Apple's new iOS 5 notification system outed ahead of WWDC? [UPDATED]

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 6, 2011

iOS 5 notification system

Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference kicks off today, and a purported image of an iPhone running iOS 5 has leaked out just hours before the opening keynote gets underway. The photo you're looking at above originated over at TechCrunch and shows what may be the new notification system found in iOS 5. The site says that it's not sure whether or not this is the real deal, although at the very least it's being told that this is the "right idea." It's worth pointing out that the weather icon in the photo is likely displaying a Celsius, not Fahrenheit, temperature and the camera icon is different than the one found in previous versions of iOS.

This type of notification system could make sense for iOS 5 considering that a similar strip appears benath the status bar in the current version of iOS when tethering or during a phone call. If it is real, though, it's still not clear exactly how the notification system would work. Would you tap the bar and be brought to a screen showing all of your notifications or would the app that's trying to get your attention be opened up? Luckily, we're only about three hours away from Steve Jobs taking the stage and officially unveiling iOS 5, its notification system, iCloud, and other goodies. What do you all think of the image above? Real? Fake? Share your opinion in the comments!

UPDATE: According to This is my next, the photo above isn't an entirely accurate depiction of iOS 5 notifications. The site claims that notifications will drop down from the top of the screen, although they'll look more like the image below and will slide back up, similar to the system found on webOS. Additionally, This is my next is reporting that iOS 5 will feature a pull down notification shade like the one found on Android. This window will reportedly show all of your recent notifications as well as widgets to show weather, stocks, etc.

Other features that This is my next claims will make the cut into iOS 5 will be a BBM-like messaging service for iOS devices and a redesigned lock screen that'll allow users to see their notifications and access them directly from the lock screen, similar to Samsung's TouchWiz UI for Android.

Via TechCrunch, This is my next