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Apple and Samsung's patent lawsuit has only been going on for a little over two months, which is pretty short compared to some other tech legal battles, but the two companies have still been able to throw quite a few punches during that time. According to a report from Reuters, though, Apple and Samsung executives may be in talks to resolve the issue without any further legal action. During a hearing on Friday, Judge Lucy Koh pointed out that Samsung and Apple are close business partners and asked, "Can't we all just get along here?" In response, Apple attorney Harold McElhinny said that the suit had gotten the attention of high-level execs at both firms and that they're both currently meeting. When a Samsung spokesman was asked about the talks, though, he said, "We are unaware of any meetings or discussions between the two sides over this matter."

It's kind of surprising to hear that Apple and Samsung may be meeting to try settle their dispute considering how heated it's been, but as Judge Lucy Koh points out, it would make sense for the two companies to hash things out considering how much they've worked together in the past. Whether or not anything comes of the talks remains to be seen, but we'll let you know when we hear more. Stay tuned!

Via FierceWireless, Reuters

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"Will the Apple/Samsung snafu ever end?"

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Lewis Hughes
Lewis Hughes If they all sue each other then Apple should sue Microsoft for them copying OSX for Window's 7. Not my opinion, fact. Macworld & PC World Business both wrote about it :L
Jon Recinos
Jon Recinos Seriously, they said the Epic copied Apple's design. THE EPIC HAS A FULL QWERTY KEYBOARD. Apple, show me one other way to design a touch screen smartphone other than Speaker SCREEN SCREEN SCREEN SCREEN SCREEN Hardware button(s).
Jawwad Ul Haq
Jawwad Ul Haq sammy will win
Christopher Awuku
Christopher Awuku guerilla marketing, nothing more
Srikanth Reddy Somereddy
Srikanth Reddy Somereddy Apple shouldn't have copied the notification system from Android... Neither thumb keyboard is Apple's creation nor tabbed browsing....there are lots of apps already available in android for these.... in software I don't think patents should be applicable
Anh-Tuan Le
Anh-Tuan Le This ends whenever Chancellor Jobs decides that it ends. Until then, we all should just be thankful for the fruitful gifts that the Chancellor has bestowed upon us. All hail Chancellor Jobs!
Christopher Giordano
Christopher Giordano What's funny is samsung provide all the internal parts of the iphone everything from the phones diplay to the prosessor and apple is trrying to sue the compnay who provides the parts to their phone. Samsung is the only phone company who uses in house parts. Even HTC uses samsung parts in their phones. The HTC desire Z or better known as the HTC G2 even uses a Samsung display . Wake up people Apple will lose the fight in this
Steve Williams
Steve Williams thomas, you are correct sir. they make alot of there internal components.
Thomas Matthews
Thomas Matthews Ben, doesn't samsung provide apple with components for their phones and tablets for example the ''apple'' a5 processor
Henry Murillo
Henry Murillo Really hope Samsung wins this one. And hope HTC and android sues the shiz out of Apple too for the new ios copy cat bull
Steve Williams
Steve Williams barry, apple is already sueing HTC.
Omar Ahmed
Omar Ahmed Its The Fight Between iOS And Samsung Touch Wiz Interface for Android Not With Android Basically iOS Is The Best Gaming Mobile Platform In The World Android Is For Social Networking People Thus Basically Its Your Choice But Samsung Is The One Mistaken Here .
Barry Denton
Barry Denton It looks like HTC and Google needs to sue Apple on the latest ios5 updates. They copied the hell out of these companies
Jacob Koehler
Jacob Koehler Haha agreed with muneer. What original idea has apple had since the iPhone? All they've done since its release is copy other OS's and Sue other companies for 'stealing their ideas'.. lol.
Kamal Halder
Kamal Halder The fight is not between Apple and Samsung It's between Android and IOS
Brent Hewett
Brent Hewett lolz
Muneer KhanVict
Muneer KhanVict Ben isn't that wat apple does?
Hunter Millan
Hunter Millan i agree with ben
Ben Bartholomew
Ben Bartholomew samsung lacks creativity as most korean businesses do. Take from everyone like it's theirs, and pretend they're innovative.

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