HTC EVO 3D allows users to easily remove preinstalled apps

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: June 23, 2011


Good news for those of you braving the elements to pick up an HTC EVO 3D tomorrow: it seems that Sprint and HTC have made it possible to delete just about every piece of bloatware preinstalled software that's included with the EVO 3D. Normally the only way to remove these apps is by rooting your device of choice and going from there, but with an EVO 3D all that you need to do is head into Settings and then Applications, select an app, and hit Uninstall. Easy peasy! The only preinstalled app that can't be removed is Sprint ID, but since we've been given the ability to delete every single other bit of bloatware, we'll let that one slide.

Although some may get occasional use out of carrier preinstalled apps, many folks wish that there were an easy way to remove the software either to free up some memory or simply to unclutter an app drawer. Sprint and HTC have given users just that with the EVO 3D, so good on them for giving their customers more choice. Now we just have to sit and hope that other manufacturers and carriers will follow suit.

Via Android Central, Android Central Forums

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