iPhone 5 to land in August with an all-new case design?

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from Omaha, NE
Published: June 21, 2011

iPhone 5 mockup

It's been a while since we've heard any iPhone 5 rumors, but today we've got a fresh one straight out of the mill for you. According to a report from BGR, Apple's next iPhone will feature a "radical new case design," which goes against most other rumors claiming that the new iPhone will look similar to the iPhone 4. The site doesn't mention any other information about what the next generation iPhone may look like, but a report from back in April alleged that the device will feature a "teardrop" design. BGR goes on to say that it's being told that Apple may hold an event to unveil the new iPhone in early to mid-August and that the handset could go on sale as soon as the last week of August.

Up to now, the consensus had been that Apple's next gen iPhone would look largely the same as the iPhone 4, but now it seems that that may not be the case. The claim of an August debut for Apple's new handset also differs from a bevy of reports that claim that the device will be coming in September. As with most iPhone-related rumors, though, it'd probably be wise to take this report with a few grains of your favorite salt for now. What would you all like to see in the new iPhone? Would you prefer a design similar to the iPhone 4 or do you think an all-new look would be better?


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