Is that an iPhone?

Darren Humphries
Columnist from  Oshawa, ON Canada
| June 17, 2011

Android vs iPhone

Is that an iPhone?

If you have been using a large screened, slate-styled phone you have almost certainly been asked this question.  Heck, even if it isn’t even close in design you may have been asked if it’s an iPhone.  The reaction to the answer is what’s most interesting.

A while ago I had a Samsung Vibrant, with a decidedly iPhone-esque design.  While out and about (Canadian accent on that!) I was asked a few times if it was an iPhone.  I can understand the confusion.  If you don’t own one and haven’t really seen it much up close you could think that.  I don’t at all mind the question but the answer will bring different reactions.

“Is that an iPhone?” “No, it’s a Samsung...”

Some reactions you may recognize:

  • Eyes glaze over after “No”.  If it’s not an iPhone they just don’t care.  Stop talking.
  • Mouth forms a silent “Oh” and head nods.  They feel bad for you that you couldn’t get an iPhone.  Shame, that!
  • Smirk.  Basically, they think you’re an idiot for not buying an iPhone.

Surprisingly, the reactions are much the same from iPhone owners, but perhaps with a bit more smugness from some.  I can’t really blame them; not that the iPhone is just that much more phone but because Apple has done a brilliant job of positioning the iPhone as iconic.

I have a friend that was using a flip phone until he recently got an iPhone 4.  Now, when I show off the latest and greatest non-iPhone he says “Ya, but it’s not an iPhone”; as if to say his phone is the only smartphone that works.  Obviously, his vast experience in all things smartphone serves him well!  Of course, he doesn’t mind that I rib him about not knowing how to even use his phone, so it’s all good.

Let's lay a few ground rules here:

  • If you don’t own an iPhone, you don’t get to have an opinion on the competition.
  • If you own an iPhone but have never owned another smartphone, you don’t get to have an opinion on the competition.
  • If you say “iPhone rules!!” but can’t really say don’t get to have an all.

Now, please don’t get me wrong here; I love iOS!  I have an iPod touch and use it everyday.  The iPhone is a great smartphone and I have suggested it to many that have asked for advice.  I’m pointing my finger more at the rabid iPhone crowd that think nothing else will even work.  Competition is alive and well in the smartphone space!  Let’s all be happy that’s the case and promote even more.  We all win as consumers in the end if we have choice.

Hey, put down the iPhone and try your friends smartphone.  You might be surprised.

Image via TNW