Samsung Galaxy S II

Verizon Android lovers, get ready. The Samsung Galaxy S II will be coming to the Big Red network in July, a Verizon spokeswoman has told Computerworld, although no release date has been set just yet. A previous leak claimed that Verizon's Galaxy S II will come to market under the name "Samsung Galaxy S 2 Function," but that moniker has yet to be made official.

Ever since the Galaxy S II made its debut at MWC in February, anticipation for the device's arrival on U.S. carriers has been pretty high. We recently heard that Sprint's model, which may be known as the "Samsung Galaxy S 2 Within," could be coming in late July, a rumor which seems to gain a bit more credence with today's news. However, when Computerworld asked Sprint about today's news, an official for the carrier declined to comment. AT&T couldn't be reached for a comment on the matter. We should be learning more about Verizon's Galaxy S II launch in the coming weeks, so be sure to stay tuned!

UPDATE: False alarm, folks. According to This is my next, a Verizon spokesperson has confirmed that it'll actually be the LTE-enabled Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, not the Galaxy S II, that'll be launching next month.

Via Computerworld, This is my next

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"Would you buy the Samsung Galaxy S II if it came to Verizon?"

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Kamal Halder India it's too costly, 31000/- is what they are asking.
Cole Tague maybe i would rather have a t-mo version ( i can wish right) the hercules is cool but it's the same size as the infuse 4g and that it has a qualcomm cpu and not the exynos. what i like about it is the 42mbps hspa+
Douglas Frank Collett HELLLLLLL YEEEEESSSSS I WILL I plan on buying it when it does
Josh Gallion In one word... Hell yes
Ernesto Estrada yup...i guess it was a mistake...booooooooo!!!!!!
Ryan Edwards IPhone 4 bitch!!
Steven Hubbard already bought one, based on your review
Jake List http://www.phonedog.com/2011/06/08/samsung-galaxy-s-ii-coming-to-verizon-in-july/ Check the bottom of the article says update read it :(
Vicki Figueroa Sorry but i think ur wrong Jake. Im certain Phonedog wouldnt have missed something like that & be posting this info if that were true..
Shane Calhoun htc makes a way better quality phone
Jake List Too bad If you go back to the original site where the spokeswoman said they were getting it meant to say galaxy tab and verizon wont be getting the "Function" for quite awhile sorry to kill the mood but I'm mad too so yeah
LilCaesar Peace no because i dont like the phone and i dont like the ecompany
Vicki Figueroa This phone blows iPhone outta the water any day! & yes its gonna be 4g & have LTE.
William Smith Help yea!
Raheel Qazi might.. as a back up phone... nothings actually better than the iphone though. but yeah as a back up phone
Tony Allen Nope, not more Samsung proprietary crud for me, don't care how good the specs look on paper.
Bg IPhan oooh...so sweet....i love it....
Joan James Day Have to wait till contracts up but YES!!!
Brandon Thompson Possibly...it would need LTE
Ernesto Estrada HELL YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Naveen Bhatia no. i would buy it if it came to att though.
Armando Mora Casarez I love this phone. But CDMA 3G doesn't do it for me. A phone this powerful should be 4G. But if it's 4g then HELL TO THE YES!!!!!
Frank Brackett Yes regretting getting the charge!!
Jerimiah Reece If Verizon offers the Galaxy S2 before the Bionic, I might just buy one. And if I do, I will submit a photo of it to Motorola to stick it in their face.
Steve Arpad II T-mobile is only getting hercules, no sgs2.
Wes Tebbe If it is LTE and I can sell my Thunderbolt for a descent price I will.
Chris Rodriguez Wow, you people..seriously. its been known for a while that its coming to sprint (within) and ATT (attain) so quit with the no cause I'm on sprint or ATT. Jesus Christ.
Joernie Berrios Only T-Mobile
Bigapple Jax sucks that samsung doesn't have notification lights. sup wit that. have to use no led from the market for my fascinate. phone works well
Cristhian Urquilla No because I'm not a Verizon' s customer
Henry Murillo Hell no another $300 phone because of LTE? Nah I don't even gots LTE where live... T-mo!
Jose Carlos Alonso Yes I would like to!
Jerm Torres uhhh what about T-Mobile!??
Jackson Gainey If it came to T-Mobile, yes.
Marti Ruiz Yes. If t mobile
Norleena Davies THATS WHAT IM WAITING FOR!!!!!!!!!
Carl James Bondy Absolutely, wouldn't even care if it comes without 4G either, lolz.
Manny Jaurequi I can t wait. It will be the best phone on the market.
Walter Tejada Oh heck yeah!
Michael Bell Well never buy a samsung phone on any company
Ryan Lampkin I'm torn between the Bionic and this... Decisions
Jason Chandler No I like my iPhone
Juan Carlos Deras That's a BIG Frickin' --Y-E-S--!!!
Jesse Bryant Verizon is over priced
Jennifer Urieta These ppl are confusing, I pay 29.99 for internet, how is that expensive, my additional line is waived right now, and with friends and family, I barely use my minutes....who cares about t-mobile, soon to be at&t..duh. So confusing, love verizon and love my samsung fascinate, galaxy II GONNNA BE AWESOME
Shawn Sato-Veillon I'll be getting it end of July as Nexus S 2 4G on Sprint. I'm with Sprint, and don't see a reason to switch. Currently sporting an Evo since the day they came out.
Shawn Poling No HTC sensation on at&t I would buy
Stace Barto No it would have bing
Jennifer Urieta This is what I'm waiting for!!
Steven Quintal Absolutely!
John Cunningham FUCKING YES
Skylor Mitchell I would probably get it if I wasn't on a 2yr contract with Sprint, didn't like my Evo Shift, and could afford Verizon's plans and cost of phone (I'm sure the phone will cost between $250 and $400 on contract with how much the newer phones are costing).
Nick Koval Fo shizzel
Nathan Parks the problem with the US is that we have to wait so long after a phone is announced that by the time we actually get it, the next best thing is getting announced for europe. so we figure we might as well wait for the next phone. the excitement dies down by the time we get it
Chris Hagood If it had LTE, yes. If not, pass.
Bilal Billu Suriya TMOBILE!!! FTWW~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Joanna Enrique Ramos I have tmobile i hope it comes in my carrier
Junior Andrade Cabrera Needs to come to Sprint
Gordon Christie I already have mine had it for 2 days now and its excellent get one if you can
Michael Carpenter If it has LTE then yes.
Luis Hernandez NO... GSM > CDMA
Anonymous Id buy 2
Anonymous In a heartbeat
Fonzy Paniagua Keep it on T-Mobile if Verizon puts lte it wont be as slim anymore and a $300 price tag with a new contract!!!! Ps. Droid bionic has nothing on the galaxy s ll
Ryan Clark Hell to the no!
Devon L Morton hell yes IF it has LTE. If not, there isn't much point in getting that rather than smoething like the Droid X2 or the Incredible 2 besides the screen.
Christopher Wesley No. But if it came to Sprint the maybe
Josh Therezo Yes, then I would unlock it and use it on sprint! :)
Johnny Reid Is this a question?
Joanna Enrique Ramos Well i hope so and what bout in metro pcs??
Rani Hinnawi No, I'm waiting for Droid Bionic if I'm with Verizon.
Joanna Enrique Ramos Shut up markus u need to grow up
Jay Hajj Wouldn't switch to it but would get it if it came to Sprint, enen if I had to pay ETF on my current line.
Markus Christopher Pesce P.P.S. It's coming to all four major US carriers... Be patient!
Mick de Raad If verizon was herr in Sweden, yeah sure. But reality seems so far. Besides, It's too expensive for me I think.
Daniel Frye No, but I would buy it if it were to come to Sprint.
Joanna Enrique Ramos I hope it comes in tmobile i have the galaxyS 4g and is really one of the best android phones
Markus Christopher Pesce Ps... All you fucktards on other carriers saying "No, only if it comes to my carrier" are retarded! The question is to Verizon customers Jackass!
Aaron Horner As long as it was lte and has an unlocked bootloader.
Keith Harris Nope. Only if it comes to Tmo
Mia Atuina No coz that means I would have to count my mins & be on a 2 yr contract! No thanks! I am happy with my no contract & unlimited mins! ;)
Zach Wagner Yep! It's so speedy it's almost like having it on sprint 4g hahahahaha
Kirk Ngo if it has 4 g than yes if not then the new droid phone.
Brian K Andrews If it were LTE, then YES... in a heartbeat! Att does NOT have the coverage that I need. Verizon has ALWAYS come through for me, (last 8 years now). I can ALWAYS make a call and have only had 4 dropped calls in over 8 years now. The LTE implementation is only going to SWEETEN the pot! :)
Calvin Hilltop T-mobile, or until Verizon gets less spotty 4G coverage
Markus Christopher Pesce Well duhhhh... What kinda question is that... Noooo, Verizon customers don't want the best android phone ever made... Who would want that?!?! lol
Jake List Hell Yeah I would it's basically the super phone and I would pay as much as I have too to able to buy it
Mike Marchak I think this is such a hot phone and so good it should be open to all carriers.
Jim Eakins Hell yes
Blake Alexander Urbaniak Nope. If they keep using that RFS file system and making phones that look like kids toys (and OS skins that look like garbage), I'll never consider buying a Samsung phone.
Timothy Miller Hell yes
Dave Yaeck My biggest concern with Samsung is Updates. I'm really trying to forgive an forget the 2.2 horror to as much as wanting the Tab 10.1 so bad I can taste it. If Samsung can step up their back end to match their front end they can be the biggest mobile device provider in the world.
Darryl Mouzone I'm not on Verizon so no. If it comes to AT&T though.......Muahahahahahahaha!!!!!!

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