When it comes to the mobile operating system of choice, it’s not just about the software. We have to hold and use the hardware just as often as we have to make use of the software, after all. And that’s one of the reasons that Android is so attractive to the end user, or the general consumer. There are just so many options. If you’re looking to make Android the next mobile operating system you use on a regular basis, then there’s a lot to consider. For the manufacturers, though, making their devices stand out is a top priority. And for one of those companies, HTC, many believe it has been a tall order to stay at the top of the growing pile of names thrown into the Android mix. So has HTC stayed on top, or is the company that brought HTC Sense into the world slipping?

Almost every single manufacturer that has adopted Android into its portfolio is a major competitor in several different markets. Names like LG and Samsung, for instance, tell us that while these companies may dabble in other markets, the Android name brand is one that’s too lucrative to pass up. But while these companies may inherently see plenty of lime light with their high-end Android-powered smartphones, not many get the same adoration that HTC does. After all, it’s believed by many that HTC is the company that truly brought Android into the “real world,” and made it accessible to the general public.

Before the launch of the HTC Hero, and the unveiling of HTC’s proprietary software Sense, Android wasn’t the talk of the town. Right off the bat, despite the uniqueness of Android (and even of the HTC G1), it was quickly being labeled as a “niche OS,” built primarily for developers and other “techies.” It wasn’t a mainstream OS, basically. But all of that changed the moment HTC’s Sense UI hit the scene, and suddenly Android’s customization was all too obvious. More to the point, HTC’s usage of the OS and their proprietary software made it possible for the general consumer, the Mom and Dad, to pick up the device and use it, without having to have any advanced technical knowledge.

Since then, HTC has been a front-runner for the plethora of Android-powered devices that have hit the market. There’s no denying that HTC has the majority, if not perhaps the most, Android devices available on the market, all across the globe. But despite that, the competition hasn’t slowed down. Actually, quite the opposite. Android’s adoption by almost every major smartphone manufacturer has not only lead to an arm’s race for the best hardware, but also a way for manufacturers to release more devices than ever before at one time, all with the hope that more people will buy them.

And these same manufacturers have all tried a stab at creating their own software to put atop Android. Samsung, LG, Motorola, and even smaller companies have tweaked Android in some fashion or another, all to either the dismay or happiness of the customer. Some companies have well-received proprietary software installments, while others are forced to listen to the complaints of the general public. And while Sense UI has seen plenty of renovations since its debut, it seems that the general public still accepts Sense as one of the best proprietary user interfaces out there, with the real fight being for second rather than first.

I personally believe that HTC is still the king of Android at this point. Not only in the amount of devices out there available to customers, but also for the company’s ability to create a proprietary software that’s both visually appealing, and yet very useful. Of course, it remains to be seen as to whether or not HTC can hold onto that position, especially with more and more high-end devices coming from other manufacturers. Will any of them be able to replace HTC as the king of Android? Or is the reigning champ destined to keep its title for the foreseeable future? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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"Can HTC remain the king of Android?"

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Josh Sussman Sensation > SGS2, so yeah.
Ispongklong Dacoycoy A big,huge YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS.......................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hector Sedeño Htc everything but with samsungs display would be awesome!
Hector Sedeño Definitely but they have to keep it up. The other companies are very slowly gaining I think.
Myles J. Patterson They can and they will be .
Shawn Meadows I wish Samsung would just let other people use their superAMOLED plus displays. Could you immagine a qHD superAMOLED plus screen with HTC build quality, dual hummingbirds, and gingersense 3.0! :D
Anh-Tuan Le The king of Android is Steve Kondik.
Matt Shaffer @Tony Abiama- It's called a tablet. They've been out for a while now.
Cristian Henriquez Always, yes!
Fonzy Paniagua Samsung sucks with their crappy bbuild quality. HTC phones are sexy!
Charlena Taylor Definitely can
Wood Franklin Who else make android phones? Nokia?
Tony Abiama I love HTC but, after owning both the Hero and EVO... I kind of want something I haven't tried yet...but if HTC releases a 5" device than I'm sold, once again
Shahul Hameed No,samsung is the king of smartphones
Daniel Scott Definitely
Gordon Christie I doubt they will esp with samsung making the excellent galaxy s2 and nexus too
Sergio Nayar Not if they continue to use tiny batteries :s
Mark Gittens No doubt! Look at tha phones they have and continue to bring out
Deshawn Frage Yes it can its all about the htc evo 3d
Ben Bartholomew better batteries and unsigned bootloaders, then we'll talk.
Omar Abdulhafiz If HTC would improve the battery life on phones, they would be the best
Dru Bogardus Verizon...dual core Qualcomm....4g LTE....unlocked bootloader......then yes.
KoDy Designed ByCrime What are you guys talking about SAMSUNG IS KING OF ANDROID!!!
Stephanie Hitchcock The phones are boring ..all the same layout. An why do a 5mp twin on the EVO 3D? Outside of the 3D an newer version of sen. Can you explain the main diff?
John Luca Samsung sucks
Joe Maffattone They started out ok now everything is either an HTC evo or looks like one
Hans Jaramillo @Artega: The Evo 3D is the first 3D phone in the US. Japan has had 3D phones for a while now.
Mario Sauceda HTC FTW!!!!! HTC Sensation kicks azz
Brian Barrera Lets get the fanboys angry.... iPhone pwns Android. Apple pwns HTC.
Jon Ico Johnny NO samsung will take-over
Darryl Mouzone No. The mics when you're shooting video is horrible, the cameras aren't that great on HTC phones either. Pretty soon the fanboys will stop being blinded and wake up and see that HTC makes bad phones.
Pete Bradley Well if they keep making the same phone over and over again then no. Almost ever htc phone at first glance look identical to each other
Arvydas Gr Android is past, WP7 is future
Artega Wright HTC is so innovative! Introducing the first 3D smart phone next week with the Evo 3D I think HTC can only get better and risk taking! So I think HTC is really BAMF!
Jay Alejos Wont buy any other phone.....love my sensation
Jacob Chitwood Yes HTC is king. Got an incredible last year and dare I say that it lives up to its name.
Renganathan Krishnamoorthy Sarma yes if they bring Gingerbread to low end smart phones like HTC wildfire. ;)
Miguel Santiago Touch wiz sucks compared to HTC I really don't like touch wiz and I am a vibrant owner I rooted my phone as well and had touch wiz 4.0 and it wasn't that good....HTC is king lol
Christopher Pena I want to father HTC's babies.
John Zanatta As long as they come through on the unlocked bootloaders and easily rootable phones they will keep the developers happy. If they continue to improve on Sense, the masses will be happy as TouchWiz can't even come close. And until everyone else stops making everything out of shiny plastic, HTC's build quality can't be touched. To sum up my long answer: yes, they can stay on top.
Frank Tiberius Marte Jr Oh yeah it can! :-)
Marvin Rodriguez Touchwiz sucks asss. Winner sense by a long shot
Tyler McConner they started the movement, i have hope in them!
Brandon Ethington if they want it bad enough
James Gustavo Hidalgo No...I'm the king of Android
Jordan Crawford Yes they can
Tim Fuhrmann I haven't had a chance to see how the new cameras work, but starting with the original dash, the original mytouch, and two mytouch slides, HTC, in my opinion has had the worst cameras ever. But if I do go back to Android, it will be an HTC device.
Ian Monzon Choosing touchwiz over sense??! Now thats nonsense ;);)
Simon Kirshon S2 is the best android on the market atm
Robin Remrod John No they cant.. Htc sense sucks.. I can't wait for S2.. To get rid of mine.. Htc almost made me go iphone
Fahad Waraich Yes, It is the king of the Android.
Tyrone Mcallister Yes they can

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