BlackBerry Bold 9930, Torch 9850 coming to Sprint [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 3, 2011

Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9930 Torch 9850

Good news, Sprint BlackBerry lovers! According to a couple of newly-leaked images sent to the folks at CrackBerry, you'll soon be getting some new toys from RIM to play with. As you can seen in the list up above, both the BlackBerry Bold 9930 (Montana) and Torch 9850 (Monaco) are destined to earn a spot on Sprint's shelves. The image also shows that the Monaco will likely be join the "Torch" family when it launches and will not be branded "Volt" like one rumor claimed it might last month. So when will these two 'Berrys launch on Sprint? Well, the Bold 9930 is scheduled to arrive on August 21st, which is a tad earlier than the rumored September launch for the 9900 that we heard about earlier today, while the Torch 9850 is still "TBD."

Although it's not terribly surprising that the Bold 9930 is headed to Sprint since the carrier's gotten several other Bolds in the past, it's still nice to get confirmation that both it and the 9850 are headed to the Now Network. The question is, will any of you be upgrading from an older BlackBerry or some other device when they launch? Which of the two would you rather have?

UPDATE: Upon closer examination, the leaked docs have also shed some light on some upcoming Sprint Android phones. According to the second image, the Motorola Titanium is coming June 24th, the SPH-D600 will launch July 24th, and a device referred to as the LG Optimus Slider, apparently also known as the LS700 or Gelato Q, will be coming September 11th. The LG Gelato name actually appeared in a leaked T-Mobile roadmap last month, although it's not clear if the Gelato and Gelato Q are the same device or if, for example, the Gelato is an Optimus-like full-touch phone while the Gelato Q has some sort of sliding keyboard. We'll let you know more about all of these devices as the information becomes available!

UPDATE 2: Adding in to the 9930 fun, a Google ad has "confirmed" that the touchscreen Bold will indeed be coming to Verizon at some point, as well. Check the ad out below.

Sprint BlackBerry Bold 9930 Torch 9850 launch dates

Verizon BlackBerry Bold 9930 Google ad

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