The HTC EVO 3D will finally launch next Friday, June 24th, but if you're just not feeling the look and feel of the new EVO or can't live without a built-in kickstand, we've learned that Sprint will be also dropping the price of the HTC EVO 4G on the same date. The EVO 4G's newly-discounted price will be set at just $99 with a new two-year contract and will be available at Sprint's corporate locations and preferred retailers.

Although the EVO 4G is beginning to get a little long in the tooth, at least in the mobile world, $99 is a tough price to beat for a 4.3-inch WiMAX Android phone that's still sitting in our list of top Sprint smartphones over a year after launch. The EVO 4G was also just updated to Gingerbread, which is more than most other Android phones on the market can say. So, anyone thinking about snagging the original EVO on the cheap or recommending it to a friend or family member?

Thanks to our two anonymous tipsters!

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"Will you buy an HTC EVO 4G when it drops to $99 next Friday?"

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Don Stephen Strada II @ jerry that was only on black friday right?
Gerardo Ortega It's already 49.99 at Bestbuy
P Greenwood III I just got the Evo from Best Buy for $1
David Sumner Would of but I got a sensation now
Piterson Massenat Desir I'm sling one now
Joseph Kitchen My upgrade is coming up in 5 months and I'm debating on this phone, the evo 3d, or the epic. But I hace a long time to decide.
Richard Levasseur Bestbuy already has it for $99... You don't have to wait...
Anonymous If only my contract were up next Friday :(
Ed Plnia Oh ok they will drop the price of the EVO 4G!!! My bad...thanks for the info joey lopez
Carol Conway Fleisher Stop hating! I love my Evo. I've had it over a year and it works great. Much better than IPhone. I will more than likely get another one when i upgrade
Marc Andrew Skerritt You probably should have checked out Best Buy Mobile first. It's been free there for the past week.
Joey Lopez This is the evo 4g not the evo 3d. Ltr
Ed Plnia Are you 100% sure about this? Just asking because I ordered mine with amazon wireless for $195.00 but I still have the chance to cancel my order is this information is 100% positive.
Walt Alan Wilcutts Got mine at BB for $50.
Nathan Shoup heck Best Buy mobile has them for a dollar right now!!!!!!!
Slim SoFly Im getting one soon
Nathan Parks If I wanted an htc phone from sprint I would since the evo 3d is ugly and has even worse battery life. But I'd get the nexus s
Raheel Qazi no. simply because its too huge a phone.. a bit ghetto and since its a taiwanese company making htc's... they jam a bit and not fluid at all like for example the iphone..the battery sucks.. supe sucks actually. and lets not forget about the silly android force close problem.. so no htc. tried it.. been there and done that.. now and forevr its always going to be an iphone - period!!!
Roderico Willis Nope already got one lol
Jahrod Allen Is that with contact or retail?
Hector Sedeño If I had something of lower spec like the hero (still) then I would, but I have an EVO now so I won't.
Niall Beagan Amen to that!
Danel Abera y is the Evo 3d is so cheap?? and the epic was 250?? something isn't right huh?
Reggie Johnson I will definitely be gettin one when its time for my upgrade July 1st!!!!!
Sam Rick nope,i had one already for almost a year now.time to move up the specs ladder.

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