As per usual, rumors of the next generation iPhone have spread far and wide, some claiming the device will sport a larger display, others saying it will tout an 8-megapixel camera. But one of the more interesting reports is that the next iteration of the famed iPhone with come missing one key component: 4G capabilities, more specifically LTE.

Although I could be entirely wrong, I tend to believe the reports as I highly doubt Apple will release a product that doesn't get dependable and strong battery life. Apple prides themselves in their second to none quality products that offer up some of the most consistent experiences out of any electronics out there. Quite honestly, the only two things LTE is capable of right now is intensely high down and uplink speeds and eating smartphone batteries for breakfast.

I will add that I also believe they will temporarily be shooting themselves in the foot if they avoid LTE right away. Nevertheless, they may fare better that way as opposed to tainting their standout reputation.

All of this is beside the point though. With a rumor of the next gen iPhone missing 4G, people have begun to wonder when a 4G iPhone will come ... and who will or should be the first to get it. (Mind you, this phone could be a year to a year and a half away.) If you are partial to the iPhone and a specific carrier, your response to the question is pretty obvious. But I'd like to take a different approach than "my carrier should get the 4G iPhone first because ... it's my carrier."

Apple likes to release annual iterations of their iPhone like most of their other gadgets, but they dropped the ball this time around. They released the Verizon iPhone 4 eight months after the original, fourth generation iPhone. If they release the next iPhone (supposedly in September) on both AT&T and Verizon at the same time, the VeriPhone will be less than a year old and could spark a pitchfork riot; but they will have fixed the blunder in the process. Logically, if they continue these offset releases instead, AT&T would get the 4G iPhone first.

When you consider everything that AT&T and the iPhone have been through, it's time someone else gets "first dibs." AT&T had exclusivity on the iPhone for four, almost five, full years in the US. Most everyone who is going to get an iPhone on AT&T has already bought one already. Sending the first 4G iPhone to a carrier that has yet to get their paws on the Apple phone would be good for both Apple and the respective carrier. They would have a chance to add several hundred thousands (if not millions) of new subscribers, instead of the majority simply renewing.

Digging even further into their history together, not only did AT&T get the iPhone first and have free reign over Apple's phone for nearly five years, they pushed it to its fullest potential – which took its toll on Ol' Blue's network. AT&T is still recovering from having an overloaded network and is (sort of) the last one to get the ball rolling with their 4G network. Touching back on consistency, Apple endeavors to provide a phone on a network that will get great coverage. If they are going to add a feature to a phone, by golly, customers are going to be able to use it.

Since it looks like HSPA+ and WiMAX might not have much of a prominent future among the presence of LTE and Verizon is already up and running (sprinting, really) with their LTE network, maybe they should be the first to get it. The problem with that though, is Verizon's unmistakable stake in Android. The device – although it will always be popular and have a huge following – would almost certainly get lost in a sea of ever-evolving, ever-advancing Android phones, much like the iPhone 4 did.

The last thing worth considering is T-Mobile's uncertain fate. Solely because they could possibly be consumed by AT&T, T-Mobile is hardly a realistic option at this point. That leaves Sprint and regional carriers, which is the route Apple should ideally take. Though Sprint does push Android pretty strongly, they also have a spot in their heart for BlackBerry, webOS and Windows Phone 7. Adding iOS to the mix would complete Sprint's lineup and give them one of the most diverse showcases in the industry. Not to mention, they're the only major stateside carrier that has yet to have the iPhone (officially or unofficially) on their network. What say you? Isn't it time Sprint gets a little Apple love, too?

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"Which carrier should get the first 4G iPhone?"

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Evelyn Carstairs
Evelyn Carstairs Anyone but AT&T; otherwise the 4G in its name would be useless.
Landon Empey
Landon Empey definitely verizon cuz of the 4g lte network. it would be bomb with a 4g iphone!
Marrion Bell
Rphl Garcia
Rphl Garcia AT&T :)
Kelcy Deeds
Kelcy Deeds definately verizon. the blow away every other company in 4g speeds
Julius Mawoussi
Julius Mawoussi AT&T
Ryan Rees-Williams
Ryan Rees-Williams Vodafone? I dunno I'm not much of an apple person :P and may I just say - its about bloody time the iPhone got 4G, seeing as the tech was around when the iPhone 4 was released...
Jean Pacrim
Jean Pacrim You pay 20bucks for 4g then cap your data. Of. Course you switch back to wifi so what's the point of 4g???????
Jean Pacrim
Jean Pacrim 4G MY BUTT
Jordan Mosley
Jordan Mosley Why not put on the fastest 4g network in the country. VERIZON WIRELESS 4G LTE!!!!!!!
Jordan Mosley
Jordan Mosley why
Junior Cruz
Junior Cruz Claro sprint
Steven Bowker
Steven Bowker Verizon definitely ATT had the first iPhone so we should have the first 4g iPhone
Billy Le
Billy Le Verizon!!!!!
Tim Komlody
Tim Komlody Fu*k the iphone....period... I hope apple goes under tomorrow! That phone has always been so overated and overpriced...
Fernando Fernández
Fernando Fernández Sprint
Thomas Little Sun
Thomas Little Sun Tmobile
Saymon Wanzo
Saymon Wanzo Ma bell! Lol
Andrew Apodaca
Andrew Apodaca I don't understand why iphone didn't just stay with at&t.
Alexander Acosta Del Valle
Alexander Acosta Del Valle no one, ios sucks
Oscar Rubi Jr.
Oscar Rubi Jr. Sprint
Charles Shell
Charles Shell sprint!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
Andy Solis Banuelos
Andy Solis Banuelos att because they originated with the iphone so sorry verizon
Kyle Ring
Kyle Ring Sprint
Elijah Andal
Elijah Andal BOOST MOBILE!
Julian Castañeda
Julian Castañeda AT&T all the way
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez Screw LTE, that's just a battery hog. What's the sense of having all that speed if it kills your phone in a few hours? Not even half a work day. You'll have to charge your iPhone at least 2-3 times a day and that's not acceptable for me. I was fine with the speeds I used to have on my AT&T iPhone when I had one. So HSPA+ speeds are welcomed for me since they don't eat up battery life like LTE does.
Brett Lucy
Brett Lucy Verizon and At&t should receive it at the same time or at least within a week or two of eachother. They're the ones that carry it and both have LTE.
Kevin Katanik
Kevin Katanik At&t
Eddie Velasquez
Eddie Velasquez Ya those are what I think are true I don't think its going to have 4g yet
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez Exactly what rumors are true? The only likely rumors is it having the A5 processor, and a higher resolution camera, that's it.
Michael Zaleski
Michael Zaleski Virgin mobile. Lol
Eddie Velasquez
Eddie Velasquez @gabriel true but I am going by the info that is going by today if someing changes I will go by that too. Rumors change but there are some true in to it most of the time so who know I might be right or wrong
Peter Steenbergen
Peter Steenbergen Vodafone and kpn and t-mobile
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez @Eddie: News flash! People that work at Apple store or even any other parts other than the Corporate HQ don't have that information because they would leak it. So I wouldn't believe that because they know about as much as we do. That kind of information is kept very secretive.
Jorge Hugo Galindo
Jorge Hugo Galindo That person that said metro pcs made me laugh. That's the worst carrier out there next to ATT. Oh also sprint doesn't need the iPhone. They have Samsung galaxy s II variants on the way and the EVO 3D, I don't think sprint needs the iPhone.
Kyley Willing
Kyley Willing tmobile jus like a good wife cheap and fast
Chris Balibrera
Chris Balibrera @ Eddie V. Of coarse the Evo 3D is a better phone. Any of the new flagship androids are better phones than the iphone4. iOS is an old OS that has become stale. Any new features apple is going to impliment in iOS5 have already been done. Basically they will be playing catchup(or coping). Proper multitasking, proper notifications, cloud music/storage, gestures, dual core, bigger screen, voice turn by turn navigation, voice commands, etc, etc. ALL BEEN DONE!
Eddie Velasquez
Eddie Velasquez @ Gabriel true I am get them from rumors but I am get them from good sources (people that work at Apple) they say that there is not going to be a 4g iPhone because the market is young
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez @Michael: It was ruled by the ITC (I believe) that HSPA+ is considered 4G, so it's not a moniker. Now whether AT&T can reach true HSPA+ speeds or not is their problem. But anything that's substantially faster than 3G is considered 4G. And that's what HSPA+ is..
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez And T-Mobile's 4G is not 2-3Mbps, it's about 5-9Mbps which is about the same or more than Sprint's WiMax. At least know what you're talking about guy..
Eddie Velasquez
Eddie Velasquez I agree wif zakari ghachi I try the iphone4 vs the evo4g there is no competition evo is more faster a dus things that iPhone dont
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez @Eddie: There is nothing showing whether the next iPhone is in fact that iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, so you're basically wrong.. lol. Everything you think you may know came from the rumor mill so don't take it as fact unless it came from Apple.
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez And I think they should all get it first. No sense in having one over the other. Let all the carriers get some 4G love.
Gabriel Fernandez
Gabriel Fernandez @Michael: Really? According to Apple? When did they say that? You have any proof Apple confirmed only Sprint and T-Mobile would get the next one? I think you're taking speculation from an analyst as fact.
Joshua Cuadrado
Joshua Cuadrado Sprint
Eddie Velasquez
Eddie Velasquez @michael martinez that is the iphone 4s that phone is like the droid x2 its a upgrade but no 4g
Zakari Ghachi
Zakari Ghachi sprint but EVO 3D is much better sorry apple
Dylan Thomas
Dylan Thomas verizon
Michael Martinez
Michael Martinez Lol .. regardles if whats put on here... according to apple... they are going to release the iphone 5 only for sprint and tmobile... even though i dont care for it cuz it sucks.. tmobile stillgets it
Patrick Bishop
Patrick Bishop All them
Eddie Velasquez
Eddie Velasquez Plus sprint is true you don't need to pay $300 to $245 for a 4g phone . Sprint just said that the evo 3D is going to be $199.99. Just saying
Mason Hartley
Mason Hartley Most likelt t-moblie because it has the most 4G coverage for all of you who think version and att do they dont
Jason L Naylor
Jason L Naylor Sprint
Jerimiah Reece
Jerimiah Reece Who cares? I don't want an Apple product.
Eddie Velasquez
Eddie Velasquez Well I believe that all carriers should get it but I believe that sprint should get it. Don't get me wrong Verizon is fast but it is geting slower and slower it is about the same speeds a sprints 4g. Att is new to the 4g game and t-mobile their 4g is not even 4g its just 2 to 3 mbps. So ya all should get it
Zach Ortstadt
Zach Ortstadt AT&T. It had the iphone first. It should also get the fastest iphone ever
John Cruz
John Cruz Verizon has the fastest 4g
Rajesh Ramsaroop
Rajesh Ramsaroop Metro pcs
Taz Brannan
Taz Brannan Ok...bottom line...the rich fuckers will go with ATT and Verizon...the poor fuckers like me will stick with Sprint due to the fact that the have a simply everything plan for $99.00 and you never have to worry about going over your minutes or data...I have a evo 4g and I like it...wouldn't mind a iPhone...however I will not switch over to ATT and Verizon...to much$$$ and next year ATT will own T-Mobile...so there ya go.
Nic Niic
Nic Niic Sprint all the wayv
Chris Balibrera
Chris Balibrera @Kyle Muller - So you have to be babysitting your connection in order to not get excessive battery drainage? And Yes, verizon has great coverage; at a price. Higher price for handsets that are LTE, higher price for plans, fee for 4g service, overage fees for everything( I had verizon). I live in L.A. T-Mobile coverage is only second to verizon. And I get better speeds than verizon too. Also Verizon LTE phones have last years hardware plus charging you beyond premium prices. + being locked down, bloatware, and some with bing. no thanks.
Kevin Pizana
Kevin Pizana Honestly....cricket...no just kidding....Verizon...it has and will always have the largest "4g" footprint with lte...on top of the largest 3g backbone support...qualcomm just needs to finish that tri-radio chip..
Alex Lechuga
Alex Lechuga Virgin Mobile!
Carlos Quinones
Carlos Quinones Verizon definitely. Based on the speeds we've seen with the Thunderbolt, and other Verizon LTE devices, it would work best. Atts 4g speeds havent been that great. They dont even seem to be able to pass tmobile 4g speeds(which average at around 6-8mbs in my area). If T-Mobile or sprint had the iPhone it would be awesome(since they both have 4g coverage in my area :-D). In that case I would say Sprint, which seems to have similar 4g speeds to Verizon, but with that extra $10 fee
Yaser A Quintana Juez
Yaser A Quintana Juez T-Mobile
Giovanni Turner
Giovanni Turner SPRINT!
Najib Momin
Najib Momin TMOBILE!
Devon Powers
Devon Powers AT&T should have it but at the same time Verizon needs it to so I think that Verizon needs to either buy out sprint since sprint has been bitching about the AT&T t-mobile merger or AT&T and Verizon just need to make one big network and sprint will just die or go for the poor people
Vic Espinoza
Vic Espinoza I believe that if Steve Jobs put a bigger screen on the new Iphone, then he probably put a bigger battery. Now they can put a 4g chip with similar battery life as the old iphone....both ATT n Verizon will get it at the same time..... Can you imagine if apple let sprint and tmobile have too? "monapoly"
Jerm Torres
Jerm Torres Honestly speaking, T-Mobile!
Kyle Muller
Kyle Muller @Chris Balibrera Verizon's 4GLTE has the strongest network, and theres an option to switch between 3G and 4GLTE. get your facts right.
Vincent Garcia
Vincent Garcia Windows Phone all day.
Mike Lee
Mike Lee Att of coarse
Doug Springer
Doug Springer Oh, yippee...another cycle of rabid fruitfone fanboi nonsense...
Wasim Mazahreh
Wasim Mazahreh tmobile or sprint. wimax and 42mbs hspa+
Michael Garza
Michael Garza Verizon!!!!!!!
Vincent Whalen
Vincent Whalen Verizon hands down
Zach Carolin
Zach Carolin Att will no doubt
Wilma Jeanne Brickner-Sanchez
Wilma Jeanne Brickner-Sanchez Tmobile...people probably will say at&t cus they had the iphone first, I think ask carriers should offer the iphone
Anna Melendez
Anna Melendez T-Mobile even tho they suck but I'm stuck on Tmobile so yea...
Ray Edward Ruiz
Ray Edward Ruiz Sprint.
Mark Alan
Mark Alan Vzw
Taz Brannan
Taz Brannan Sprint....good service and a simply everything plan!!!
Ross Silva
Josue Herrera
Josue Herrera AT&T of Course!
Vincent Garcia
Vincent Garcia Verizon.
Michael Garrett
Michael Garrett Verizon all the way
Nick Gifford
Nick Gifford Who cares.....
Frank Rivera
Frank Rivera I think AT&T Deff. Deserves it!! They were first with the iPhone and they should be first for the 4g iPhone!
Nick Kalman
Nick Kalman AT&T or Verizon. T-Mobile sucks it doesn't ever have service.
Donna Meyer
Donna Meyer T mobile++**cell com ++**:););):)
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore Sprint
Chris Balibrera
Chris Balibrera Verizon LTE = shit battery life, because phones have to switch between 2 radios constantly. Verizon will most likely rape your wallet with the price of the handset and monthly 4g fee. HSPA+ (On T-Mobile for example) uses 1 radio, doesn't drain battery like verizons LTE, and you don't get charged extra for 4g service. They are also both 3.5g. And both comparable speed wise now that tmobile has upped the speeds. If you live in a place that matters not in the middle of nowhere you should be fine with coverage too.
Jesus Lopez R
Jesus Lopez R VERIZON
Brandon Moore
Brandon Moore Sprint
Audrey O'Donnell
Audrey O'Donnell Verizon!
Mundo Castaneda
Mundo Castaneda Cricket..... Who cares I dont!
Juan Carlos Deras
Juan Carlos Deras Who cares about iPhones, Apple products suck. But, Verizon 4G LTE should be for the superior Android platform phones ONLY.
Mike Mota
Mike Mota This new revolutionary device deserves only the best as it is the best! I would say at&t ....? I can't possibly say that and actually be taken serious by anyone
Ben Bressette
Ben Bressette at&t - they have a wider 4G coverage area
Vicente Trevino
Vicente Trevino AT&T
Juan Antonio Villegas
Juan Antonio Villegas T-mobile
Nick Koval
Nick Koval Walmart than goodwill
Christopher Manic Johnson
Christopher Manic Johnson AT&T will have LTE up & running by the time the next iPhone comes out, so whenever the 4G iPhone comes out, it's heading to AT&T first, if not both AT&T & Vzw.
Greg Smart
Greg Smart At&t
Dave Yaeck
Dave Yaeck Who Cares, none of them are ready for the capacity. Why is so many people thinking that 4G is the bomb right now. It will be in about 2 years.
Akber Edhi
Akber Edhi Tmobile!!!!!!!!!!

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