI, and doesn't offer any distinguishing features to push consumers to it as opposed to the ThunderBolt or DROID Charge. 

Check out the unboxing, and stay tuned for more coverage!

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"Which one is the best: LG Revolution, Samsung DROID Charge, or HTC ThunderBolt?"

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Mitchel Burnell thunder!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Mcnug Michniewicz Tbolt Rooted running 2.3.4
Avid Aria Battery : charge UI: thunderbolt
Chris Camarena Thunderbolt. <3 All the way.
Zach Cline Samsungs are garbage.
Pierce Swan Anything that's not on verizon but if I had to choose one it'd be any of the Samsung ones. Good for modding with roms usually and easiest.
Zach Cline You're an idiot.
Gerardo Ortega You guys like to pay more and get less for the money.
Edwin Baker thunderbolt all day long lol
Su Hyeong Lee Revolution !!!!!!!!
Nathaniel Hull Let me play with all 3 for a week, and ill let u know
Alec Bolduc Thunderbolt
David Brinegar Tested droid charge at the store, have to say, it is a fascinate clone with 4 g and a front facing camera, nothing special just bigger screen, I'll stick with my tbolt, no issues for me, battery is great
Dylan Daratt Nexus s 4g fuck Verizon and their shitty overpriced plans
Hyun Sul charge
Stephen Wagner Why am I the only one with the revolution. This phone is great
Omid Mirshafiei Thunderbolt has the best support from the community.
Roger Rodriguez My G1! LOL!
Kirk Whitney DROID CHARGE!!!!!
Jadarian Sucha Gentlemen Webster Sensation 4g tmobile
Oscar Zavala Droid charge!!! By samsung
Manuel Comparan Had tbolt but bought charge to replace it. Tbolt = horrible horrible battery life!! Sellin my tbolt if anyone wants it with all accs.
Anthony Sanders Thunderbolt!!!
Scott Ingram Thunderbolt
Bruce W. Thomas Jr. Forget Verizon Wireless... it's all about Sprint!!! HTC Evo 4G!!!
Ben Murphy Thunderbolt...duh.
Mark Ramirez Tbolt!!!!!
John Smith Might as well close ur eyes and grab one cause no matter which one u pick they don't compare to the best.....Moto DX baby!!! Next- Moto Bionic......
William Weiss Thunderbolt
William Weiss Thunderbolt
Brian Keith Charge
Sam Platz Thunderbolt
Brandon Worley Have a thunderbolt and a charge in our house...thunderbolt is a far better built device...and I sell all 3 of them
Sungbin Go WTF where is google search bar.. android is google not microsoft
Sungbin Go wtf bing search bar instant Google Search. WTF
Mitch Evans Tbolt baby!
Jesse James Castro All good in my book but I gotta go with the thunderbolt
Hansel Starley Droid Charge, the others kinda suck.
Jory Simonds Thunderbolt
Jim Lucas DX. Still the best!
Chad Kelley Love my Charge!!
Gerardo Ortega For 79.99
Gerardo Ortega Good phones but soon no more unlimited data, that's why I'm going to switch over and get the EVO 3D and be unlimited.
Stephen Wagner I love my revolution
Anonymous @Anh-Tuan, it's
Jesse Pitt Startac!!!!!
Darryl Mouzone Neither interest me but out of those three it would have to be the Droid Charge.
Keshawn Robinson Droid charge !
Joe Nastri Thunderbolt
Anh-Tuan Le Kinda ironic that a website about mobile devices doesn't have a mobile enabled version of the website.
Michael Comora I was using all 3 in the Verizon store at the mall the other day. Thunderbolt is too heavy. Revolution too. Revolution's overlay is just like TouchWiz. I also like the physical buttons on the Charge. Charge it is!
Anh-Tuan Le Motorola RAZR
Andres Barroeta Nexus 3 with ice scream and finally near field communication, fuck iPhone 5 I want the nexus with lte verizon
Nikko Ylimaf thunderbolt
Christopher K. Johnson Htc Thunderbolt
Kevin Choi Thunderbolt.
Sam Rick Neither.they all suck!
Matt Weber Droid Charge
Alexander Morgan thunderbolt, its htc after all
Rani Hinnawi Thunderbolt.
Don Ovan htc sensation
Brandon Thompson If I was gonna get one it would be charge...
Tim Gruber thunderbolt
Kevin Pizana Droid
Jeffrey Ly None of them. Galaxy s2 ftw!
Mayank Nayak samsung droid.......
Ben Broyles Droid Charge
Darren Tyrrell In my opinion they all kinda suck, but to answer the question the Samsung Charge as it doesn't have as many battery problems, and LG is binged and has crappy glass, although the Charge probably will never get upgraded to Gingerbread. If I had to pick a Android phone right now on Verizon I would pick the Droid X2 even though it's 3g and has now front facing cameras.
Jeremy Oliver Im gonna say none of the above.. nothing screams gotta have it yet!! The Incredible is still my weapon of choice!!!
Naader Karimi thunderbolt
Keith Myers Wish the Motorola Droid Bionic would come out soon.....
Steven Quintal Thunderbolt. HTC ftw!
Michael Johnson thunderbult ;]
Alvin Tran Thunderbolt is the worst. But out of all o the smartphones, Galaxy SII is the best.
Alvin Tran Droid Charge
Gerson Vasquez Thunderbolt clearly
Gordon Christie had the lg gw 620 and another previous to that both lasted 2 ,months b4 i had to have them fixed so i got a wildfire instead will stick with htc from now on
Brent Hewett cocaine
Gordon Christie if they are like any other lg phones ive owned bet battery life is shocking and the phone will die long b4 your contract is up
Norleena Davies CHARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Goose Gause Don't be ridiculous, HTC rules the roost!
Brendon Page Th samsung fascinate
Davis Lam thunderbolt
Daniel Simons HTC thunderbolt
Adam Anthony Crespin Droid Charge
Noah OBrien thunderbolt

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