Since the beginning of this smartphone boom, America's wireless networks have been taking the biggest portion of the abuse. All while calling less and less, people have begun using their phones more to browse the web, chat and to keep up with several different social media platforms.

Verizon Wireless is moving to a tiered data structure.

Every time I hear that, I die inside a little bit. Tiered data really shouldn't come as a surprise though, as the rise of smartphones has spawned an entire generation of datamongers. The phone has evolved from a device simply to make calls into a device that keeps us connected in every way imaginable. Since unlimited minute plans are (or used to be) rather costly, using data and texts to communicate became the primary method for many to communicate. As a result, we have seen a slight decline in the price of calling plans and a move away from unlimited data. By placing data caps each month and charging more for each greater tier, carriers make more money and (attempt to) relieve a good deal of the pressure from their network. It's a win-win … for the carriers.

And so the time is nearing for other carriers to jump on the tiered data bandwagon. First it was AT&T, second was T-Mobile. Next in line is Big Red. Sprint has also been in talks to remove their unlimited plans for a more lucrative tiered structure. But I imagine Sprint will be reluctant since they gained a large sum of subscribers likely due to their more affordable unlimited plans.

Talk of Verizon moving to a tiered data structure is hardly new. We first caught word of this months ago and as if there was any doubt, we got further confirmation with the leak of their tiered data structure early Monday morning.

Being one of the more expensive carriers to be with, some more expensive data tiers from Verizon were pretty much expected. But Big Red has typically – in my experience – been pretty understanding when it comes to options for light users. This time around, those users have been totally ignored and the only options that will be offered are not exactly cheap.

Unlike T-Mobile and AT&T who have already took the tiered plunge while keeping light users in mind, Verizon will supposedly begin their tiered data plans at 2GB which will run customers $30 per month. This is $10 more than T-Mobile's 2GB plan and $20 more than their smallest offered plan at 200MB. Verizon's 2GB plan is also $5 more per month than AT&T's and it costs $15 more than AT&T's smallest 200MB plan. Of course, Verizon will offer larger plans … for those who can afford them. At 5GB or 10GB per month, these plans will set customers back $50 and $80 per month respectively. T-Mobile also offers 5 and 10GB plans, which run $30 and $60 respectively.

What do all of these numbers mean? In short, Verizon's tiered data will not only be expensive, but it will be the most expensive tiered data across the board. I can understand a few discrepancies, but every single option being consistently higher than the competition is a bit ridiculous. And no offering of a smaller data plan? It's as if Verizon isn't even trying to compete.

We all knew 4G would come with a fairly hefty price tag and tiered structures would be soon to follow, but I never expected to see data plans that ran $50 and $80 per month with a cap. On average, I use roughly 5 to 6GB of data. All I can say is I am glad to be grandfathered into my unlimited plan because I will find another carrier before I pay $50 per month for 5GB of data.

What say you, pups? (As if I don't already know.) Will you be snagging your unlimited plan while you can? Are you at all surprised by these prices? Would this be enough to send you on a search for a new wireless provider?

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"Are Verizon's tiered data prices too high?"

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Marrion Bell
Marrion Bell At&t is garbage and have no service and Verizon is way better Yu just can't call and web surfing at the same WHAT MAKES A DAM DIFFERENCE WHEN YOU CANT MAKE EVEN A DAM CALL AT&TRASH WACK
Dominic Jessup Reid
Dominic Jessup Reid Uhhh...duhh.
Aaron Couts
Aaron Couts Verizon is overpriced in general, wasn't for the work discount I wouldn't be messing with them.
Chris Kraus
Chris Kraus no the tiered data is retarted i know 32 people that have verizon just becuase there the only ones that have unlimited data so now people will go to att because there cheaper verizon FUCKED ATHEM SELVES
Gerardo Ortega
Gerardo Ortega Trashing my HTC thunderbolt and getting the Sprint HTC EVO 3D next week.
Nick Koval
Nick Koval Yep sure r
Matt Miletic
Matt Miletic SCREW VERIZON..... GO ATT!!!
Eric C Salman
Eric C Salman They suck
John Cruz
John Cruz Verizon is expensive but it has the best service
Vincent Vitiello
Vincent Vitiello Yes. There is no perceived value with tiered data if there is no price drop. Verizon: $30 unlimited --> $30 2GB and up AT&T: $30 unlimited --> $15 200MB / $25 2GB At least with AT&T, you actually can save money if you use less than 2Gb/month. Verizon's method really just appears as screwing the customer over by giving them much less data for the same exact price.
Dahiana Guzman
Dahiana Guzman In the future I feel like the minutes will cost less so the higher cost of data will be balanced out.
GD D Powerd
GD D Powerd I had a interview with a verizon rep on the data cap you can listen to the audio at it isnt really a data cap btw Get The Full Info On The Verizon Data Cap http://t.co/WpR7PSD
Zach Cline
Zach Cline Verizon is about to piss a lot of people off. But this really shouldn't come as a shock. They were talking about doing this back in february when they got the iphone.
Santanna Dominguez III
Santanna Dominguez III I say let all data plans go too a lower price than what they are now. Because people are spending way too much money!
Skylor Mitchell
Skylor Mitchell Hell yes!! So are their deposits for new customers. Actually, everything on Verizon is overpriced. I'd love to get a 4G hotspot but cannot even afford the hotspot itself.
Kevin M Combes
Kevin M Combes Rather, the caps are too low.
John Zanatta
John Zanatta Perhaps a better question would have been by how many dollars are Verizons tiered data plans too high?
Jorge Ruiz
Jorge Ruiz I have sprint and it's the best I have no problems with it I had sprint for 6 good years
Eturnus Omega Noodle
Eturnus Omega Noodle Wayyyy tooo high!
Cheri Moushey Roby
Cheri Moushey Roby Virgin mobile is sprint.....so is Boost.
Cheri Moushey Roby
Cheri Moushey Roby That is why I SWITCHED, I switched to sprint.
Mike Belle
Mike Belle VIRGIN MOBILE ALL DAY. I pay 25 a month for amazing service. I get unlimited web,data, texts, and 300 minutes for 25$. I have never had a dropped call and I have 6 bars in my house. Also running 3G on my android and it's amazing. Forgot to mention NO CONTRACT!
Oscar Zavala
Oscar Zavala Yes! I hate this why does Verizon have to take off their unlimited data plan??!!
Chris Mcnug Michniewicz
Chris Mcnug Michniewicz I called Verizon and told them if they change the data. I will cancel after my two years. Wtf leave it alone thats why ppl like big red.
Alex Pierro
Alex Pierro Seriously, If I wanted to pay higher fees, I would go to Sprint for the "Unlimited Everything" plan
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez Yes
Michael Marshall
Michael Marshall The internet. I personally don't think is expensive. $30 bucks for unlimited is cool with me. The price of the calling plans is what kills me lol. You want me to pay $60 bucks a month for 450 min and unlimited text. I use maybe 150 min a month. I can see spending $40 bucks for the plan. Should seriously give a discount if your minutes are not being used. I got 300 unused minutes that I pay for monthly lol.
Kenneth Robbins
Kenneth Robbins It still sounds like those currently under an unlimited plan, like myself, will be safe until their contract expires. Hopefully this is the case since I just bought my first Verizon contract/phone this month. Unlimited everything.
Marekus Fluellen
Marekus Fluellen Not just over priced by unnecessary. Stop trying to MAKE MORE MONEY OFF YOU CLIENTS and be satisfied with the billions you already make. I know innovation cost money, but use your current profits to do that not jacked up data charges.
Wendy Jo-Eddins Hill
Wendy Jo-Eddins Hill I wish we had another carrier option. Verizon is the only one with coverage at my inlaws place. I guess my first smart phone may be my last. While typical use less than 1 gb per month (heavy wifi user), why would I want to pay the same amount for so little. I wish I had the extra cash to just go get a 4g phone to lock in the unlimited data.... NO upgrade for me until 2013!
Shawn Towle
Shawn Towle Way too expensive! T-Mobile is the way to go. $79 for unlimited EVERYTHING!
Don Kenyon
Don Kenyon way too high.. When T-mobile becomes AT&T. the prices are going to get higher
Nnandi Cason
Nnandi Cason Tmobile all day!!!
Lee Babcock
Lee Babcock makes me sick... I understand why but still not good. sprint (not as good signal) but has everything for 59.99. I see alot of people jumping ship if the keep those prices!
Tham Ye Yang
Tham Ye Yang 30 US dollars for 12 gb in my country :)
Anthony Byrd
Anthony Byrd Trust me when there are 2 major carriers left that eat up about 80% of the market you will get used to these prices...lol!
Pierce G Hohenstein
Pierce G Hohenstein Yes!!!!!!!!!
Julian Vaughn
Julian Vaughn If vzw is going to do this 1 for 10$ 2 for $20 3 for $30 4 for $40 5 for $50 and so on
Howie Eastin
Howie Eastin Verizon sucks
Marcus NinersEmpire
Marcus NinersEmpire I had Verizon bout 4 yrs and dey kept adding shyt to my account charging me shyt I didn't want. Sprint may not b dat gud but dey treat me gud. Goin on 5yrs wit Sprint
Hans Jaramillo
Hans Jaramillo It's only $5 more than AT&T. Not too bad. I usually use between 1GB-3GB a month anyway.
Donelle Stocker
Donelle Stocker Trust me if you have a family plan with ANY provider it's ridiculously expensive to have data plans. It doesn't matter. They ALL rip us off. You'd think somebody would want to compete here...
Dionne Walton
Dionne Walton For new consumers.......ABSOLUTELY!!!!
Kelly Collins
Kelly Collins That's great if you have coverage with Sprint in your area.....which I don't. = ( AT&T is very shady coverage as well. SUCKS!!!!!
Charly Duffy
Charly Duffy ill switc to prepaid
Scott Ladd
Scott Ladd Jump ship!
Keshawn Robinson
Keshawn Robinson You get UNLIMITED data UNLIMITED txt and all that for $ 69.99 on SPRINT ....that beats Verizon !
James Hampsten
James Hampsten I don't have a problem with the $10/GB overage, what I DO have a problem with is that Verizon has no small option, say you only use 200-300mb of data a month and the rest on wifi, I think it would suck to have to pay $30 on Verizon when I could go to att and save 50% on your data plan, I gotta be honest I'll have to think long and hard on going to Verizon in August.. (I wish the unlimited data continued till Labor day, cuz then I could get my iPhone then)
George Espinosa
George Espinosa It's legal robbery!
Stephanie Hitchcock
Stephanie Hitchcock ...Sprint is rumored to switch to tiered prices too BTW
Tim Davis
Tim Davis Yes, and it doesn't even reward the light data users with lower-priced tiered plans like AT&T did.
Stephanie Hitchcock
Stephanie Hitchcock Yes... I'm starting my own phone company, lohi.. low prices high quality. -_-
Hector Alatorre
Hector Alatorre Same with att 2gs for 25bucks and if u go over 10 per gig after that.
Kyle Adams
Kyle Adams They have ridiculous data plans! $80 for 10GB on iPad 2? Who the heck ever uses 10GB in a month?? Why would you even do that? I want to find an idiot that pays for that and fin out why! AT&T is $25 for 2GB and Verizon is $20 for 1GB. I'm staying on the AT&T side on that one.
Christian A. Peek
Christian A. Peek Yes but atleast my calls wont get dropped!
Thaat Blackguy
Thaat Blackguy 3gb for 30 bucks would be a bit more fair since cloud offerings will be dominant in the near future.
Dave Yaeck
Dave Yaeck Ummmm. YES.... But this is where they can get you. They have the best service for the most part so they think they can charge a premium. It's very sad and dissapointing. Will have to reevaluate once my contract is up as to who I will stay with.
Wilberto Ortiz
Wilberto Ortiz METROPCS ! 50 bucks fer everything...
Stephanie Helle
Stephanie Helle I am lucky to have US Cellular available in my area. If you have a regional carrier, don't walk RUN to the nearest store.
Shawn Poling
Shawn Poling That's why I switched back to ATT.
Erman Guido
Erman Guido It is ridiculous stupid $30 for 2gb
Ryan Edwards
Ryan Edwards Hell yeah! Its bullshit!
Henry Honoret
Henry Honoret If all the carriers make this decision, I'm going back to pen and paper #disgraceful (...even though hashtags don't work on Facebook. don't judge me)
Christian Crow
Christian Crow they always have had high prices
Trevor McGoldrick
Trevor McGoldrick Can't wait till August when my contract runs out and I can switch to sprint! Verizon's prices are ridiculous and so is their customer service. (I got called a liar last year when explaining how half of my phone's screen went black without me dropping it or anything, then they tried to charge $100 to replace it even though it was under warranty AND i had insurance, and THEN they charged me $25 to switch my contacts to the new phone).
Skyler Cellucci
Skyler Cellucci Sprint, here I come!
Sheri Billie
Sheri Billie You get what you pay or with sprint...sorry service, dropped calls,poor signals, phones have a mind of it own some days...should I go on?
Duncan Jones
Duncan Jones That's why I switched to Sprint after more than 12 years with Verizon
NoLonger Active
NoLonger Active You're only unlimited until you upgrade!
Darryl Mouzone
Darryl Mouzone Of course! Good thing I'm not on Verizon. But Verizon is the "best" so Verizon customers should have no problem paying for the "excellent" service.
Chris Herrel
Chris Herrel How do you lock in unlimited?
Gordon Christie
Gordon Christie Im in uk have unlimited data plan hope tmobile dont try this here
Christian Carlos Falu
Christian Carlos Falu Unlimited
Zachary OBrien
Zachary OBrien Not for me, Unlimited Locked in forever!
Juan Jose Rios
Juan Jose Rios Yes
Christian Carlos Falu
Christian Carlos Falu Sprint FTW. Unlimetd data <3
Ben Crampton
Ben Crampton Yes. And other carriers do not work in my area
Keshawn Robinson
Keshawn Robinson Verizon sucks.......... SPRINT ALL DAAY !!!
Tyree Kartrell Newton
Tyree Kartrell Newton Way to high! But stuck wit it, no one else hardly works in my area.
Travis Lamar Pachan
Travis Lamar Pachan I say yes. But I'm locked in under the unlimited plan.
Ali Shan Chattha
Ali Shan Chattha Was this a serious * * * * ing question? I'm switching to Sprint.
Thomas J Wall
Thomas J Wall Yes!
MÅnuel VÅllejo
MÅnuel VÅllejo Hell yes
Joshua Pingley
Joshua Pingley Yes they are. I honestly cannot believe AT&T's data is actually CHEAPER than Verizon... that's insane.
Stephanie Helle
Stephanie Helle Uhhhh, yes. I will NEVER do business with Big Red. EVER.
Junii Abtz
Junii Abtz Yeah.!!!!!!
Steve Moore
Steve Moore Verizon charges for things you don't even even have.
Phyleece Young
Phyleece Young oh hell yes!!!! and check out the overage fees .
Jennifer DeAlmeida
Jennifer DeAlmeida Yes! Switch to Sprint! ;)
Trevor McGoldrick
Trevor McGoldrick Here's a better question: Are Verizon's prices in general too high? Best Answer: YES
Graham Reid
Graham Reid Yes.
Grant Johnson
Grant Johnson do you really need to ask ?
Jimmie Waverly
Jimmie Waverly You can say that again Jordan.
Jordan Christopher
Jordan Christopher I would rather pay the $300 cancellation fee than pay that shit.
Jimmie Waverly
Jimmie Waverly Yep... that is why I have Unlimited locked in....
Jordan Christopher
Jordan Christopher Yes.
Julius Ray Washington
Julius Ray Washington Hell yeah...

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