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Yesterday Sprint and Motorola unveiled two new Android phones: the Photon 4G for Sprint and the Triumph for Virgin Mobile. One of the immediately identifiable differences between the two handsets is that the Photon features a custom Motorola UI (don't even think about calling it MOTOBLUR), while the Triumph is running a mostly stock version of Android 2.2. The same can be said about Virgin's other two Android offerings, the LG Optimus V and the Samsung Intercept. Today a Virgin Mobile spokesperson explained to PCMag why this is, saying that it likes to give customers the ability to customize their devices however they want and that not using custom skins on any of the carrier's Android phones allows for a more "consistent approach." The full statement from the spokesperson:

"Virgin Mobile USA aims to make available devices that allow the end user to have the freedom to customize the device to their liking. We like to take a consistent approach with our Android portfolio and so we prefer to have the true Android experience loaded on all our Android phones."

Although Virgin Mobile's Android phones do feature a few bits of bloatware sprinkled in, I'm sure there are many Android purists that'd be willing to deal with a few unwanted apps in exchange for a vanilla version of the OS. This is especially true when it comes to the new Motorola Triumph, which sports some high-end specs alongside a mostly-virgin build of Froyo. My only hope is that other carriers will follow Virgin's lead and begin to offer at least some Android phones without any kind of customized UI. What are your thoughts on plain ol' Android versus a skinned version of the OS? Which do you prefer?

Via PCMag

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"Do you prefer a stock experience or a custom skin on your Android phone?"

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Austin Hawthorne depemds on the skin and which stock android. i lo ve stock 2.3 but i dont ca re for any other
Joshua Andrus Cyanogen!
Nathaniel Hull Stock..... runs smoother, longer
Alex Ward Stock, nothing better than Nexus.
Maurice Hall That vanilla flavored with some adw or launcher pro on top of that's that's is
Maurice Hall I like my android vanilla flavored
Ahmad Black Definitely Stock.
Wesley Tam I have htc desire, so htc sense. But sense 2.0 or higher. I really want it for my desire!!!
KoDy Designed ByCrime Touch wiz all the way!!!
Orlando Montañez Stock all stock
Whitney Stark HTC Sense
Anonymous Custom ftw though they are always buggy and slow. But then again there's never been a piece of non bugless software to date
Samuel Skarcrow Olie I have an optimus v and its pretty much stock froyo, if the triumph has a faster processor I might get it andif its not $300+
Eddie Velasquez Stock or sense
Amanda Sutton Messer Stock! If I had to choose a skin for android it would be touch wiz.
Rob John @Marion, exactly...
Victor Perez Go launcher ftw
Bryan Winters Stock is the only choice for me...
Falak Patel STOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Adam Fontaine I personally feel a custom skin is nice as long as the PERFORMANCE of the device doesn't suffer.
Marion Stevens How about letting folks choose how they want their phones to look? Give us stock with the option to add a skin if we choose. Then everyone is happy.
Rahul Gandhi i have VM and i want to get android phone now i think i'll wait for
Henry Murillo That HTC Sense 3.0 look pretty nice!
Ben Rees Yea a big crime lol. Use stock and your see the difference.
Ryan DeClue HTC Sense for me
Armando Sermeno I actually like MotoBlur, is that a crime?
Jeremy Gross a good custom but id rather have a stock insted of a bad one like lg
Kevin Lee Custom life baby launcher pro and go launcher
Angel Miguel Peguero anything that's better then the iphone
Ben Rees All those custom UI's slow ya phone down. I don't care what anyone else say's. There are just eye candy but on Stock android you can customize everything to how you want and have the speed. I've changed the lockscreen, system font, colours,keyboard and window animations. You just need to research and you could do it too, don't let this mobile companies fu#k up Android with there sh#t UI's.
Anonymous I put go E X Lunched on everything. H t c is nice all others suck
George Deleija Overclocked & Rooted with Cyangoen Mod 7 - Launcher Pro with Sense Widgets = Epic Win Also if your phone is fast enough look into 'SPB Shell 3D' its def a skin to show off your phone. 3D HOMESCREENS LOOK LEGIIIIT! (But like i said make sure you have a fast enough phone to be able to run it flawlessly)
Darren N Anderson Skin really, even doe I'm usin' stock now. Sense is da best but I like Motoblur as well still.
Joseph Navarrete I think the droid line, including all moto phones should have stayed vanilla. Motoblur is ugly and makes all the phones laggy
Josh Billingsley White chrome, launcher pro
Dre Ill Vanilla Android
Kevin Gaeke Stock ! G1 G2
Patrick Jackson Jr. Stock mainly but occasionally ill use a launcher to switch things up.
Ben Rees Stupid question really lol. Stock all the way. No custom UI to slow the shit outta ya phone.
Brad Allison HTC sense for me.
Dillon Bedell Stock or sense.
Jimmy Finch Touchwiz
Rob John Touchwiz 4 is actually nice
Richard Ameen Compared to the nexus one. Now I own a nexus s 4g and it is so much better than the epic 4g when I had that and the only difference is touchwhiz and a better file system on the nexus s. Stock android is still a bit better if you know what your doing.
Richard Ameen Sense or stock. Sense is easy to use when I had my evo I loved it but it felt like it slowed the phone down a slight bit c
Will Mezian Custom all the way. I like htc sense
Drew Smithies Stock all the way.
Myles J. Patterson Other than that , keep it stock
Jordan Scarano Sense or vanilla are both good
Ryan Edwards iPhone 4!!! Queers
Fonzy Paniagua Stock with htc sense widgets <3
Brady Cox Stock, and wow..,someone actually said Touchwiz.
Matthew Johnson I have an evo so I'm going with htc sense its great
Blair Hagen I love stock, but I also really enjoy sense. I can go either way
Marcus Ray Dillon Im an ottorbox kinda dude. I have to slap a case on my phone.
Joel Cordova Monroy Htc sense is the best, more customizing
Kalob Martinez HTC SENSE!!
JesusNveronica Flores I prefer stock android..I'm not a big fan of custom skin's
Jerby Nicdao Stock or htc sense IMO.
Chad Kubik CyanogenMod, then stock, then sense. Nothing else.
Zak Taylor Stock all the way, no visual lag, no glitches, and better battery life.
Halim Michael Sheena Jr Lol jk MIUI or Sense but stock is great too
Sunny Patel Stock, with a third party launcher ....launcher pro for the win
Michael Sletten Vanilla all day every day
Michael Sletten @Ramon.....fail
Oscar Dominguez Mango? Ha! I'd rather eat an Icecream Sandwich ;)
Ann Warner I'm just not a fan of stock. I like options & features right out of the box, without having to load my phone with a ton of apps just to get it to work how I want it too. I got a G2x and was back on my MT4G within 3 days because it couldn't do what I needed it to do out of the box. Give me features anyday, as long as it doesn't bog down the phone's performance. I'm very excited to try out Sense 3.0 next week with the Sensation!
James Vincent Give me stock and ill just use adw anyway
Marcus Bröker I prefer stock. Which is why I chose the G2x over the Sensation 4G.
Mohammad Kamal stock or sense
Kirk Ngo htc sense 3.0 or stock only
Kristopher Rapier Stock with Go Launcher EX...
Gordon Christie i use launcher pro on my s2
Ramon Quintero I use to have a cliq but that was way yo laggy my brothers g2 is good but even with stock I see some little lag. Lag free wp7 I prefer. Before you bash it wp7 will catch up and even have more features than iPhone when mango comes out this fall
OG Gang stock
Chris Payne I use LauncherPro Plus. It's very smooth, gives me enough home screens (7) and I can customize the dock icons which is really important to me. I also love it's swipe gestures so you can make the dock icons display popup menus or even launch other apps/shortcuts. Plus the dock is scrollable so you get three docks you can fill with icons that are accessible no matter what home screen you're on. If I could live without customizing my dock then I would prefer stock Android.
Liam Murphy Am I the only one who thinks, MIUI has the best Android skin EVER. and it's free & completely themeable! :)
Christina Elena Amaya I'll take HTC Sense over stock...but stock over any other Mfr. UI
Ashley Francis give us option to turn off skin and go to stock if we'd like to...
Brandon Joyce Depends on the skin
David Harness Skinned. The added functionality is better than stock in my opinion and looks better usually.
Louis A. Navarro Stock is the way to go, but the music player could be better

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