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Last weekend an image of the HTC ChaCha bearing AT&T branding leaked out and got us all wondering when the handset would be arriving on Ma Bell's shelves, making it even easier to answer Facebook's eternal question: "What's on your mind?" According to a source speaking to BGR, the ChaCha will be hitting AT&T in the coming weeks, possibly as soon as one week from now. The tipster also claims that the ChaCha will be known as the HTC Status when it does land stateside (thanks lawsuits!). Lastly, I hope all you avid Facebookers out there prefer the ChaCha to the keyboard-less Salsa; BGR says that it's confirmed with HTC that the latter device won't be coming to AT&T any time soon, if it does at all.

As I've said before, although the ChaCha doesn't boast the most impressive specs around, it's got the potential to be a pretty popular device for AT&T and HTC. There are over 500 million people on Facebook, and you know that there are many here in the U.S. that would love a QWERTY-packin' device that gives them one-button access to their favorite social networking site. There's still no word on how much customers will have to pay for the easy Facebook access that the ChaCha/Status offers, but we'll let you know more when we do.


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"Would you buy the HTC ChaCha if it came to AT&T?"

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Barker Benjamin HeLL nO!!! its named like my friends chihuahua, ChCha...
Panayiotes Takis Kakleas nope. waiting on HTC Holiday news for AT&T
Chris Burns I wouldn't even buy it if it was called the htc oohlala, htc sensation ftw!
Josh Alvarez If its touch screen then maybe
Paul Lopez I wouldn't buy the HTC chacha if it came to any carrier and they paid me.
Romello Loehnig Fuck noooooo!!!!
Tab Stockwell I would not own it, simply because it isn't my style, however looking at it I can think of a few friends I'd recommend it to since it looks like it would fit their needs
Eric Kroh verizons network would make any phone much better IMHO
Kengo James Id only get it if it the second cha was a chi :)
Zac Hooper No thanks.
Anthony Alecseenko Hell Yea!!!!!
Terry Nolting Not if it was the last smartphone on earth......
Nathaniel Hull If I was a 16yr ol girl, and it was pink
Nitish Janawadkar After releasing Nexus one, why does HTC want to ruin its reputation with this shitty phone !!!!!
Steve Moore I agree with everyone. This is garbage. Clearly targeting chicks with this phone. No self respecting dude is ever admit that they bought an HTC ChaCha. No I wouldn't buy it.. my wife thinks it is hideous as well.
Sai Krishna the htc chacha is an ugly blot on htc's near perfect canvas...
Phillip Dill Ummmmmmm no
Allan Monteclaro Wow nobody said yes! That should clearly answer the question!
Jordan Brown Is that thing Pre-iPhone?
Kelvin Reid No, that phone is about two years too late
Jason Howell I would really like a high quality QWERTY keyboard phone like the Droid on AT&T, but not something that looks worse then a Blackberry.
John Villanueva Yes, yes I would. It's Android, HTC, QWERTY keyboard. Hopefully the Facebook option isn't in they way, be perfect for texters such as I.
Clint Gamache No. Cuz at&t sucks.
Christian Kim Y do people care about names, they buy stuff for the device and not because of the name
Dylan Wacker Guys, I just wanna point out that most of us would never buy this because we like our phones fancy, but incould see someone like my little sister loving this. You have tonrember that for a lot of people they just want a cheap simplenphone that works. No doubt this is great for calling, texting, Facebook/other social networks, and non-demanding apps. This is all a lot of people use their phones for.
Michael Nguyen No, little late for this phone if is a free phone and your on a budget sure but when iPhone 3gs is out for 49$ new contract, I'd go withthe iPhone
Gordon Christie Wife wants one when contract is renewed
Larry Valdez No but I will will the chacha
John Shaw maybe
Alex Park why would u buy anything from at&t?
Blair Hagen *barfs*
Micaela WallaWalla Wyatt I like HTC styles but this?... Cmon now. I have to give the ChaCha a THUMBS DOWN
Benn Lin not at all
Gerard Hyacinthe dumbest F'ing name!
Joseph Kitchen Wht would you name a phone "cha cha"? That's dumb
Jason King Why would you waste an upgrade or an introductory price for that phone. This phone is about 3 years too late.
Carlos Gonzalez Maybe if they changed the name n gave it to me free then just maybe
Juan Jose Rios NO!, looks ugly, and I wouldn't buy a phone with the name of Chacha!!!
Alex Lopez Looks ugly
Jason King Hell No!
Jordan Brown AT&T is my favorite carrier.
Jordan Brown I like AT&T but I'll stick with my iPhone.
Freddy Aguilar Na I'm good... I'll stick with my Samsung Infuse
Jason Vanderhyde It lookin like a poop
Anthony Beltran i rather get the htc holiday who here agrees with me like if you do
Matt Jackson If I wanted crap I would have picked up a Kin :(
Akash Sukhija The HTC ChaCha sucks....
Jose Angel Flores Well I think people would maybe buy it if it was on Verizon not on at&t crapy service
Matt Pickles so you have ios5, that isn't actually released yet..
Chris Davis iphone4 with ios5> all
CJ Ughamba htc should brand this as a prepaid smartphone.
Brandon Moore Lol um no sry it looks like veal HTC what the hell
Jeremy Moe Maybe if I wasn't educated in Phones as much... I might consider it.
Matt Pickles who care about the name? surely you pay money so that you've got a good, usable phone, not just so you can say 'hey guys look at me, i'm awesome cause i have an iphone'
Jeremy Moe CrapCrap. How clever.
Daphne Lyketsos I guess im the only one who likes it
Tyler Dallas Shermer Its not that bad! I would have to see and play with it
Paul Michaud no only because of the name. hey guys I got a cha cha lol
David Harness No. It's not at all appealing too me
James Gustavo Hidalgo i would like to to stay true to my hispanic roots...but no loll
Prabhath Jay hell no
Aaron León Rather have this than the ghettoberry. Looks interesting
Michael Perez Oh god no. 3GS all the way baby
Paul Davis I think this phone came out way to late to be competitive. They would have to offer this phone probably for 49.99 or less. It would be a step forward for people using a messaging phone. A step back for people with a full touch screen.
Eric Sirkin interesting, but im sure the droid pro at verizon is better
Matthew Banjo Outlawed iPhone 4 here no way for chacha more like crapcrap
Michael Smith NOOOOOOOO
Celestino Rodriguez Hellllll no!
Lelhani Morris-Pouessel Wow, that is fugly!
??? impossible
James Gregory Kulp No way at all I am sticking with my blackberry torch 9800.
Mayur Tejsingani Ugly phone! No
Adam Anthony Crespin Eww, no looks to cheap.
Jeff Alamillo No that thing looks retarded
Adam Brewington Bahahahahahahahaha.. No. Id rather have a Razr
Andrew Hawkes no just no

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