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Verizon has said in the past that it was considering introducing shared data "mega-plans," and today AT&T CEO Ralph de la Vega indicated that his carrier is in the process of creating a similar offering. During an interview today at D9, de la Vega explained that AT&T was "working on" a data plan that could be shared between multiple devices, although he didn't give any indication as to when that plan might launch.

During the same interview, de la Vega was asked about AT&T's LTE rollout and how it might be affected if the carrier's acquisition of T-Mobile was denied. AT&T has said in the past that, with T-Mobile, it plans to cover 97 percent of the country with LTE. Without T-Mobile, de la Vega said that AT&T would be able to spread LTE to 80 percent of the U.S. Walt Mossberg also brought up Verizon and its LTE coverage, pointing out that AT&T's initial LTE rollout consists of only five cities even though Verizon already covers 40 markets with its own LTE network. De la Vega said that he thinks that AT&T will catch up to Verizon in two to three years.

As more and more customers pick up data-hungry devices like smartphones and tablets, the idea of a data plan that can be used across several of those products sounds like something that could be pretty popular (as long as the pricing is right, anyway). Unfortunately, it's not clear when we might learn more about AT&T's shared data plans, but you can bet we'll let you know more when we do. How many of you would sign up for a plan that would allow you to share an allotment of data between a tablet, smartphone, and other devices?

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"AT&T is "working on" creating a shared data plan. Is that the way to go?"

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Vasu Balla
Vasu Balla @James & Antonia , try h2o wireless, its SIM cards work with locked At&t iphones as well
Kevin Kaufman
Kevin Kaufman i just bought a droid x2 because their 4g phones are so unimpressive
Kenny Dillon
Kenny Dillon As long as its unlimited ... however I am on Verizon and they are going to a tir plan this summer with the smallest plan being 30 and that sucks. They are way to proud of their new 4g that now they r gonna stick it to us
Eddie Velasquez
Eddie Velasquez I mean ATT is good and fast but its not unlimited
Antonio Beltran
Antonio Beltran @James Their is a GSM pre-paid equivalent called Simple Mobile $60 unlimited Everything, Simple Mobile runs of the T-Mobile Network towers so for $60 per month for Unlimited Talk, Text, & Web with 3G/4G coverage.
James Gregory Kulp
James Gregory Kulp Oh at&t sucks that is why I am leaving at&t and i am going to sprint/nextel because every thing is unlimited on sprint!
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez Yes.
Jamil Oquendo
Jamil Oquendo It will still be overpriced lol.
Mindy Gonzales
Mindy Gonzales That will work for meee !
Jody Warrick
Jody Warrick Uh.. Neal.. Is that a good thing? LOL
Neal Daringer
Neal Daringer If AT&T does this I will shit bricks. Literally. I will shit blocks of ceramic material that is commonly used in masonry construction.
Brittney Ensley
Brittney Ensley A faster way to reach the <2gb cap most people have, awesome :p
Diego Avelar Tubz Sillk
Diego Avelar Tubz Sillk What's a shared plan?
Jacob Isaiah William Addis
Jacob Isaiah William Addis :D YES
Brandon Worley
Brandon Worley All the carriers will prob offer a shared plan...and all of the customers will still b!tch about the cost and the tiers...can't please any of them
Peter Pinedo
Peter Pinedo Yes cuz 200 bucks is to much for 3 phones! And hardly any mins
Ryan Nusbaum
Ryan Nusbaum Finally!

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