Apple legal filing describes Amazon's Appstore as "inferior"

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: June 10, 2011

Amazon Appstore for Android

Time for another chapter in the ongoing legal battle between Apple and Amazon over the former's trademark on the term "App Store" and whether or not it infringes on the latter's "Appstore" for Android. In a new filing from Wednesday, Apple described Amazon's Appstore as "inferior" and expressed concern that the service will "tarnish" Apple's own App Store. Apple believes that its "App Store" trademark may be harmed because Amazon's service offers apps that "bypass security safeguards on Android" as well as malicious software that can damage a customer's device. Finally, Apple pointed out that it'd be simple for Amazon to change the name of its app store to something non-infringing, as evidenced by the retailer's recent introduction of the Mac Software Downloads service.

Last month we saw Apple contend that the term "App Store" isn't generic, claiming that, when put together, the words "app" and "store" don't necessarily mean a store for apps. This new filing seems to show that the Cupertino firm is more on the offensive, and it'll be pretty interesting to see how Amazon responds to Apple straight up calling the Appstore "inferior." What do you all think of Apple's latest filing in its fight with Amazon?

Via MacRumors, Computerworld