Whether you are for or against Google’s mobile operating system, Android will be around for quite a while. One reason for that is due to the fact that phone manufacturers are able to do pretty much whatever they want with the mobile OS on their own devices. We’ve seen as much from pretty much every manufacturer that’s currently utilizing Android as their mobile platform of choice. LG, Samsung, HTC and Motorola may have used stock Android at one point or another in one device or another in the past (or in the future, in some cases), but each of these companies expect to differentiate themselves the most, and attract the most customers from their proprietary software. Each of these manufacturers has their own custom user interfaces on their devices, and while many of them may share similarities, they’re different enough to either attract or dissuade potential customers. For Motorola, the name MOTOBLUR has finally been axed from the company’s portfolio, but was that enough?

Since the unveiling of MOTOBLUR, the line in the sand dividing those in favor of the custom UI and those against it has been pretty well defined. But, as it goes for many things, those who dislike the UI have been (usually) the most vocal about the removal of the software. We’ve seen the MOTOBLUR proprietary skin go through some changes, some more subtle than others, but while Motorola has made every effort into making their customized software unique and not so “bullish” to the customer, it seems that the majority still want MOTOBLUR gone for good.

A new announcement from Motorola confirms that the company is indeed getting rid of the name MOTOBLUR from their dialogue. However, as I’ve been seeing in comments all over the Internet in relation to this story, it doesn’t look like it’s enough. The majority seem to want MOTOBLUR gone for good, and allow for a more vanilla Android approach to make its way to the fore.

The view of BLUR is that it’s too up-front, or too “in your face” when compared to other proprietary operating systems, and especially compared to the stock Android experience. Furthermore, some seem to think that the BLUR software actually inhibits the standard functions of the phone itself, interfering with the general usage of the device. With all that in mind, it would make sense that the majority (or the loudest) of the customer base wants BLUR removed from the picture completely.

But, what about those who actually like the proprietary software? In that camp, it looks like people enjoy the fact they can resize widgets, and make them fit within the home screens as they see fit. Simply put, it just adds to the customization of the OS, and that’s never a bad thing. Additionally, it looks like people enjoy the fact that BLUR takes social networking into focus, and brings messaging with the likes of Twitter and Facebook right into the messaging application on the phone. It’s not an integrated feature of the mobile OS itself, but it’s a step in the right direction.

It seems that Motorola has listened to the vocal individuals out there, and has at least removed MOTOBLUR’s name from the picture. However, just removing the name of the software, but keeping the software on the devices doesn’t seem like a huge change. Or, even a change at all. Yes, MOTOBLUR looks different than it did when it was first announced, and this isn’t the first time that Motorola has shown off a new, high-end device and not mentioned BLUR’s name directly (the Droid X was announced without a mention of MOTOBLUR). So, we know that BLUR is still part of the equation, even if the name isn’t bandied about.

So, does that mean Motorola has really done anything at all here? Or, can we expect to see Motorola start to remove more and more features of BLUR’s software, before ultimately reverting back to a completely stock Android experience sometime in the future? Let me know what you think in the comments below. BLUR or no BLUR that is the question.

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"Should Motorola get rid of MOTOBLUR completely, not just the name?"

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Ben Conover i have the backflip...but i run CyanogenMod 7 :) motoblur's contact system, messaging interface, and widgets are great. other than that, it really slows your phone down. might not so much on a high-end phone like the atrix or droid pro...
Rudyboy Ledesma I still have the motocliq, & that's why its rooted. MotorolaBlurr fails.
Cole Tague making it optional would be cool like when setting it up for the first time. imo i love vanilla android, they should make it so its optional
Yasir Al Thubaiti I have not used, so I can't comment
David Hilgendorf I don't have a problem with blur, its all the crap apps that you can't uninstall or completely turn on or off. I mean if I don't use a app then why keep it running if I don't want it. I love then new anonymous(blur) on droid x gingerbread
Mark Navarro Oh yeah unlock your bootloaders, support your customers and listen to them. Look at HTC that is why they are one of the best.
Mark Navarro Yes its not polished looking. They need to take some pointers from adw, launcher pro, and sense. If its a cheap looking UI it makes the whole phone look cheap as well as the company that makes it. That is why MOTO is not selling as good.
Basil Mahmud Yeah its slow and does nothing to help the Android Experience. Everyone should just leave the skinning to HTC, they're the only ones who do anything right with Skinning.
Daniel Joshua Volokhova Barlan Make it a choice for the user, like an enable or disable button.
Stephen Allen Absolutely get rid of it.
Anonymous I have a dx first thing I did was put go ex launcher on it and remove the moto blur icons. I don't like your icons it too busy andugly
Alex Arana Get rid of it. It sucks that u are force to log into it motoblur before u can even use the phone
Jahrod Allen Yes they need to start from scratch to come up with a better ui.
Mike Trieu It doesn't matter once they... UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER!
Byron E. Cóto Stock!!!!
Riley Lucious Get rid of it
Chris Balibrera YES! X10000000
Brian Henry Sense and stock are the only acceptable options in my book. Everything else is garbage. Motoblur, Touchwiz, LG's Touchwiz ripoff...all garbage. I mean they are REALLY bad!
Patrick Myers so i just got my atrix and am running LauncherPro to cover up motoblur. if they get rid of motoblur will there be some sort of system update to come out to get rid of it???
Kenneth L. Jackson Get rid of it. Once you start running a blurless rom, you will really see just how much it slows your phone. Blur is the biggest reason updates from moto take so long.
Derrick Wimberly Jr. Blur is trash
Abraham Arciniega Put a on/off switch to enable/disable motoblur for those who just want stock android. By the way, I hate stock android :)
Whitney Stark They should do some major improvements or get rid of it completely. It's slow and looks really plain, like Motorola threw it together in a couple days.
Omid Mirshafiei Or just make it a win-win: offer devices with an unlocked/unsigned bootloader for a small premium, like $50. Watch the market respond. (be sure to link this to Moto's FB fan page!)
Hans Jaramillo Haven't Motorola android phones been known to have some of the best battery life? Didn't the Droid X and Droid 2 beat out the Evo and Galaxy S phones in terms of battery life? So how does having MotoBlur equal bad battery life?
Kelvin Clark Yup yup
Shane Calhoun htc's sense ui is way better maybe a redesign will help after all it was designed for android 1.6
Shawn Meadows Motoblur sucks HTC sense ftw
Douglas Prevo Its just not nice enough looking, maybe if they were only putting it on mid to entry level phones. But the polish on the interface just screams teen messaging phone trying to grow up.
Jake Hartman Problems with MOTOBLUR: uses all the memory, kills battery, laggy, ugly wigets, basically i hate it.
Ben Baggley All Android skins should be optional extras, some like them, some don't
Matt Bourdette Yes, it's a laggy os. Hate it.
Shawn Poling I think they should give you a option to turn off or on.
David Harness No. It's a great UI just a good 25% of people don't like it and/or are just haters that won't even give it a chance.
Marco Varela But I LOVE MOTOBLUR!!!!
George St. Martin An on/off switch would be nice.
JJ Flynn im sick of android overlays
Joe Meyers Get rid of it. Motoblur is total crap and sucks the memory and battery life drastically.
Joe Fladung I don't care if it's an option for some people, but it's not an option I want on my phone
George St. Martin I love their widgets, but I hate the interface.
Bernd Lohner make it optional. best of both worlds (i don't want it)
Niall Beagan if thy sold stock android phones id buy
Zac Hooper Hell yeah, it's lame.
Evan Arashiro Yes. Get rid of it!
Brandon Bello They should keep it for those who want and put an option to turn it off for those who do appreciate it,
Suman Sam Halder PhoneDog.com: Completely.. That Thing SUCKS!!
Brain Roopull No. They should just make it clear how to disable it.

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