RIM reportedly begins laying off employees as part of streamlining program

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| June 21, 2011

RIM building

RIM last week announced its plans for a "cost optimization program" that would see an unspecified number of employees laid off in order to eliminate redundancy and reallocate resources. Today those layoffs began, with some employees at RIM's Waterloo offices reportedly getting a pink slip shortly after arriving to work yesterday morning. As many as 200 workers were said to have been let go, although concrete numbers have yet to be confirmed.

It's always disappointing to learn that people are losing their jobs, and this time is no exception. Here's to hoping that they'll be able to find work and that RIM is able to actually use its "cost optimization program" to get new products out and recover some of what they've recently lost in terms of market share and mind share.

Via Reuters, Electronista, The Record