Good news for those of you braving the elements to pick up an HTC EVO 3D tomorrow: it seems that Sprint and HTC have made it possible to delete just about every piece of bloatware preinstalled software that's included with the EVO 3D. Normally the only way to remove these apps is by rooting your device of choice and going from there, but with an EVO 3D all that you need to do is head into Settings and then Applications, select an app, and hit Uninstall. Easy peasy! The only preinstalled app that can't be removed is Sprint ID, but since we've been given the ability to delete every single other bit of bloatware, we'll let that one slide.

Although some may get occasional use out of carrier preinstalled apps, many folks wish that there were an easy way to remove the software either to free up some memory or simply to unclutter an app drawer. Sprint and HTC have given users just that with the EVO 3D, so good on them for giving their customers more choice. Now we just have to sit and hope that other manufacturers and carriers will follow suit.

Via Android Central, Android Central Forums

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"You can remove Sprint apps on the EVO 3D. Does that make you want it?"

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Jonathan Bolton EVO 3D unboxing http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=koZB0NWIaCM
John Resch @ Tony Pagan, your hat is on backwards fool, grow up. How do you know the EVO 3D sucks, or are you just being childish..
Jabin George I will give it a try
Mindy Kuskin Prestigiacomo Target mobile is giving you credit for your old Evo. They even called me today to let me know my phone is on and scheduled me an appt. How cool is that?
Steele Lloyd Yes awesome
Keelyn Wheeler htc rider will be better and my rooted eve running 3.0 sense does just fine
Cesario Brito Jr. I'm sticking to my EVO. I played with the E3D. It's a great device but its not enough to waste my upgrade on.
Jeffrey Hobbs @nathan That's only if you're eligible for an upgrade, and if you got the evo when it came out, you're not going to be eligible for an upgrade yet
Jeffrey Hobbs I'm on verizon, but this would be the phone I would get if I were to leave(like if they forced me onto one of those tiered data plans)
Mohammed Quaizar The EVO 3D is awsome. I'be been playing with it for the last two days.
Darryl Mouzone I'm happy with the phone that I have but you should has the option to remove unwanted carrier apps from your phone. It's just a waste of space. Besides I think 3D is just a fad and probably will be gone and forgotten in 5 years.
Arturo Cifuentes At phonedog.com is the HTC EVO 4G+ coming to the states
Fher Ruiz Of curse
Min Kim Love sense 3.0 but wanna be able to switch between sense n pure android
Flako Ramirez Nah galaxy s 2 FTW
Ryan DeClue t??t ????l?t?ly ????? ?e ???t t??? ?????? ???? ???? !
Ylla Quezon Pansacula ha! i just got my EVO 4g last year nov. and my hubby is going to my plan he wants my evo 4g so i can get this badass phone! :) already pre ordered before the release date so heck ya! :)
Carlos Ortega Gonna get it anyways.......I guess it is just a plus plus.......
Vinny Porcase to bad this phone is on Sprint
Cristian Henriquez Sprint i.d= fail
Dayan Inclán No, Sprint sux. Horrible coverage and the absolute worst customer service of any sector on the entire planet
Joe Gomez Now do it for an EVO
Manuel Campas I would get it even if you couldn't delete those apps. The 3D isn't really what I want but it does come with the latest android software...but I've only had my evo 4G since January so it wouldn't make sense for me to get it
Dustin Dadiz if i buy the evo 3d at sprint store in cash how much will be my total? $300+ or $400+ (including the rebate??) ??
Shawn Poling I wish this was on at&t I would get this phone.
Steven Quintal 3D is retarded.
Antonio Pagan @Moran my friend work at bestbuy and he let me play with it... The 3D hurts yours eyes and give u a headache hey that me you know everybody is different...
Israel Leiva Yeah!!! Fuck the iPhone!
Battle Tyebrea I dnt really care about the 3d feature, or the fact that u can remove unwanted apps. I jus want it because it has the newest software. If my evo 4g was being updated to sense 3.0 I would not waste my money on the evo 3d
Will Macklin Nope that should come standard on every phone though.
Ryan Lucke I can remove apps on my evo 4g... And theres no kickstand on the 3d so how u gna watch all those 3d movies mode comfortably than I am? And 3d aint shit lol thats y they have 3d tv.
Tim Miyashiro I don't care, I'd root it anyway.
Jason Archer Nope, waiting for the Photon or Within.
Michael Boyd Nope. It's a waste of money.
Kevin Berry It makes it more interesting, yes. Lack of keyboard still kills it for me
Stan Sainjour @Gabe Perez and @Tony Dear- you missed a lot of the updates on the phone. If you owned the evo for the full year you have a $150 credit + $200 instant saving = $199 price you pay. Plus sell them back your original evo through the green recycling program on sprints site for $150 = $50+ tax on the new 3d. That's what I did n chilling with the new evo now.
Lee Hopkins i want one, and yes for the reason of removing unwanted apps. i honestly could care less for 3d on a phone. one of the more pressing reasons some ppl root their android phones is to remove bloatware.
Bill Moran Mr pagan how would u know if the 3D sucks as it doesn't release until tomorrow, do u have a time machine? LOL
Louis Hickson Jr. That's cool. Hopefully, more phones on all of the carriers follow suit.
Mark Charlton Naw...I'm waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S 2! I know this phone will be worth the wait, bloat wear or not.
Louis Bevans New EVO is awesome
Christopher Wesley Wish I would have known sooner. They should have that on all phones. That stuff is useless they put on there
Nathan Shoup Also it is a sharp phone, I would love to have even if I could'nt take off the Sprint apps, I kinda like the Nascar app anyways....
Ivan Alvarado Hell yes it does.
Alex Lopez I already got it ..its pretty sick !!
Antonio Pagan EVO 3d suck
Gabe Perez What about if you don't have an upgrade yet. $150 off is good but off of retail which is what 599? That still makes it a pretty $$$ phone.
Vincent Kukua Hellz yeah it does! Already preordered so this is icing on the Android cake.
Angel Adrian Marquez Im gettin that phone (htc evo 3d)
Nathan Shoup @ Tony, most of the places I looked at today is offering $150.00 credit for the old evo. So you'll be paying 50.00 for the 3d. I would try at Radio Shack, Best Buy Mobile, and most of your Sprint stores....
Issa Hirsi Yeah now I'm definitely getting one just because of the fact that you now have the ability to delete unwanted apps. Not because it comes with Sense 3.0 and Android 2.3. I'm getting an Evo 3D just because of that little perk.
Brennan King It certainly helps. Hate bloatware that can't be deleted.
Eric Mitchell @Tony Dear Radioshack is offering a deal to those who have an EVO who wants the EVO 3D
Tony Dear III Why won't Sprint offer a deal to those who have owned an evo since it came out. I think it'd be pretty long of them
Ricardo Gonzalez I want that phone
Daniel Stumbo Want one now for free please or il come to phone dog and say........HI!
Gabe Perez They should offer a deal for those who already have the original EVO and still have a LONG time left before an upgrade.
Anh-Tuan Le That's the way to do it. HTC listening to the people.
Leston DjShabang because its not out yet
Sofrie M Drei why is this phone not featured on the htc website?
Ronnie Calton I want one either way. That just makes another pro.
Gabe Perez I was first! :)
Christopher Pena If I get a free one, sure.

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